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The XIIIth hour at Duskland (Stories of Duskland)
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Hi there :)

I am looking for honest reviews on my dark fantasy short story

The XIIIth hour at Duskland (Stories of Duskland) - 2nd Edition - Revised

It is now available for free at

and at Smashwords:

So you can download it in your preferred format :)


"The XIIIth Hour at Duskland" is the introductory story to the upcoming Dark Fantasy illustrated anthology "Stories of Duskland" - where all the 7 stories are part of a bigger plot, full of interesting twists and mysteries.

Get to grips with the remarkable characters of "Stories of Duskland" in this first short!

Death is just the beginning of a dark mystery and love...

Leonhard is a wealthy gentleman surrounded by the most unusual and loyal friends. His life has been a hiatus for many years until the day he finds a mysterious young lady lying unconscious and hurt in the nearby woods. Pity and curious, he brings her home, where him and his friends do all they can all he can to help her recovery.

A day later, by the XIIIth Hour, Leonhard, Dr. Charles, the Siamese sisters Gerania and Iphigenia and Giorgio, the barber, discover the horrid truth about the stranger's past. "Elisa" and the ones she came across were never the same, once they met in the picturesque and dark world of Duskland.

Thanks a lot and have a cozy read!

Review exchange?

I am not able to do any reviews at the moment, but I can do "book highlights" and/or "interviews" for my blog. Interested? :)

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The book will remain as FREE DOWNLOAD until the end of March :) Reviews are welcome!

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