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message 2: by Morgan (Morg) (new)

Morgan (Morg) Evan walks in, holding Layas hand. He flips the lights on. "My dad's friend owns this place. He said I can come here anytime to get my mind off things. I just can't feed the sharks when no ones around." He laughs a little.

message 3: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) "I wouldn't feed the sharks anytime!"

message 4: by Morgan (Morg) (new)

Morgan (Morg) "You don't like sharks?" He asks innocently. "I bet you prefer the dolphins." He smirks.

message 5: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) "Probably. Remember Bethany Hamilton?"

message 6: by Morgan (Morg) (new)

Morgan (Morg) "Well yah...but that won't happen here. We have everything completely blocked off. Especially the shark tank." He starts walking down the hall, glass walls on each side filled with different kinds of fish. "These are the freshwater fish."

(The whole place looks like that picture on the first post)

message 7: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) "Are there penguins?"

message 8: by Morgan (Morg) (new)

Morgan (Morg) "Yah. We have six. Do you like them?" He asks.

message 9: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) "A bunch. I only have stuffed ones."

message 11: by Morgan (Morg) (new)

Morgan (Morg) "Hmm....right this way." He starts down a glass hallway that have jellyfish in them.

message 12: by Morgan (Morg) (new)

Morgan (Morg) (Hi! ^_^)

message 13: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) Laya marvels at all the creatures on the way

message 14: by Morgan (Morg) (new)

Morgan (Morg) He rounds the corner. There's a glass wall with six penguins behind it. "Here we are!" He smiles big.

(Penguins are my fav animal in real life XD....and wolves ;) )

message 15: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) (Penguins are my favorite animal also!)


message 16: by Morgan (Morg) (new)

Morgan (Morg) He smiles at her. "You wanna pet one?"

message 17: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) "Am I allowed to?"

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) ( hey, thanks for the advise. my teacher got mad at the class cuz they were talking and if i got caught i would have been yelled at, but i didn't thank to u)

message 19: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) (Your welcome)

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) ( know i know i can trust u:) )

message 21: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) (( :) ))

message 22: by Morgan (Morg) (new)

Morgan (Morg) "Yah...as long as your with me." He smiles and leads her to a door. He unlocks it with one of the keys on his key ring and goes in.

message 23: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) Laya follows him

message 24: by Morgan (Morg) (new)

Morgan (Morg) He enters the large storeroom. It has a door on the other side of the room, leading to the penguin enclosure. He opens a freezer and gets a small bucket of fish. "You ready?"

message 25: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) "As ready as I'll ever be" She says, excitement in her voice

message 26: by Morgan (Morg) (new)

Morgan (Morg) He smiles at her and opens the door. "Hurry inside! They like to come into the storage room. He steps in and pulls his leather jacket closer to him. "Sorry it's so cold."

message 27: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) She hurried in and closed the door. "I'll be fine"

message 28: by Morgan (Morg) (new)

Morgan (Morg) He smirks. "If you say so..." He crouches down and holds a fish out. Roxy! Come here roxy!" He calls for the penguin. "This one is a chinstrap penguin. She's about to have a baby." He pets her and gives her a fish. "She's my favorite."

message 29: by Crystal (last edited Feb 16, 2014 08:30PM) (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) "The babies are the cutest." She knelt down next to him. "And I will. Ice skating helps"

message 30: by Morgan (Morg) (new)

Morgan (Morg) "I bet! I've never been ice skating but I have pretty good balance just walking on ice." He gives each penguin that comes up a fish. "This ones name is Clark....and this is bubblegum...my little sister named him." He laughs a little,

message 31: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) Laya smiles. "I only have an older brother who is a jerk. But I don't see him a lot. When I do he still is a jerk"

message 32: by Morgan (Morg) (new)

Morgan (Morg) "Oh.. That sucks." He says sadly. " I don't know how anyone could be a jerk to you." He pets Bubblegum. "I didn't like my sister when she was born...she's only three. We're best friends now." He smiles and looks at Laya

message 33: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) She smiles back at him. "Thanks, but he is. I guess that is what some siblings are like"

message 34: by Morgan (Morg) (new)

Morgan (Morg) "I guess so." He says

message 36: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) She looks at the penguin. "They are so adorable"

message 37: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) She looks at the penguin. "They are so adorable"

message 38: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) She looks at the penguin. "They are so adorable"

message 39: by Morgan (Morg) (new)

Morgan (Morg) "Yah, they are. We have dolphins too." He says. He smiles at the penguin then at Laya.


message 40: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) (Hello!)

"Have you swam with dolphins before?"

message 41: by Morgan (Morg) (new)

Morgan (Morg) "Yah. My uncle let me a couple of times." He stands up and stretches his legs. "I can get him to let us sometime"

message 42: by Morgan (Morg) (new)

Morgan (Morg) (Yur post crystal :) )

message 43: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) (Sorry was surfing wanelo)

"Id rather not though. One time I almost got hurt."

message 44: by Morgan (Morg) (new)

Morgan (Morg) "Oh... What happened?" He asks, concerned.

message 45: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) "I don't remember. I was 5!" She says slightly laughing. "The person wasn't supposed to let me go swimming with them"

message 46: by Morgan (Morg) (new)

Morgan (Morg) "Oh! Ok!" He says relieved. "You wanna go see the sharks? Through the tank of course. No feeding, I promise!" He smirks.

message 47: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) "No sharks!"

message 48: by Morgan (Morg) (new)

Morgan (Morg) "Why?" He asks, taking a step closer to her. He looks down at her. "Are you afraid?" He smirks.

message 49: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) "Just please no."

message 50: by Morgan (Morg) (new)

Morgan (Morg) "Okay." He gets up and opens the door to the storage room. "I was just messing with you." He smiles sweetly.

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