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Lanie (Lanies Book Thoughts) (lanieadamsk) | 93 comments Hi guys! I'm looking for some adult/PNR/Fantasy/Urban fantasy recommendations for books about the fae. As long as they have some type of fae action in it, I'll be happy:)! Anything from medieval to future settings are fine with me. Thanks!

I have read KMM's Faefever series:P

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S.L. (slgray) | 13 comments I'm going to get whapped for repeating myself a lot, or something, but:

Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid series, starting with Hounded (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #1) by Kevin Hearne

Also, C.E. Murphy's Worldwalker Duology, starting with Truthseeker (Worldwalker Duology, #1) by C.E. Murphy

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Debi (debisattic) | 157 comments Rosemary and Rue

I really liked the October Daye series by Seanan McGuire

Rosemary and Rue (October Daye, #1) by Seanan McGuire

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 2659 comments Mod
Mercedes Lackey has a series of "modern" day fae interacting with humans. Born to Run is the first book in this series. She also has elves in a few other series as well. (Check out the Five Hundred Kingdoms series.)

Forbidden Forest--mc is a half-fae half shape-shifter (NOT were type shifters either) female.

Keith R a DeCandido has a series set in a world where fae exist. One of the 2 main characters is, again, a half fae (this time, the other half is human). Dragon Precinct is, I think the first book in the series--at least it was the first one that I read.

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 2659 comments Mod
I'm in the middle of reading another book (well, re-reading) that has elves in it--but not "normal" elves. These are MALL elves. Long Hot Summoning (It's the last book in a trilogy) The elves are not the "main characters" in the book, but still interesting.

Mall Purchase Night is another one with elves/fae in a mall.

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Karma♥Bites ^.~ (karma_bites) | 62 comments Hey, Lanie, I really enjoyed the world-building and stories in Laurell K. Hamilton's Merry Gentry series. But caution! Some books are 'darker' than others and given an overarching sub-storyline, there's more than a fair amount of sex in this series (TBT, the sex content may be too much for some). Book #1 = A Kiss of Shadows

Anya Bast has the Dark Magick series with 4 books to date (unknown if more to come, tho I hope so). Prequel is in the ANTH, Hot for the Holidays, and book #1 = Wicked Enchantment.

Shayla Black has the Doomsday Brethren series (not just fae) which mixes in Arthurian lore & has 5 primary books (w/ some novellas in-between). Book #1 = Tempt Me with Darkness.

Yasmine Galenorn's Indigo Court series (primarily fae & vamps). Book #1 = Night Myst.

Cindy Spencer Pape's Urban Arcana series (4 books to date). Book #1 = Motor City Fae

Let me know if you want more series (or even stand-alones). :)

Lanie (Lanies Book Thoughts) (lanieadamsk) | 93 comments Thanks for all the suggestions so far guys! These sound like some great books:). I'll definitely let you know Karma!

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Kryssie Fortune | 34 comments Have you tried Angela Knight's mageverse series. There's a great, sexy Fairy king in there with hair to die for. (And since it's blue....) Also, how about my own book, Curse of the Fae King?

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Tina | 16 comments Have you tried C.L Wilson? Her series are great.

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Kryssie Fortune | 34 comments Going to look at some these when I finally catch up with my kindle.

Lanie (Lanies Book Thoughts) (lanieadamsk) | 93 comments I haven't heard of your book before Kryssie, but I'll give it a try:) Tina, I haven't heard of C.L Wilson, but I'll look her up. Thanks!

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Debi (debisattic) | 157 comments Tina wrote: "Have you tried C.L Wilson? Her series are great."

How did I forget the Tairen Soul books? I learned of the C.L. Wilson series from Goodreads. Lots of fans. I have 1 more to go and I am done...good series so far.
King of Sword and Sky (Tairen Soul) by C. L. Wilson

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Tina | 16 comments C.L Wilson also has a new book coming out in July. Just thought you would like to know. :)

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Lauren Grave Witch (Alex Craft, #1) by Kalayna Price The Alex Craft Series has fairies galore.

Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows, #1) by Kim Harrison The Hollows series has a fairy side kick (?), MC's are vampires, werewolves and witches.

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, #1) by Patricia Briggs MC's are werewolves/shifters but lots of fae and fae politics

Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse, #1) by Charlaine Harris Vampires and Fairies. Could mention something but then I remembered it would be spoilery. Just trust me there are fairies.

My two favorites fae series are technically teen but they are amazing, no love triangles or sparkles included:
Lament The Faerie Queen's Deception (Books of Faerie, #1) by Maggie Stiefvater Tithe (Modern Faerie Tales, #1) by Holly Black

Think that's all.
Have to second Rosemary and Rue (October Daye, #1) by Seanan McGuire - a #1 in my book.

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Ren Puspita (renpuspita) Storm's Heart (Elder Races, #2) by Thea Harrison , the heroine is a Fae

The Trouble With Fate (Mystwalker, #1) by Leigh Evans , heroine is half werewolf and half fae

Nightwalker (Dark Days, #1) by Jocelynn Drake , while the series has a vampire as MC, their sworn enemy are Fae (called Naturi)

Forbidden Magic (Magic, #1) by Cheyenne McCray , witches, faeries, gods and goddesses, based on Celtic myth

Velvet Haven (Annwyn Chronicles, #1) by Sophie Renwick , more like erotic paranormal romance with fae

Lanie (Lanies Book Thoughts) (lanieadamsk) | 93 comments Thanks for all the recommendations:) I've got tons to read now in the way of the fae;3!

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Sanja | 18 comments Okay I don't mean to self promote but my book has faeries in it, both evil and good. :)

Amaranth (Demon City Chronicles, #1) by Sanja Dragojlov

Also, Mortal Instruments though not big on faeries...I never read the Iron Fey but heard those were good as well.

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