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message 1: by Werner (new)

Werner William recently started a thread for the movie "The Fountain" (which I hadn't heard of before; thanks, William!). It occurred to me that there are probably enough films of this type out there to justify starting a thread devoted to them.

One movie with a strongly spiritual message that's not as well known as it deserves to be, and one that I'd highly recommend, is Signs (www.imdb.com/title/tt0286106/ ). Made in 2002, it's written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Set in a small community in rural Pennsylvania, it stars Mel Gibson as a former Episcopal priest, whose wife died in a tragic car accident that caused him to lose his faith in God. When the film opens, he's called the local sheriff to his farm to investigate a "crop circle" phenomenon --but there's more going on here than the work of pranksters.

message 2: by Peter (new)

Peter Ochs | 5 comments While I generally like Shyamalan's work, even some of the ones that have not fared well at the box office (The Village, Lady in the Water), I thought Signs was a bit of a letdown, if only for the fact that I thought that Gibson's decision at the end did not reflect an advancement of thought but a retrenchment into older ways of thinking. I'm not sure how he could have done it but I thought the ending was a step backward and not a step forward.

message 3: by Werner (new)

Werner Of course, one's reaction to the message of Signs is considerably affected by whether you see Gibson's stance at the beginning of the film as a boldly progressive step into truth (in which case his reversal of perspective at the end is a bad thing) or if you see his decision at the end as a recovery of lost or temporarily obscured truth. (Not everybody's spiritual/intellectual journey proceeds in a straight line in one direction --and if it does, it's not always automatically in the right direction.)

I've never seen The Lady in the Water. But I did love The Village! That can be considered SF, too, if we regard (as I think we should) sociology and human social arrangements as the stuff of science fiction as much as the natural sciences. I don't know if it's "spiritual" science fiction (that depends on how broadly we define "spiritual," I guess), but it's certainly very thought-provoking.

message 4: by Peter (new)

Peter Ochs | 5 comments Agreed.

message 5: by Fiona (new)

Fiona Tarr (fionatarr) | 4 comments I wouldn't have said 'Signs' was not very well known. I have seen it a number of times. I agree with both threads above. Although I am not sure anyone can call an individual's understanding of Faith, Truth. I think Mel Gibson's character did move forward. Although he went back to his old understanding of faith, it was enlightened with new knowledge. It would have been quite interesting to see where his expression of faith went in the future.

message 6: by J.P. (new)

J.P. Cawood | 10 comments I really liked Passengers because of the moral dilemma and Arrival for the oneness we all share. I've written movie reviews on my blog if anyone is interested:


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