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Vanilla I know I have been hanging on this story for quite awhile, but I need critism! If ANYONE finds even the slightest mistake, PLEASE tell me! I don't care how mean you are, I just desperately need that advice. Thank you!

Something was tickling Darkpaw. She snuffled and jerked her head away from the light object, semiconciously rubbing her nose. The object continued to tickle her, but now it was darker, wetter, and and hotter. What was it? Darkpaw sprang up, dashing away from the mysterious figure. But she couldn’t move! She cried out in panic, trying vainly to move her rooted paws and flee. It was coming closer, closer…
Then she sneezed and jolted awake.
Darkpaw blinked as sunlight streamed into the apprentice den, warming her dark, spotted fur. She felt relieved. It was just a dream. Darkpaw yawned and was about to get up when Cricketpaw popped her head into the den.
“Great StarClan!” she snorted, “Are you going to sleep all day? Meadowbreeze asked me to tell you that we’re going on noon patrol today.”
Darkpaw stood up, and together the two she-cats trotted out into the clearing, where the entire RiverClan gathered for ceremonies and announcements.
“Who's going on patrol? she asked Cricketpaw as she snagged a falling leaf from a nearby maple tree.
Cricketpaw shrugged. “Cloverheart and Meadowbreeze for sure,” she mewed.”And Adderstripe, with his new apprentice, Emberpaw.”
“Lucky!” Darkpaw mewed enviously. “He gets noon patrol on his first day of being an apprentice. Why, on my first day, I had to clean out the bedding in the elder’s den! Why does Emberpaw get noon patrol on his first day?”
Cricketpaw started padding faster towards the camp entrance.
“I don’t know,” she called over her shoulder, “But I do know that Meadowbreeze is going to rip your pelt off if we’re late!”
~ ~ ~
The two apprentices skidded to a halt in front of the stepping-stones that led out of the camp. Meadowbreeze, Adderstripe, Cloverheart and Emberpaw were already there, watiting for the two she-cats.
“Finally!” Emberpaw burst out as they neared the group, “We’ve been waiting for moons already! Where were yo-” he stopped abruptly in the middle of the sentence from a warning flick from his mentor, Adderstripe.
Darkpaw looked up at ther mentor Meadowbreeze, fearing the worst. After all, Meadowbreeze didn’t exactly have a reputation of pardoning late apprentices. But instead, her eyes softened as she looked at Darkpaw’s tired form.
Meadowbreeze quickly licked Darkpaw’s ear.“Just don’t be late again.” she said sternly.
Cricketpaw and Darkpaw nodded quickly, Cricketpaw looking relieved that her mentor, Cloverheart had not objected.
Cloverheart flicked her tail. “We’re wasting daylight, Meadowbreeze,” she said in her quiet voice. “Let’s get going.”
Emberpaw jumped to his paws in a heartbeat.
“Where are we going? Are we going to see the half-bridge? How about the lake?Are we going to see ShadowClan warriors? I’ll rip their pelts off in an instant if they cross the border.”
Adderstripe cuffed the apprentice sharply. “You’re not going to rip anyone’s pelt off today. Just follow us. We’re going to show you around the territory today. And Darkpaw, Cricketpaw? It won’t hurt you for some review anyways.”
Cricketpaw sniffed as they crossed the stepping-stones.”Review the territory, my foot! I literally know every pebble in RiverClan territory! What do they mean by that,/o?”
Darkpaw didn’t answer, instead quickening her pace, catching up with Emberpaw, who was energetically sniffing every blade of grass and speck of dirt, trying to remember the scent.
Cricketpaw caught up to Darkpaw, her whiskers twitching with amusement.
“What do you rekon our warrior names will be?” she asked Darkpaw, who jerked her head up from listening to Adderstripe instruct Emberpaw on the scent of ShadowClan.
Darkpaw shrugged. “I want to be called,” she thought aloud, “Darkstream. I like the ring of that name.”
Cricketpaw looked at Darkpaw strangely. “Why would you want to be called that? It sounds like you want to drown somebody.”
Darkpaw butted Cricketpaw in the flank, sending her crashing into the tall reeds. Neither of them noticed the water-loving plant rustle and wave violently. “Mouse-brain!” she said, shaking her head playfully,. “Maybe I will! You-”
She stopped abruptly, her nose twitching.
“What’s that scent?” Darkpaw hissed at Cricketpaw, suddenly crouching low on the ground in an attacking position.
Cricketpaw looked around alarmingly, her eyes wide with fear at Darkpaw’s behavior.
