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Mandi | 1 comments Sample excerpt from my latest post:

Speaking of food, I don’t understand why women always think going out to dinner when you are first dating is a good idea. Food, especially food from restaurants (ie added MSG), has a tendency to leave you in a precarious post-dinner situation. This is especially true when you opt for dark leafy salads, the vegetable medley or any spinach product, which contain tons of fiber, which your grandpa takes to keep himself…ahem... regular. You get the point, dinner should only be used for dates you want to cut short. “I’m sorry, I really had fun, however my gastrointestinal system has to be home by ten.” Or "It isn’t you…it’s my digestive tract."

Here's the link! Share with someone you think might like this! Also, any advice or topics let me know!


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M | 24 comments Life as a single mom, dating, college, and everything in between. Check it out :)

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