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A.D. Winch (antonywinch) | 7 comments An Extra-Ordinary Beginning is now available as free ebook to celebrate the upcoming release of the sequel. Download it now or visit and subscribe to win a signed copy. But what is it about I hear you shout? In 1947 a UFO crash landed in Roswell. Sixty years later two unique children discover they have abilities far beyond the ordinary. Pursued by a secret US agency they embark on an exciting journey to find out why.

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Cate Beatty | 3 comments The FREE KINDLE e-book giveaway of the new dystopian thriller "DONOR 23" starts at midnight tonight,Friday, Feb. 7.
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Visit Kindle starting Friday and download a FREE COPY of DONOR 23.
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Donor 23 has been awarded FIVE STARS out of five by THE SAN FRANCISCO BOOK REVIEW and FOUR STARS out of five by FOREWORD Clarion REVIEWS.

Donor 23 by Cate Campbell Beatty

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Danielle Williams | 2 comments Hot new adventure fantasy twist on the Arthur legend. Free today!

While searching through an old museum, Katarina Cole stumbles upon a forgotten painting of a beautiful knight whose malicious eyes and taunting joker's grin leave her mystified and infatuated. Moved by a stone bracelet from the past, she suddenly finds herself in the very presence of this daunting knight but the curse that entrapped him is far from over, and soon she finds herself in a time place she is unfamiliar of-- a time of King Arthur's rule. Enchanted by the camaraderie of Arthur and his knights, she soon forgets this is not her home, but changing the past changes the future and when their return results in a deadly consequence, she must work with the formidable knight who started it all to make things right. Faced with challenges from giant trolls, deceiving fairies, and a sorceress who wants nothing more than to destroy Atthur, Katarina and the dark knight Brendelon must overcome their tormenting pasts as they uncover the secrets of the spell and the key to send Katarina home, in this ultimate battle of good v evil and finding where you belong, this book will leave you absolutely spellbound.

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