“I don’t know,” she whispered back. “But isn’t that ShadowClan scent? Doesn’t ShadowClan smell like crow-food?”
Darkpaw opened her mouth, drawing in the queer scent. The odor was dark and sinister, like the strange lingering smell of death and evil.
“I don’t think it’s ShadowClan,” she said slowly, her heart thumping faster than a rabbit.
There was a moment of terrifying silence. Darkpaw could scent Cricketpaw’s fear-scent, crashing through her wave after wave.
Silently, she stepped lightly towards the patrol group, her paws moving without a sound towards the safety in numbers.
Cloverheart spotted them first, relief spreading across her face as she flicked her tail at them. The two apprentices slipped inot the border patrol, feeling safer with well-seasoned warriors around them.
The scent was getting stronger, and now there was a rustling sound with it. Darkpaw saw Meadowbreeze’s eyes widen as a soft hissing sound was also heard.Darkpaw’s eyes flickered to and fro, trying to find their ambusher.
At Adderstripe’s silent command, the border patrol got into a tight circle, all facing outwards, claws unsheated. Adderstripe then motioned for everyone to start moving towards the general direction of the RiverClan camp, his tail flicking up and down as their signal.
Darkpaw nodded, and began putting one paw in front of another, advancing slowly to their home.
~ ~ ~
They were almost at the RiverClan camp. By that time, Darkpaw’s fur had lay flat, and most of her nervousness had dissolved. But Emberpaw had hardly put a paw on the stepping-stones when the tall, waving grass around them exploded.
Meadowbreeze’s eyes widened as she screeched; “ Adders! Run!” The RiverClan cats pelted towards the camp, yowling an alarm. As Darkpaw flashed through the camp, she saw warriors appearing out of their den, wide-eyed in shock and fear. The clearing exploded into battle, suddenly full of writing bodies of cats and adders, each fighting furiously.
Darkpaw wheedled around, lunging at a young adder who was heading towards the nursery, letting out a screech of anger. She raked her claws three times successfully across its diamond-patterned back, before having to go on defense, dodging its deadly fangs.
The adder hissed and spitted in rage, wriggling lightning-fast out of Darkpaw’s grip and rearing up, its poison-dripping teeth flasing in the light.
Darkpaw rolled out of the way a heartbeat before it was too late. The venomous teeth drove deep into the dirt, where her neck had been a split second ago. She quickly dispatched the struggling adder and sprang up, blinking blood out of her eyes.
The battle was still going, but it was starting to slow down. There were too many adders, and RiverClan had been caught by surprise. Through the turmoil of the battle, Darkpaw had already spied Cloverheart slumped on the ground, unmoving. RiverClan would be destroyed if they didn’t think of a plan! Brute force wasn’t going to be enough to fight the blood-thristy adders.
Suddenly, Aspendawn burst of of the medicine cat den, wailing, “Lakestorm’s dead! Lakestorm’s dead!”
Lakestorm…. Something clicked into Darkpaw’s mind. Maybe if adders feared water…
Darkpaw jumped up, and pushing past a cowering Emberpaw, began racing towards the mass of fighting cats and snakes, her paws thudding on the bloodstained turf.
“Pebblestar!” she yowled, skidding to a halt. “I have an idea! Pebblestar!~”
Pebblestar, the leader of RiverClan, materialized out of nowhere next to Darkpaw, covered with blood and stratches.
“You said you have an idea, Darkpaw?” he asked, his gray eyes filled with fierce hope. “Tell us!”
Darkpaw nodded quickly. “We can lead them to the lake by pretending to abandon camp, and drag them underwater until they flee! And their poison might float away when they try to bite us in the water.”
Pebblestar narrowed his eyes, nodding approvingly.
“Very well. Darkpaw, start spreading the word. Tell the cats to begin running when I yowl “Retreat.”
Darkpaw nodded quickly, dashing off to start the message, her paws churning the rich soil. She knew all the lives in this camp depended on her, but she could not stop her chest from swelling with pride. The clan leader was using her idea!
Shaking her head, she bounded towards Cricketpaw to tell her of the plan.
~ ~ ~
Darkpaw stood in front of the nursery, panting heavily. She had made sure all the cats had received the message and understood what they had to do. Now, she was guarding the nursery, waiting for Pebblestar’s signal, pretending there were kits inside, when actually there were none, and lashing out at any adders who dared to stray closer into her reach. They circled around her, hissing and spitting, but not daring to go closer. Suddenly, she heard Pebblestar’s loud caterwaul, vibrating across the field and attracting every living thing’s attention.
