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message 1: by Angel (new)

Angel Gelique (angelgelique) | 185 comments Sounds good and gory, sick and twisted! Wish I could help but I've never heard of such a book. Please let me know when you find out!!!

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael Benavidez Hansel and Gretel? Lol idk but it sounds like a hell of a read, i too am interested in finding out now

message 3: by Andy (new)

Andy (manicsloth) | 730 comments Sounds awesome. I'm adding this thread to find out as well.

message 4: by Mark (new)

Mark Faulkner (markrfaulkner) | 125 comments Same here. No idea what it is, but would like to know.

message 5: by Samantha A (new)

Samantha A | 157 comments Ooh I wonder what this is, lol yeah it sounds like a Hansel and Gretel type storyline.

message 6: by Guy (new)

Guy | 4 comments Could possibly be Grimm Memorials by R. Patrick Gates. The sequel was Grimm Reapings.

message 7: by Ken B (new)

Ken B | 6481 comments I had to go and buy that one!

message 8: by Jeff (new)

Jeff Does anyone know of a book...about a small town where, at midnight, or some time, everyone, or mostly everyone turns to a creature, or turns maniacal? There may be a few, and I am curious to know them. Thanks.

message 9: by Myst (new)

Myst | 398 comments Jeff, could it be The Howling trilogy?

message 10: by Jeff (new)

Jeff No. I have read them. Thanks, though. The creatures aren't werewolf. I can't remember if it is based on the occult, or something that the town tries to keep hidden from outsiders.

I appreciate it Myst.

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message 12: by Michael (new)

Michael | 6 comments Grimm Memorials by R. Patrick Gates possibly? I don't remember that canine sex but pretty much everything else is there. Very graphic book.

message 13: by Michael (new)

Michael | 6 comments Haha. And that is what i get for not reading the entire thread! Answered a long time ago ;-)

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message 15: by Michael (new)

Michael | 6 comments possibly Midnight by Dean R. Koontz. There was also a segment in the 80's revival of The Twilight Zone about the same subject.

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

def not Midnight by Koontz. I read that one this year and people changing had nothing to do with a time of day. I believe Midnight on a particular day was when the whole town would be "changed". (not a spoiler) I quit 4/5ths through so it could of ended up meaning something else.

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