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Alyssa (Naturallyblond) Family Video store!
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αsнłєy~3000 мıłєs~  | 404 comments Nicole pulled up to family video. She parked in the very back row. She put ger car in park and got out. She locked her car doors and started walking to the door. Nicole made it to the entrance and opened the door. She entered the store and started to walk around looking for a movie that looked good to her.

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((Brb shower))

River walked into the store, looking for a good chick flick to watch. She was just so bored. Her life sucked. She had way to much free time than normal for a college student, and she didn't know what to fill it with. Her life sucked right now. All she wanted was to go back to London. She scanned the movies, looking at 27 dresses, hitch, and how to lose a guy in ten days. Three terrific classics.....but she could only choose one. Which one?

αsнłєy~3000 мıłєs~  | 404 comments ((Ok. Im not an detailed rp'er sorry (: ))

Nicole was in the horror section looking for a goid movie. She could never find a horror movie the really scared her. She left the horror movies and went over to comedy movies. Nicole wasn't really sure what kind of movie she wanted to watch, she was just bored and had nothing else to do with her spare time. She really didn't have any friends, but she was kind of new and really didn't knew anyone accept for Alexis. She scanned the comedys before moving to the chick flicks.

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((Its ok.))

River placed 27 dresses back, when she saw the last song. Oh goodness. Maybe she would have to get that one. Liam Hemsworth is far to attractive to say no To. When her conscious wasnt a lot of help, she turned to the girl next to her. "Which one? I just cant decide." She said, her thick British accent startling. Most people thought she was American. Which was sort of a good thing ...and sorta not. All well. Whatever. She was who she was.

αsнłєy~3000 мıłєs~  | 404 comments Nicole looked over to the movies she had in her hand. She looked back and fourth between the two movies. "Umm, the last song. Definitely the last song." Nicole smiled at her. "It's a great movie. But i have never seen that one." Nicole, pointed to the other movie. "I'm Nicole by the way." Nicole introduced herself. Nicole didn't knew what movie to pick, she looked back at the movies "I don't know which movie to pick." Nicole slightly laughed.

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River waited impatiently while the girl looked from movie to movie. She grinned when the girl chose the Last Song, and gasped when she said she had never seen hitch. "You have never seen Hitch? Darling you haven't lived!" River smiled when the girl introduced herself. She was younger than River...that much was obvious. But she looked like a sweet girl. "I'm River." She said with a smile and a nod, before looking through the movies again. "Here...this outta fix your problem." She handed the girl hitch. She had to see this one. It was the best Chick Flick in the history of Chick Flicks. No doubt about it.

αsнłєy~3000 мıłєs~  | 404 comments "Hitch?" Nicole questioned the title. "Thanks." she said as she flipped the case over to read about it. Nicole finished reading about it and smiled at River. "Sounds like a great movie." Nicole nodded.

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"Its about a guy that sets other guys up with girls. And its Will Smith so naturally its going to be a riot." River said with a grin. She loved anything with Will Smith in it. He was so funny to her! And River loved laughing even if it was at herself. "No problem. So Nicole. How old are you?" River asked casually, adjusting her jacket so it covered her scars better. No need for flaunting those bad boys around. River remembered being in the hospital for three months. Two of those she spent in critical condition. The cuts in her neck causing lots of blood lose. It totally explains River's weirdness.

αsнłєy~3000 мıłєs~  | 404 comments "I love Will Smith!" Nicole smiled at River. "I'm 17." Nicole simply said. "I like your jacket." She looked at Rivers jacket. "Its pretty." Nicole nodded and smiled at her.

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River smiled. Maybe this was one American she could actually enjoy. Maybe. River wasn't making any promises. "Will smith is amazing. So is Ben Stiller." She loved the night at the museum movie, it was her favorite. "Ah. Seventeen. I remember that age. It was horrid." She said with a shrug. That wad when she first met Zach...ew. Gross. "Thanks. I like you hair." River hated being complemented. It made her feel so awkward. She always had to return it. Whether she ment it or not.

αsнłєy~3000 мıłєs~  | 404 comments "Thanks." Nicole smiled at her. "Yeah?" she questioned her, Nicole thought 17 was so fat the best year if her life so far. "Why was it so horrid?" Nicole asked looking at her. "That is if you don't mind be asking." Nicole smiled.

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River nodded. The age seventeen sucked. Like no joke. When she asked why, River shook her head. "I do mind actually. Maybe when I know you better...but no. Not now." River said softly. She already made a big enough mistake in telling that Kegan kid. She wasn't going to mess up with this Nicole girl. If anyone ever told, Zach could find her. And Zach would kill her.

αsнłєy~3000 мıłєs~  | 404 comments Nicole smiled "I understand." she nodded. "This may sound weird but would you like to come over to my place and watch these movies?" she didn't know if that was weird to ask but she didn't know what else to say. "I understand if that sounds weird to you." Nicole slightly giggled.

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