“RiverClan! Abandon camp! Retreat!”
Panicked cries and screeches echoed throughout the camp as a horde of cats, apprentices, warriors, and a deputy and leader raced towards the stepping-stones, each looking eager to get out of the mess and retreat.For a second, it looked so real even Darkpaw was convinced RiverClan was beaten.
Leaping high and far, she charged towards the entrance of the camp, not daring to look back.She could hear triumphant hissing behind her as she dashed through meadows and leaped across rivers. Her plan had worked! She picked up her pace as she scented the salty tang of the lake close to her. Nothing had ever smelled so good to her as she charged towards the large mass of water, her paws almost moving at their own accord.
Suddenly, the lake came into view, vast, blue, and beautiful. She skidded to a halt and looked around wildly, unsure on what to do.
“Psst! Over here, Darkpaw!”Cricketpaw poked her head out of a thorn bush, her eyes dark and serious. She motioned Darkpaw to climb inside and told her the plan.
“As soon as the adders break through that opening-” she flicked her tail towards the entrance Darkpaw had came by- “we will attack. Some warriors are stationed next to the opening so they can quickly block their exit. We’re on the side, so they can’t escape to their right. We’re going to drive them into the lake and hold them there until they learn their lesson!”
Darkpaw nodded approvingly, happy that her plan was being carried out correctly. Suddenly, a cat yowled for silence, and the entire clearing quieted down immediately.
Three adders burst onto the sandy expanse, hissing wildly. Seeing that there were no cats there, the biggest one of them flicked its tail, motioning the rest of the adders to join it on the beach. Darkpaw watched silently as the ambushing adders slid quietly into the clearing, looking right and left as they joined the three snakes. Cricketpaw nudged Darkpaw gently, and flicked her tail towards the gorse tunnel, where the adders had entered through. The warriors stationed there were creeping slowly and steadily towards the center, corraling the venomous snakes into the clearing.
Suddenly, the biggest adder lifted his head, his tongue flicking in and out of his mouth. Darkpaw felt Cricketpaw tense next to her. The adders had discovered the trap! She hoped Pebblestar would yowl the signal soon, or else all the work would be of nothing at all.

message 2: by Vanilla (new)

Vanilla Her spirits lifted quickly as a loud caterwaul rang across the clearing. The RiverClan cats rose out as a wave, each furious and ready to fight for the sake of their clan. The beach exploded with snarling cats and startled adders. Darkpaw spun around and charged towards the biggest adder, sending a skillfull swipe towards it.
“Back off, mouse-brain!” she snarled threateningly. “Get your stupid adders out of here! This is RiverClan territory!”
The adders hissed and lunged forward, its fangs dripping venom. Darkpaw dodged the attack nimbly, barreling into it. The adder was taken by surprise and flew backwards into the water with a loud, satisfying splash. She yowled triumphantly and dove in after him.
Darkpaw had not registered how cold the water was until she was halfway in the lake. But it didn't matter now. She was going to chase that adder away from the lake, away from the four clans of cats that had lived here for generations. Away, away! Her paws churned the water powerfully as she sped towards the writhing adder, who apparently did not know how to swim.
Stupid adder, she thought. Swim all you want. Darkpaw's coming to get you. She launched herself onto the snake, feeling her claws digging into the slender, slippery body. She lifted her head to inhale a huge gulp of air before pulling herself underwater, along with the adder.
Underwater, everything she saw was murky. She felt a sudden out-of-place burst of pride at her accomplishment of holding her breath. Only RiverClan cats had mastered this before.
The adder wasn't faring as well as Darkpaw. Its thrasing and muffled hissing was getting weaker every second. Sooner or later, it would run out of air. Darkpaw clung onto it grimly, not daring to release it. But her air supply was running short too. Her lungs began to tickle. Darkpaw had a sudden memory flash of her mentor,Meadowbreeze, her pale blue body wreathing around Darkpaw. What did she tell her about tickling lungs again?
“When your lungs start to feel uncomfortable and ticklish, start getting up for air as fast as you can," the past Meadowbreeze had said. "Our air supply cannot last as long as the fish we eat. Tickling lungs are the first warnings of running out of air.”
Darkpaw jolted. Her lungs were on fire now. She had to get up to the surface. No! She quickly released the adder and frantically paddled towards the surface of the lake. She needed air!

