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Book 5?

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Robin Anyone seen anything about when Book 5 will be released? I'm loving this series and can't wait for the next installment!

Erika Collins Me too! I have been checking all the time to see if I can find any new info. I hope its soon since the other books were released fairly close together. Either way I need more of this series.

°BeauutiLovve I want to know myself when part 5 is coming out, this series was good. I hope Rese and Asia get together. I know David will be a hand full and Adam will go against the grain. I hope there's more

Erika Collins Check her Facebook page! She just posted she is writing book 5 now. Can't wait!

°BeauutiLovve Thank u, I don't do facebook or the others. I will keep checking here and her blog.

°BeauutiLovve This book was great.... I hope there more. Jazz did her Sweet B**ch thang.....

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