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Derek and Rebecca (derekandrivkah) | 5 comments Hello,

My wife and I are currently looking to expand our video production services. I have recently published my moms autobiography and stumbled upon video book trailers. Currently, I have not created one for her however with the popularity of this type of marketing, I must do it soon. I have done various business promotionals and documentary type video work. Here is a link to a trailer I did for a documentary of our missions trip to Haiti.

I am curious, if there are authors out there that would be interested in working with me to create similar type video book trailers? I am extremely detailed oriented and prefer not to 'throw' things together. Please have a look at this video and stay tuned for my moms video autobiography trailer which I'll post on here when it is complete.
Thank you!

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra Farris | 237 comments Very nice video. I don't know much about putting together a book video. My son did mine and we've won two awards. Unfortunately he doesn't have any spare time right now as he and a friend are trying to put the finishing touches on their movie and he is doing a documentary on Vail, Arizona, plus he has a day job. Here is the link to mine. Would love it if you would watch and tell others about it.

Derek and Rebecca (derekandrivkah) | 5 comments Absolutely outstanding! Your son has done a fine job! I was waiting to see when the movie was coming out on the big screen :)

I know you are proud. He does fine work and I bet the book is just as amazing. I'll be sure to tell others about this trailer!

ps.. do you think that when people read your book, after seeing the trailer, they will insert the characters from the trailer into the story line of the book rather than have their own picture of the characters form in their mind as they read?

Any which way, the characters portrayed, sure would be a fine fit for the book - and would not seem to detract or skew the readers perception of the appearance and essence of the book characters. In other words - the trailer is a fine portrayal of the book I'm sure :)

message 4: by Sandra (new)

Sandra Farris | 237 comments I chose the actors mostly because they looked as I imagined the characters, except for the woman playing the aunt. My son thought she was the one I liked and I thought she was the one he liked. She did a great job tho, just that the aunt in the book was heavier.
Thank you for the compliment. I wish we could get the movie made but it would cost too much and I don't know how to put it in front of someone who would either finance it or make it.

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