Darkpaw’s vision began to cloud as she opened her mouth wide to breath in. Cold water gushed into her mouth and she choked her throat consulving as it tried to swallow the lake water. The world spun around her, and everything started to go dark.
Darkpaw had almost run out of all the air she had when she broke the surface of the Great Lake, exploding through the barrier that prevented her from receiving StarClan’s gift of life.
The wind swirled gently around Darkpaw as she gulped in the welcoming rush of air. I will never take air for granted anymore, she thought. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see four warriors heading towards her, and could hear yowls of relief from the beach. Darkpaw began to paddle weakly towards the RiverClan warriors, allowing the current to carry her over to them. She could distantly feel them pick her up by the scruff of her neck and drag her gently to the shore. She had almost slipped to unconsciousness when she heard the soft, proud voice of Meadowbreeze whispering in her ear.
Sleep well, Darkpaw, she said gently, you have saved the clan.

Darkpaw stood under the HighCliff, trying unsuccessfully to avoid her mother’s constant grooming.
“Swiftstream!” she mewed loudly, ducking under a bush to escape the pretty tortoiseshell.
“I’m about to be a warrior! I can groom myself!”
Swiftstream purred proudly and flicked her ear in amusement.
“Well, you don’t look like a warrior,” she retorted gently. “Look at Cricketpaw. She isn’t acting like a kit that ate an overexcited fish.” She flicked her tail towards the dusky brown apprentice, who was sitting patiently under the HighCliff, looking none less excited than Darkpaw.
Darkpaw took the chance to slip away from her mother’s grasp and appear in front of her.
“I can groom myself, thank you very much,” she exclaimed irritably, “I just don’t think there are that many warriors out there that get groomed by their mothers before their warrior ceremony.”
A purr rumbled in Swiftstream’s throat as she nudged Darkpaw gently towards the HighCliff.
“Go now, little warrior,” she murmured. “Pebblestar’s calling a clan meeting now.”
Pebblestar was indeed about to call a clan meeting. Three pairs of eyes followed his lithe form as he jumped lightly onto the towering cliff and yowled: “Let all cats old enough to swim gather to hear my words!” As Darkpaw waited for all the cats to assemble under the HighCliff, Cricketpaw slid next to Darkpaw and sat down next to her.
“I still can’t believe we get to be warriors before Kestrelpaw and Runningpaw!” she exclaimed, “And they’re a moon older than us.” She cast a glance at a sullen looking hazel colored she-cat, who was sitting next to a raven-colored tom. Both were staring enviously at Cricketpaw and Darkpaw. Darkpaw nodded, feeling a twinge of guilt. She didn’t mean to hurt their feelings. Now, they would probably not be friends with Cricketpaw and her.
Pebblestar left out a yowl for silence. Then, he turned to the two to-be warriors and beckoned Cricketpaw and Darkpaw up to the HighCliff. Cricketpaw gave Darkpaw an excited glance and leaped up to the HighCliff. Darkpaw followed close to her. She watched as Cricketpaw climbed up to the top of the HighCliff and stood next to Pebblestar.
Pebblestar looked down at Cloverheart, who was sitting the closest she could get to the HighCliff.
“Cloverheart,” he rumbled, “ Are you satisfied by this apprentice’s skills and think she is ready to become a warrior?”
Cloverheart nodded and said, “She is ready.”
“Then I, Pebblestar, leader of RiverClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend her to you as a warrior in her turn.”
He looked down at Cricketpaw, who was quivering with excitement.
“Cricketpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?”
Cricketpaw barely waited for Pebblestar to finish his question before saying firmly: “I do.”
“Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Cricketpaw, from this moment on you will be known as Cricketjump. StarClan honors your enthusiasm and speed, and we welcome you as a full warrior of RiverClan.”
Pebblestar rested his muzzle on Cricketjump’s head and she gave him a respectful lick on his shoulder.
“Cricketjump, Cricketjump!” The clan cheered as the new warrior jumped down the HighCliff. She sat down next to Cloverheart, who licked her ear proudly.
Darkpaw gulped and started to climb up to Pebblestar. She felt like thousands of eyes were watching her as she put one foot in front of another.
Although it only took a couple of heartbeats to reach Pebblestar, to Darkpaw it felt like a moon. Thoughts were swimming in her head as she faced Pebblestar. What would her warrior name be? Would her voice squeak when she would say “I do?” Would she fall off the HighCliff and be the joke of the moon?
Darkpaw was so preoccupied with these negative thoughts that she nearly missed Pebblestar’s first words.
“I, Pebblestar, leader of RiverClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend her to you as a warrior in turn.”
