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✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) {Damian}
~ Clark Winston- Clark Gable (view spoiler)
~ Bryce Parker- Channing Tatum (view spoiler)
~ Leonardo DiCaprio (view spoiler)
~Johnny Depp (view spoiler)

{Rhian ❤I'm only half a heart without you❤}
~ Piper Greystone- Arianna Grande (view spoiler)

{εƈɧσşσŋɠ12•ιт'ѕ α ɴew αrт ғorм ѕнowιɴɢ people нow lιттle we cαre}
~ Key Kalier- Emily Rudd (view spoiler)

~ Chris pine (view spoiler)
~ Taylor Vega-Victoria Justice (view spoiler)
~ Logan Aetaim-Logan Lerman (view spoiler)
~ Alex Pettyfer (view spoiler)

~ Sienna Smith-Evan Rachel Wood (view spoiler)
~ Clarissa King- Emmy Rossum (view spoiler)

~ Kelsey Mitchell - Kylie Jenner (view spoiler)

~ Teddy Yin-Robert Pattinson (view spoiler)
~ Senna Mason- Kristen Stewart (view spoiler)
~ Rose Yin- Nikkei Reed (view spoiler)

~ Micheal Francisco- Gerard Way (view spoiler)
~ Mikey Way (view spoiler)

{Kate Melody}
~ Luke Snow- Unknown Male (view spoiler)

{The Giggler!}
~ Elizabeth Stevens- Katherine Heigl (view spoiler)
~ Sophia Markus- Emma Watson (view spoiler)

{☯ Mimaimi {Raggedy Man, Goodnight} {Call me Mai} ☯}
~ Mackenzie Woods- Taylor Swift (view spoiler)

{♠TDude567♠ ☞ Bow Tie Cat ☜}
~ Dylan Jackson-Kevin Durant (view spoiler)
~ Chloe Woods-Kate Upton (view spoiler)
~ Archie Crow-Lil Wayne (view spoiler)
~ Donnie Jackson -Neymar Jr. (view spoiler)

{ Rachel♚Awe that was wicked rude♚Rachel}
~Cardel Farlow- Lyndsey Fonseca (view spoiler)
~ Lily Collins (view spoiler)
~ Rosie-Huntington Whiteley (view spoiler)

{ Elizabeth (Silena) (Johanna) (Khione)}
~ Makenzi Jacobson- Anna Kendrick (view spoiler)

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Could I have Neymar Jr and Cristiano Rolnado?

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