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Team Xander Still Happy About The Ending? *SPOILERS*

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Lilly Santiago I think Cassia loved Xander she was just blinded and naive. She was blinded byt lust for Ky and the desire to rebellious. In Matched her feelings for Xander are better explained but when Ky came into the picture she took those feelings and threw them away because of the idea of rebellion. Lol I don't want to ramble on because I will never stop and the ppl reading will pee their pants but I disagree. Cassia was a stupid character and it was a shame because she had potential. I hated Ky I really did I couldn't find myself liking him no matter how much I tried. I shipped him and Indie anyway. Point is I was disappointed greatly.

Rachel Paige  Hamlin I can't even remember the ending. She picks Ky right?

Rav Grewal Rachel wrote: "I can't even remember the ending. She picks Ky right?"
yeah she picks Ky

Rachel Paige  Hamlin Does Xander end up with that other girl? The one from the hospital courtyard?

AbigailDenyse01 im team ky always have been( because if cassia is with ky xander is single:)

Rav Grewal Abigail wrote: "im team ky always have been( because if cassia is with ky xander is single:)" hahahahahahahah XD

Rav Grewal Rachel wrote: "Does Xander end up with that other girl? The one from the hospital courtyard?"

Yeah he ends up with Nea Lei

Rachel Paige  Hamlin Ravdeep wrote: "Rachel wrote: "Does Xander end up with that other girl? The one from the hospital courtyard?"

Yeah he ends up with Nea Lei"

Oh, ok, thanks!

Raynebow I personally thought, the only reason she liked XAnder was becasue they grew up together and they were matched, it was convenient. She loved Ky, because she did, it wasn't convenient for her to love him.

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Mary Mrs. LiannaHerondale-Shreave wrote: "I think Cassia loved Xander she was just blinded and naive. She was blinded byt lust for Ky and the desire to rebellious. In Matched her feelings for Xander are better explained but when Ky came in..."
I agree with you. Cassia was just a stupid and naïve character. I really liked Xander's ending and that he got to be happy and in love with someone who knew what love is. And when Cassia thought or said "You'll find love, Xander." in one of those last chapters I got so mad at her and her character.
In conclusion, Ky and Cassia were both just young and blinded characters who mistook love for lust and both will regret their decision later on in life.

Kristen I don't think Cassia's feelings for Ky were shallow or just lust. I think she loved him as much as, but in a different way than Xander.
But I will agree with you to the extent that initially it was more shallow and out of rebellion that Cassia fell for Ky. That part to me feels a bit forced, and like the one and only reason she fell for Ky was because she wanted to because was told not to. She had no real motivation to like him as more than a friend. If she did, she would have had some kind of feelings for him before she saw his picture.

Personally, I prefer Xander. He felt like the more natural choice for her, but she loved Ky too.

And not to be a jerk, but you should probably make the title a little more ambiguous. You gave the spoiler before you gave the alert. I don't care, since I already finished the series, but other people probably won't appreciate that detail ahead of time.

Sophia I like Xander WAY better than Ky. Honestly in the end I felt that Xanter deserved someone way better than Cassia. I'm happy he got his own happy ending :D

Rav Grewal Yeah, definitely!

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Leah I have always been team Xander. When she started liking Ky I was so mad. Ky was an aberration, why did she have to love him? Xander had been there her whole life, and knew her so well, but instead of him, she chose Ky, some random guy who she has never known. But, I'm happy that Xander ended up with somebody waaaaaaaay better than Cassia and her shallow self.

Rav Grewal Yeah same. I guess she was too blinded by trying to act the badass she couldn't see who was better.

Ilana i think that there's always the comparison of what's safe and what you know v. what is new and what's really different from everything that you were taught. In the case of Xander - she grew up with him and he was safe. He made her feel good about herself, even before the Matching ceremony and when the prospect came that they could actually be together, it took that fear and anxiety out of it all. i mean, even if she hadn't gone with Ky and she had been matched to someone else, there would have been that pull to Xander because he's what she knew.

