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message 1: by .:Eva:.♥ (new)

.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments hey here it is ideas?

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 6 comments Hey:3 and honestly no it's one in the morning and my brain is frazzled aha

message 3: by .:Eva:.♥ (new)

.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments oh haha alright, hey did we have an rp before? or is it just me :P

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 6 comments Urmmm we might have?! Aha honestly I have no idea cause I sort of disappeared for weeks Ånd when I came back on loads of groups had been deleted with all my RPs

message 5: by .:Eva:.♥ (new)

.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments we might have done a pirate rp not sure though :P
yeah a lot of groups got deleted cause you cant rp sex in the topics.
but yeah i have a few ideas
a fairytale twisted or modernized in some way
werewolf sole mate rp
mermaid pirate, or mermaid prince
rivaling kingoms at war romace, the princess gets kidnapped by the other kingdom and falls for the prince
celebraty romance
sister of a guy in a major band goes on tour with them and falls for he lead singer in the band
best friend romance

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 6 comments Ah! I think you're right actually, we did!!:P

Those are awesome ideas:3 maybe we could try combining two? Like the fairy tale one we could maybe do red riding hood, which could involve your idea about wolves? :S we don't have to do that though, honestly I don't mind which obese do asthey all look really fun

message 7: by .:Eva:.♥ (new)

.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments oh my gosh i loved that one i was so sad when it ended. nice now we can do something else

yeah i like that idea having the wolf of little red being a werewolve, and involving them in a romance

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 6 comments Me too!!!
And yeah that sounds awesome. Do you mind what character you play? I'd rather play little red, but whatever:3

message 9: by .:Eva:.♥ (new)

.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments id like to be the girl too im really bad at guys

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 6 comments Hmm okay I'll give being the guy a shot, apologies in advance for any awfulness.

message 11: by .:Eva:.♥ (new)

.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments haha thats alright :P so charries

message 12: by .:Eva:.♥ (new)

.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments Hey

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