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message 1: by Susan (new)

Susan | 1 comments Hello,
I see you are quite an accomplished sailor! I too live aboard but we have only ventured up and down the US east coast and out to the Bahamas on our 36 ft boat. I have done long passages as crew on other boats and am trying to get past my dislike of them! Just so darn uncomfortable!
Love to hear some of your favorite reads...sailing or otherwise.

message 2: by Jackie (new)

Jackie Parry | 2 comments Mod
Hi Susan, I found coastal trips the hardest, too much land mass (Australia or America) messing with the conditions (heating up/cooling down, therefore changing winds) . . . Once out in the ocean things seemed a whole lot easier - when in good weather (mostly when following the trades) - it was settled, ie didn't change direction every two minutes and stir up the sea and then you get used to it - the first time crossing the Pacific was a dream run - so easy - 34ft boat, wing on wing 6-7 knots the whole way, hardly rocking at all. It's like anything, you get used to it (especially once you are used to shifts - I hate being woken up!) As for reading I do like sea stories - lots of rescue/adrift ones (Like Adrift) - but I also like Thrillers too - I like to escape, something fast -paced that has me guessing and reading faster and faster. I am about to try Rachel Amphlett's second novel Under Fire - I read her first (White Gold) which was a great first thriller - but the reviews and ratings she is getting for Under Fire is incredible, so I am looking forward to that (she is a friend of mine too) - I also enjoy the old favourites - Dick Francis - I just love his Characters - I always want to be like them! What about you, what do you like?

message 3: by Jackie (new)

Jackie Parry | 2 comments Mod
Hi all, I have some links to some great sailing pics (below), but first I just wanted to let you know that my book Of Foreign Build (from corporate girl to sea-gypsy woman)has been launched on Amazon (ebook and paperback) and is already a No.1 bestseller in its category. Cruisers' AA (accumulated acumen) is now available on Kindle too, for an incredibly cheap price, also on Amazon (No.5 in its category) - if you are not interested in the books, you can still see our pictures of our nine year circumnavigation here: http://jackieparry.com/of-foreign-bui... and for Cruisers' AA all the really neat navigation diagrams (and more pics: here: http://jackieparry.com/pics/ I also do a fortnightly article on cruising/sailing/living on board on my blog.... :-)

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