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message 1: by Mara (new)

Mara (maraanne) | 454 comments What are some of your movie adaptions of books? What are some of your least favorite? Are there any you're looking forward to this year?

Me, personally - I'm really looking forward to The Maze Runner. I think it'll be surprisingly good. I recently saw The Book Thief - totally wonderful adaption. Very faithful to the book.

message 2: by Emily :) (new)

Emily :) | 313 comments Mod
Percy Jackson was a horrible adaption and they got absolutely nothing right including the plot line, in both movies. Its so stupid.

message 3: by Mara (new)

Mara (maraanne) | 454 comments I agree, The Lightning Thief was awful. I didn't like Sea of Monsters, either, but I actually didn't hate it nearly as much as I thought I would. It felt like they tried, but could do only so much because they messed things up so badly in the first movie.

message 4: by Hazel (new)

Hazel West | 439 comments Percy Jackson was pretty bad. I didn't see Sea of Monsters actually. One of my favorite movie adaptions is "The Eagle" and I like most of the Jane Austin remakes and such. Well, obviously I love Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. I don't usually announce it, but I kind of like the movies better (sue me). :P I don't really know what's coming out as far as movie adaptions that I'm really excited about. I do really want to read/see "The Book Thief" though.

message 5: by Mara (new)

Mara (maraanne) | 454 comments Sea of Monsters is better than you would expect - especially after the first movie. Logan Lerman as Percy grew on me, and though the girl who played Clarisse was way too pretty, she had the right attitude. I'm still divided about how Tyson was portrayed. Don't like Grover, hate Luke, and the end had me tearing my hair out (the climax, that is, not the very, very end). But there were little things that almost made up for it, and I actually did laugh several times. So . . . it was okay. The third movie might even be better.

Yeah, I love all of the Jane Austen movies (even the 70s and 80s ones, though those are almost hard to watch, they're soooooo dated). I've liked almost all of the Charles Dickens adaptions. Little Dorrit is amazing, as is Bleak House. The "new" Nicholas Nickleby will always be liked by me because Jamie Bell plays Smike, though I intensely dislike the guy who plays Nicholas. The 2001 BBC version with James D'Arcy, Charles Dance, and Lee Ingleby is the best. Martin Chuzzlewit is really good, and the 2005 Oliver Twist movie is a good short version of the story. Though I wish they could have made it as long as the actual book; they leave so much out!

The Book Thief is so good. You'll love it, Hazel. And if for some reason, you don't like the book (which I would be surprised) - but if you don't, I still think you'll like the movie. Wait, aren't you excited about The Hobbit: There and Back Again? Even if (view spoiler)

I have a lot of movie adaptions to see this year, but I'm really only excited about two. I'm not excited for Divergent - I think the cast is awful. I'm not excited for The Fault in Our Stars - the cast, too, looks awful. I'm worried about The Giver (seriously, they cast Taylor Swift?) But I think The Maze Runner will be good, and Mockingjay Part 1 can only be an improvement to the book, in all honesty. And of course, I am looking forward to The Hobbit: There and Back Again for several reasons: Martin Freeman's continued hilarious and adorable portrayal of Bilbo Baggins (the guy is so much like a hedgehog!). 2)Smaug! And 3)Benedict Cumberbatch plays the Necromancer! We get two villain appearances out of him! Yay!

message 6: by Hazel (new)

Hazel West | 439 comments I didn't mind Logan Lerman as Percy actually, but I wasn't overly fond of any of the other portrayals. Oh well, it's not as terrible as it could have been.

I still have to watch some Dickens movies, but I wanted to read Nicholas Nickleby first of course (which I still need to do!)

Oh, of course, I am ecstatic for "There and Back Again" I didn't count it because it's a sequel :) And you should know I'm not afraid of pain (view spoiler)

I'm sure I will like "The Book Thief" when I get to read it, I see no reason why I wouldn't.

Haha, I didn't even read "Divergent" and I thought the cast looked horrible in the trailer. And Taylor Swift, really? I kind of want to read the Maze Runner too, I'm not sure if it's really my kind of book, but I'll never know unless I try ;)

And on the topic of remakes, I started watching BBC's Three Musketeers and I must say I'm enjoying it so far. There are some parts that are a little raunchy but it's still within a PG13 rating, and it's nothing too horrible that it's unwatchable. Mainly typical musketeer stuff :P But I really like the cast, I think this D'Artagnan is the best I have ever seen and he actually looks exactly how I pictured him from the book, and Athos is good, though Matthew MacFadyen will probably always be my favorite. Porthos is different, but I really like him, and to be honest, I like Satiago Cabrera better as Aramis than Lancelot. And I am also in love with his coat, I want it :P The costuming and sets are gorgeous as well.

message 7: by Emily :) (new)

Emily :) | 313 comments Mod
I didn't mind Logan Lerman either. I honestly just wish that they would have followed the plot more.

I haven't read any of these books. Sorry :)

I am waiting patiently for "Divergent" I hope it doesn't suck. I don't think taylor Swift is actually in it. Though so far I think I like the cast (I haven't seen any of the actress who is playing Tris's work so I cant comment on that.)

I dont like the remake for the three musketeers. Call me old fashioned but I thought the original was so much better. I think the remake was confusing and just not as good. Don't really know what else to say it was awhile since I watched that show.

message 8: by Hazel (new)

Hazel West | 439 comments Which original Musketeers did you like, the Disney one? The only reason I didn't care for that one is because I loved the book, and I loved it before I watched any of the movies, and the actors didn't portray the characters right in my opinion. As a movie, it's okay, but as a movie based off the book, not my cup of tea. That was the only reason I liked the new one, because I thought that while the storyline could have been better and was certainly a little corny, I think the characters were about as close to the book as anyone has ever gotten.

message 9: by Mara (new)

Mara (maraanne) | 454 comments @ Emily: No, Taylor Swift isn't in "Divergent." She's in "The Giver."

Hazel, I actually think you'll like The Maze Runner. It's weird enough to be very engaging. You probably won't like the second and third as much because they become semi-zombie-ish, and the prequel is . . . . well, a prequel. And I know I've said this before: I really do think you'd like The Lunar Chronicles. Even if you don't like the world - the characters are so well developed that it'll make up for that.

message 10: by Hazel (new)

Hazel West | 439 comments I'm definitely going to give both a try :) I was actually going to get Lunar from the library but then I remembered all the other books on my shelf so... I will read it though. I can usually forgive any setting as long as it has characters I like :)

message 11: by Mara (new)

Mara (maraanne) | 454 comments I have rather high hopes for the Maze Runner movie. Some of the cast is a little too old, but not horribly so. And if they get the scenery correct, and the Greavers, I think it's going to be really good. I don't know - I just have a good feeling about it. I'm more than a little excited. Fall get here soon! Forget summer. ;)

message 12: by Hazel (new)

Hazel West | 439 comments That's good :) Yeah, I agree, forget summer!

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