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message 1: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) Danny brought her here.

message 2: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) "Oh"He sat down.

message 3: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) "sure"He said smiling and watched her.

message 4: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) Danny watched.This was sexy...

message 5: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) ((my dorm?))

message 6: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) Danny took a walk out sure to to ease his troubled mind. He left his body line somewhere in the sands of time.

message 7: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) He watched the world just to the Dark Side of the Moon he felt there was nothing he could do yeah.

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