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Unanswered Mysteries in Dublin Murder Series
Sarah Sarah Feb 06, 2014 04:22AM
Has anyone else noticed that in each of the books in this series, there seems to be a question left unanswered? I might be reading too much into this. I chose the last book for this discussion, just so any one who responds will have likely read the other 3 as well.

In In The Woods, we never find out what happened to Rob when he was a kid in the woods.
In The Likeness, we never find out why Cassie looks exactly like the dead girl.
In Faithful Place, the killer claims he didn't kill Kevin, and assuming he's telling the truth, who did? (He had no reason to lie about that, I don't think, so why was it included?)
However, I can't think of an unanswered question in Broken Harbor. Can anyone else think of one? Has anyone else noticed this pattern, or am I making a mountain of a molehill? Do you think she will solve these mysteries in later books? I have to think she's got to at least solve the first one, since every fan seems to demand it.

The unanswered questions are really bothersome and the biggest of these is in In the Woods. I read it years ago and still want to know about Rob in the woods. How about a whole book devoted to this. I love her writing, though.

I noticed that too but I do think in Faithful Place the killer did kill Kevin, but I agree with you on the first two questions. I really hope in her next novel she solves the In The Woods mystery

I think Scorcher, himself, asks the unanswered question. Did his mother release Dina before drowning herself or did Dina break away?

Jo This feels like a very important distinction & ties in with Jenny killing her own children & even the very dysfunctional relationship of the neighbor ...more
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In broken Harbour, the questions regarding the animals in the attic are never answered.

Tana French does leave things unanswered but it reflect life. All the questions never get answered in real life and the unanswered questions keep you thinking about the story. Regardless, the unanswered questions don't hamper the book. Tana French is an amazing author.

Jo People see who they expect to see & her "best friends" were so consumed with guilt & confusion about what had happened that they probably couldn't bea ...more
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