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Topaz walked through the courtyard wearing,
she saw that the guy she met yesterday was sitting down listening to music.

She sat next to him for a few minutes, then she poked him to wake him up.

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"Hey. You sleep a lot don't you." she giggled.

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"Ah. So what's going on." she started a conversation.

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"Well, I'm looking for a good party before school, but nothing seems to be happening." she said sadly.
"I'm all for a good party."

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"Where though?" she got up from the bench. "I don't even know that many people. How will I make a party?" she explained.

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"Ha!" she laughed."Where's the fun in getting approval." she said as she grabbed his hand.
"Come on we gotta make some new friends." she smiled and dragged him off to the nearest place with people.

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"Well Dorms are a good place to start girl or boys?" she giggled. "Oh buy the way we need to get some beer. Care to Shift into an older guy." she asked.

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"Great. Well come on." she said pulling him to the dorms.
((Let's got to 731..))

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Day (yes2danny) "oh"he said not wanting to look around.

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Topaz arrived she went straight to the music and put in skrillex, let's save Rock and roll.
This got everyone dancing.

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Day (yes2danny) ((you mean Danny))
"hey "Danny said.

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Soulsurviver233 | 44 comments Azalea had sort of followed Topaz and Ryder but after a little while had figured that they'd want to talk. Topaz's sudden hair colour change had surprised her and after she started following the general sound of music and talking, she arrived. She spotted Leigh and walked over to her with a smile.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- ((Can I join in?))

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Day (yes2danny) "what about me? "he said he's the one who rather be not there,who'd rather be dead.

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Day (yes2danny) ((no I hope you die. ..jk I love you))

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper stepped slowly towards the courtyard, her curled hair falling over her face

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Day (yes2danny) "thanks dick"he said taking a sip.

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((Im sorry guys I'm super tired. I'll be on tomorrow promise, don't forget to keep me in the loop.))

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- ((Sounds good, I'm probably going to bed soon))

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Day (yes2danny) "Hey babe lets get drunk"he said smiling.

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Day (yes2danny) "Liam join us,just don't touch her"he said taking a big sip.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper walked up, looking around. She didn't recognize anyone

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Soulsurviver233 | 44 comments Azalea grabbed a bottle of water and passed a group of other students. The fairy decided to be polite by nodding in acknowledgement before skittering off to a corner where she could sit and listen to the music. She wasn't used to the music style but she was getting used to it.

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Day (yes2danny) "Yea,I'm not getting that bad either I still have something to do after"he said smirking at Lilia.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper watched this catastrophe that was a party enfold around her, and she loved it

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Day (yes2danny) Danny kissed her and whispered in her ear "you keep avoiding sex with me why?"

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Day (yes2danny) "oh"he said taking another sip nervously.

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Day (yes2danny) Danny winked at Liam.

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Day (yes2danny) "Liam,tell us more about yourself?"he said letting go of Lilia.but holding her close.

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Soulsurviver233 | 44 comments From a random thought, Azalea got up and walked back over to Leigh, wanting to get to know her better. She wanted to be able to have her room mates as her friends, even if she wasn't too great at making them.

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Day (yes2danny) ((lol Ignoring me))

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Soulsurviver233 | 44 comments "Hey, sorry that I went away and spaced out earlier. So uhm....where are you from?" She asked Leigh, sipping her water and occasionally looking around at the elegant courtyard.

(Do we want Leigh to get pranked? Or for the clueless Azalea to accidentally get pranked instead?)

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Day (yes2danny) "hmm how about how you got here dick face"Danny said smiling.

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Day (yes2danny) "see Not bad"he said.he took a sip.His other hand slid down touching Lilias butt.

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Soulsurviver233 | 44 comments ((Amethyst your go with Leigh and Azalea I think?))

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Day (yes2danny) Danny started moving up her dress from behind as he talked to Liam.

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Soulsurviver233 | 44 comments "From Hell huh? Must be murder in the summer..." Azalea responded with a smile, knowing that Leigh was a kind person...well...demon.
"I'm from Australia, lived in a rainforest until recently." She added, knowing that it was only right she respond in kind with information about herself.

(Alrighty )

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Day (yes2danny) "fuck you jerk"Danny said annoyed at him.He took a sip.No-one told him what to do with his girlfriend.

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Day (yes2danny) "She isn't a slut okay it's me,I'm sorry"he said walking away from them.

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Day (yes2danny) "your no slut I'm sorry I did that"he said

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Day (yes2danny) "I shouldn't disrespect you I'm sorry"he said looking away.

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Soulsurviver233 | 44 comments "It isn't all hot there? Wow...I think you've just blown my mind. The rainforest was awesome, though when I tried to take some of my plants through US customs...they didn't see them as awesome." She said, glossing over the fact that her precious plants had been incinerated. "So...I'm assuming you're a demon?"

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Day (yes2danny) Danny kissed her.He hugged her close. He was thankful for her.

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Day (yes2danny) ((ugh she fell asleep on me))

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Soulsurviver233 | 44 comments ((it is late over in America, especially on the east coast))

"I'm rooming with a Demon princess? That's awesome!" She sipped her water again and nodded. "I'm a fairy, though I can't tell you the subspecies here. The forest is beautiful...and you can have waterfall showers or even swim in creeks. If you ever get a chance I'll take you home with me for the holidays."

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Day (yes2danny) ((Yea I know she's snoring right now she promised to have an all nighter though))

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Soulsurviver233 | 44 comments ('re on skype with her or something?)

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Day (yes2danny) ((no she is my friend))

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Soulsurviver233 | 44 comments (Ohhhhh, ok :) )

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