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Vanilla The title basically said it all. I really like this story and am hoping to expand it sooner or later. Please give constructive criticism! I won't mind if you sound mean.



It was the day of the full moon.
All six clans of dragons were assembled in the Valley of Peace for the Assembly. Suddenly a roar rippled through the air, and the crowd of chattering dragons slowly quieted down.
Eerieglow, the leader of NightClan, stepped forward, his Dragon Crown glittering brightly under the round moon. He spoke in his chilling voice that commanded respect.
" I would like to begin this Assembly, with the permission of the other Clan leaders. " he swung his head to face the other five dragon leaders who all dipped their heads as a sign of respect.
He paced to the edge of the HighCliff, his poisonous tail swishing slowly around his dark black body.
" NightClan is thriving, " he announced, " Shadowstalk has had three new eggs, and one of our White Guardians has recieved her full name, Heatherflank. Today, under the eyes of the forever watchful Legends, you are part of the legacy known as NightClan, and now a true Guardian of your kind."
"Heatherflank, Heatherflank!" The dark purple dragon ducked her head shyly as the onlooking dragons cheered and called her new name.
The blind leader waited until most of the dragons stopped cheering and raised his tail for silence.
" NightClan has chased out a herd of Gryphons that were in our territory. They crossed the border into FlameClan territory. I wished to warn you, Fireflicker." He nodded towards the FlameClan leader, who stepped forward.
"Thank you, Eerieglow, for the warning. FlameClan will watch out for them." He dipped his head respectfully, and turned around to face the dragons assembled below.
" Flameclan has had a plentiful moon. Skylark has moved to the Elder's Den and we thank him for his long moons of service. Cactusflower's eggs have hatched, so we have three new dragons, Honey, Lotus, and Tumble." he turned around and addressed WillowClan's leader, Lilyshine. "Would WillowClan like to go next?"
Lilyshine nodded, and walked proudly to the edge, her beautiful wings catching the light of the full moon.
"Three sunrises ago, " she announced, her grass green eyes sweeping across the perimeter of the valley, " one of our baby dragons, Moth, became a White Guardian." She flicked her tail towards a pretty dappled brown dragon, who straightened up proudly. "Prey is running very well in WillowClan." she nodded her head towards Kelpscale, who replaced her position on the HighCliff and wrapped his majestic tail around himself, making him look regal and beautiful. There were a few gasps of astonishments from some new White Guardians below.
" OceanClan has nothing new to report , other than an egg that we found on our border between WillowClan. Is WillowClan missing an egg?"
Windglide, the leader of LightningClan, narrowed his eyes and opened his battle-scarred wings wide in a show of power.
"I don't think so," he growled, his tail flicking towards Lilyshine's surprised face, "but LightningClan has. Is it a snowy-white one, with jagged blue stripes?"
There was a great deal of muttering among the dragons as Kelpscale nodded, but even more when Crystalshard, the leader of IceClan, broke away from her spot and paced towards Kelpscale.
"IceClan has lost an egg too," she announced, her calm but cold gaze fixiated on Kelpscale, "and of the exact same pattern."
Kelpscale cocked his head.
" Are you sure, Crystalshard?" he asked quizzically."You do know that no egg can have the same pattern, right?"
Blue fire filled Crystalshard's eyes as she spoke, her voice now dangerously calm.
"Why would I lie?" she said softly, the air crackling around her. "Do you think that I don't know an egg cannot have the same pattern? Do you think IceClan would take a LightningClan egg and raise it willingly?" She took a step back and whipped her head towards Windglide.
"Why didn't you ask Windglide if he knew every egg is different? Why ask me ?"She lashed her tail in anger, a crack that echoed icily in the deathly silent Valley.
Fireflicker cleared his throat nervously.
"Perhaps we should see what the egg looks like first, before we start pinning the blame on others?" he asked.
Lilyshine nodded approvingly. "Yes, we should. This matter needs to be sorted out instantly. maybe Kelpscale should order some Guardians to retrieve the egg and bring it here, before-" she glanced at Crystalshard pointedly- "we start arguing about what Kelpscale said about same-patterned eggs."
Crystalshard glared at Lilyshine furiously, but the light green dragon lifted her chin, a steely glint in her eyes. Out of all the dragons in the clans, only Lilyshine could withstand Crystalshard's wrath.
Crystalshard narrowed her eyes, visibly letting her wings fall as a signal that she was calmed down.
"Very well," she snapped. "Let's see the egg. It better come safely. I don't want any hatchlings to be damaged."
Kelpscale dipped his head towards Crystalshard's general direction before summoning some of his Guardians.
" Pearlshine, Coralflower. And you too, Seabreeze. Go get that egg from the nursery, and make sure it comes back unharmed."
Kelpscale's three chosen guardians dipped their tail lightly as OceanClan's sign of respect before diving into the earth and speeding away towards the OceanClan camp.
Fireflicker nodded towards Crystalshard.
"Perhaps IceClan would like to go as we wait?" he asked in a reasonable tone.
Crystalshard flicked her tail, acknowledging the FlameClan leader's words as she stepped up towards the edge of the Highcliff. She spoke slowly, her eyes sweeping across the valley as she held every dragon's gaze.
"IceClan is doing extremely well, " she said quietly. "Snow, one of our younglings, has become a white guardian, along with her brothers and sisters, Dapple, Fox, and Swift."
Her eyes seemed to soften as cheers of congratulation rang across the clearing for the three new white guardians.

Of course, not yet finished. No dur.

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Fianally! More!

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