Pebblestar turned to look at Darkpaw, who, in turn, stared back at him. “Darkpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?”
If there was any hint of nervousness or uncertaincy in Darkpaw, there was no sign of it.“I do.”
Pebblestar nodded approvingly. “Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Darkpaw, from this moment you will be known as Darkflower. StarClan honors your cleverness and courage, and we welcome you as a full warrior of RiverClan.”
Pebblestar rested his muzzle on Darkflower, and she gave him a respectful lick on his shoulder. Her chest swelled in pride. Darkflower! Pebblestar had really thought about her warrior name.
“Darkflower, Darkflower!” The clan cheered, yowling out her new name to the skies, to the river, to the stars.
As the new warrior jumped down from the HighCliff, she was greeted by a swarm of cats, Meadowbreeze, Cloverheart, Swiftstream, Cricketjump, and even Runningpaw and Seedpaw. They were all mewing their congratulations to Cricketjump and Darkflower.
Swiftstream got there first. She licked Darkflower’s ear proudly, and twined her tail around hers.
“Darkflower!” she purred, unable to say anymore. “Darkflower!”Meadowbreeze padded forward and touched noses with her former apprentice, looking very proud of her. As she weaved around Darkflower, she murmured: “Larksong expects rain tonight. Get some sleep before your warrior vigil.”
Darkflower nodded. When a warrior received his or her warrior name, they were supposed to stand guard at the camp entrance that night, without talking. One night of listening, Swiftstream had said. It was to help the warrior understand what being a warrior was really about.
Pebblestar’s mew rang across the clearing once again. “Cricketjump and Darkflower, your warrior vigil will be tonight. Tommorrow, you will begin your warrior duties as well as moving to the warrior den.”
Darkflower and Cricketjump exchanged excited looks. The vigil wasn’t exactly the most exciting event in the world, but, sleeping in the warrior’s den? It was a whole new thing.
Cricketjump looked over at Darkflower.
“So, what do we do now?” she asked. “We can’t possibly do anything other than eat, and that sounds so...embarrassing…”
Darkflower flicked her tail. “I have no idea, “ she said at last. “But I guess it would be kind of weird to be made warriors and then do nothing. But Pebblestar isn’t going to blame us if there aren’t any patrols we can join right this moment. Let’s go share tongues.”
She headed towards the apprentice den, suddenly remembering she wasn’t an apprentice anymore. Darkflower made an awkward veer towards the warrior den, sitting down on a tree root next to the den. Cricketjump came to join her.
As they were grooming each other and talking about their new warrior duties, Blackdove, who was the RiverClan deputy, approached them both.
“Pebblestar wants you two to know that you don’t need to go on any duties today. He says new warriors are always unsure of what to do on their day of their warrior ceremony.” He let out a rusty purr. “So just go get something from the fresh-kill pile and grab a quick snooze. Larksong says it’s going to rain tonight.”
Darkflower dipped her head respectfully. “Thank you Blackdove. Meadowbreeze already told us about the weather tonight. I hope Larksong’s wrong.” She shivered at the thought of standing through a night of cold rain.
Blackdove flicked his ear thoughtfully. “Trying jumping in the river. The river is always a lot warmer when it rains.” he advised. “I have to join the evening patrol. Hope all goes well.” The pure black deputy nodded at Cricketjump and Darkflower in turn, and then turned and padded away.
Cricketjump relaxed. “Whew,” she breathed, getting up and walking into the warrior den. “I’m always scared of Blackdove. He makes the strongest-looking cats look like newborn kits.”
Darkflower cocked her ear. “Really?” she asked as she padded behind her. “I admire him. I want to be like him when I’m a bit older.”
Cricketjump shrugged. “Which nest do you want?” she asked Darkflower, gesturing towards the multiple reed and feather nests in the hollow.

message 3: by Vanilla (new)

Vanilla Darkflower picked one at random and curled up in it, sinking into the soft bed of feathers. It felt wonderful after a day of aching bones and hunting. She heard Cricketjump let out a loud yawn andcurl up in the nest next to hers. Smiling slightly, she closed her eyes and slipped into sleep.
A paw prodding Darkflower woke her up. For a second, she didn’t know where she was. Then she remembered her warrior ceremony and sleeping in the warrior den. Her fur flattened.
Cloverheart was waking Cricketjump up. She flicked her nose gently with a sheathed claw and Cricketjump sprang up like an rabbit, her eyes wide. Darkflower let out a purr of amusement.
