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message 1: by Jane Ozera (new)

Jane Ozera | 14 comments Hi Trisha, your premise sounds good to me. When it said 'bookish' it immedialy got me interested! I'd love to read and review it. My email is i prefer .epub :)

message 2: by Angela (new)

Angela (amoses1) | 3 comments I'd love to read and review. Amazon please.

message 3: by Deirdre (last edited Feb 20, 2014 08:49AM) (new)

Deirdre (deirdreriordanhall) | 3 comments To the Sea by Deirdre Riordan Hall

Hi everyone,
The new adult romance TO THE SEA hit shelves...virtual anyway...if anyone would like to review (here and on Amazon) a salty, surfy romance I would be happy to share a PDF or kindle copy, your choice. If interested...please be in touch :) deirdrespark (@) yahoo (.) com

Here's the synopsis:

Fresh out of college and newly married, twenty-something Kira plans the perfect future with a house in the suburbs, ski getaways, and fancy dinners. When her husband Jeremy dies in a car accident, loss casts her adrift, but her heart cracks wide open when she uncovers the secrets he left behind.

Despite her dislike for the ocean with the whipping wind and itchy sand, Kira seeks solace in salt: tears, sweat, and the sea, helping her move beyond the myth of perfection, and guiding her toward the truth of who she really is.

She takes surf lessons to overcome her fear of the water and her well of grief. In the local surf scene, she meets sultry Jamie, with a hot Australian accent. He’s eager to spend time with her, but mostly between the sheets. Then there’s soulful Ian, her surf instructor, who helps her get on her feet and ride the waves.

During a transformative trip to South Africa on surfari, she learns the best way to be loved, yet when she returns to the shores of New England, grief continues to haunt her. She must let go, but how? Torn between the tides, Kira discovers strength and courage, navigates loss, lust, and love, taking readers along for the plunge.

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