As for Ky though, i think that he represented everything that she was growing into. She saw someone that had a complicated background and someone who questioned everything around him, and that's probably something that's really endemic to Cassia and something that she even began to acknowledge.

Maxine It's annoying how many people call Cassie selfish or shallow. Just because she chose the person SHE loved over the person that you all love and that makes her a shallow person?
That's like everyone feeling sorry for the "nice guy" who then goes on to call the girl a "bitch" just because she won't date him.

Maddie Maxine, you are right. Cassia chose what her heart wanted, however I'm wishing she still chose Xander. He was with her and cared for her from day 1 they met. But, she learned about Ky and eventually realized that even if Xander will help her, no one can give her what she desires like Ky.

Lauren I hated Cassia and I am surprised I didn't just stop reading the series because of her ignorance. I don't think I connected with her because I wasn't ever on her team.I loved Xander but didn't want him with Cassia because he deserved so much better. Ky was just as ignorant to me they were both so lost in each other I say let them have each other or no one.

Josephine whydoyoucare Maxine wrote: "I was always Team Ky but only because I liked the way how she fell in love with him. It started off as she was interested because of what she found out about him and as she got to know him she fell..."

yessssss okay

Kristin I would have preferred Xander to have ended up with Indie. But he's probably better off with Vicks chick.

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Cynthia Nobuta Prefer to Xander, but do not see Cassia, superficial, and stupid. I think the second book that felt by Kye, mature and became strong. Unfortunately, it was Xander and I wanted to be loved and I felt so sad, he realized that sometimes good people get nothing and in the end I just wanted to be happy and cry with happiness when I found someone would try be and I think that although she loved another with all his heart, also known love Xander in the same way, because he deserves it.


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Kate the heart wants what it wants

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Paul Ryu A

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Bella To be honest I think reached was boring. Cassia was making Xander feel that she loved him but then she said she was in love with Ky. I am so happy for Xander he deserved someone who he knew would love him no matter what ( Unlike Cassia ). But i'm also happy that Cassia ended up with Ky.

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Sairakshitha Ramesh Personally I'm all for Xander but honestly, I hated how Cassia chose Ky. Sure he may be a really nice dude but Xander loved Cassia enough to let her go! I don't understand what Ky did, but he damaged Cassia and she broke his heart. I'm glad he had his own happy ending, but I would love Reached more if she realized that Xander was the one for her and went for him.

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Plan I somehow like the ending? I mean having gone through the books I totally feel like Xander is out of Cassia’s league. He was the golden, loyal, thoughtful and pure as anyone can be, and he did things as it should be. It broke my heart to see him being told off by his Match, then still risk everything to help her and try to make her ‘look at him again’ with the tablets, go through all the trouble to meet her while she was at rehab. camp far away only to be led on most of the books and then written off with ‘oh i love you but not that way, you should go find another one’ like that. Somehow I’m not sure about Lei though. I mean she is cool and a good person, but a widow? If she only in love with Vick but haven’t married might be better. But all in all I’m glad Xander got to move on, pick what he want in life and be with someone who truly fall for him for what he is.

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Rowan Smith Hey can you guys tell me if cassia and ky find each other and if they do, do they get together, and if they do what happens to Xander

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Hirkani W. Totally, team Xander all the way. Thx for spoiling the WHOLE SERIES WHILE IM STILL ON CROSSED!!!!!!!!!!!!DARN, Cassia is more stupider then bella swan/ cullen.

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Coco This was a crappy love triangle, I felt like the author tried to throw Cassias love for Xander out the window as soon as Ky came. I have nothing against Ky, but Xander seems to be the better Match😉

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Hirkani W. Same here though Xander deserves more.

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Sara Xander deserves so much better than Cassia after she betrayed him. Ky doesn't deserve anyone. The whole thing of Cassia liking ky was a little forced it would have been better if Xander and Cassia were together before Cassia betrayed everyone. Ky doesn't deserve Cassia.

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