Cricketjump’s former mentor flicked her tail, and headed up towards the clearing. Darkflower followed her, with Cricketjump behind her, rubbing her nose.
It was already nightfall. Some cats had already retreated into their nests, but most of them were still out eating or grooming themselves.
“It is time for your warrior vigil,” whispered Cloverheart, beckoning Darkflower over to the camp entrance with her tail. “ Stand here and guard the camp entrance. Don’t talk, and if you’re too cold, jump in the river or jump in place to get warm.” Darkflower nodded and gave Cloverheart a quick lick on the shoulder. Cloverheart purred quietly and went over to Cricketjump to tell her what to do. Soon, both she-cats were in their spots and ready for the cold, hard night in front of them.
It started to rain at approximately moonrise. Darkflower was not surprised at all. She sneaked a peek at Cricketjump and saw her attempting to shield her body with her tail. Darkflower copied her and was able to block most of the water droplets out of her muzzle. Her nose began twitching uncomfortably. She began to feel nervous. Was she going to get whitecough? Or maybe even the dreaded greencough! She shifted her paws nervously and flinched as a leaf above her poured water all over her sleek spotted pelt. Oh well, she thought. At least the rain is keeping me awake. Signing quietly, she straightened her back and continued on watching the skies.
Ten minutes later, she heard a distant boom. Darkflower jumped and whired around, snarling. Then she realized that it was thunder. She gave her pelt a couple of embarrassed licks and settled back down again. The rain still pattered on rentlessly, but now there was flashes of lightning and cracks of thunder. She shuddered nervously. Was StarClan angry? The she-cat ducked behind a wall of reeds to escape the still pouring rain. It was so dense, walking around felt like swimming in the river. She sat down again, trying to shield her muzzle from the downpour. What was making StarClan want it to rain so hard?As she wondered, the rain suddenly stopped, like Riverstar had put a paw in front of the raincloud.The sky cleared in an instant, showing the brilliant-why was the sun out? Darkflower looked around wildly, unable to comprehend what had happened. Next to her, Cricketjump looked just as stunned. She then spotted a distant figure in the shadows of the HighCliff. It ws followed by two more figures. Was it Pebblestar?
But as the cats neared, none of them looked a bit like Pebblestar. One was a shimmering silver she-cat with graceful blue eyes, another one was a pure white tom, and another was a golden-furred she-cat that had flashing grey eyes. The trio looked so dazzling, Darkflower could barely open her eyes.
The golden she-cat halted in front of Darkflower, her piercing eyes resting on her flank.
“My name is Sundawn.” she said in a warm voice that did not match the expression in her eyes. “I was in RiverClan many moons ago. At that time, the adders that you fought were at the height of their power. They nearly crushed RiverClan. I saved most of my clanmates by asking WindClan for help, but an adder got there before I did.” She straightened up, hatred in her voice. “ It was the lead adder who killed me.”
Darkflower was stunned. So the snakes had been there for that long? No wonder they were so skilled in fighting cats.
She dipped her head. “I’m sorry to hear that, Sundawn,” she said sincerely. “I have tried my best to get rid of them. They won’t be back for long.”
Darkflower caught the two she-cats flash amused glances at each other before the white tom stepped forward.
“I am called Froststorm.” he flicked his tail forward, showing a dark blue spot on it. “The adders destroyed my clan many moons ago. We barely managed to drive them out of camp. If it wasn’t for a passing ThunderClan patrol, there would have been no RiverClan anymore.” He snarled and lashed his tail. “Because I was fighting so hard, the lead adder had to fight me itself. I crippled it for life, but a younger one finished me off.” Froststorm shook his head. “I was the last cat to die in the attack. It was a dark time for RiverClan.”
Darkflower, not knowing what to say, dipped her head towards him too. Why was a bunch of dead RiverClan ancestors coming and telling her a bunch of stories?
The last cat looked at Darkflower, amused. “You are a curious cat, young one,” she murmured. Her feathery tail brushed against Darkflower’s flank, giving her a warm happy feeling. “My name was Pearlshine. I was an apprentice like you when we fought the adders. One gave me a vicious bite on the leg. My leader Pheasantstar gave me my warrior name as I lay dying.” She looked at Darkflower sadly. “StarClan took pity on me and let me age a couple more moons so I could go to walk in dreams as a senior warrior. So although, I am known as a senior warrior in StarClan, I am remembered as a new warrior.”

Almost done! ((Pshh, I've been saying that for three months already, and is it done yet? Nooooo....))

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