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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments I'm so excited! I want to do this sooooo badly :3

Once more:

Fat teenage girl who's finally found self worth within a diet society. She feels pretty, finally, and open to body positivity. She has a best friend (male or female) who has always been there for her.
Then she has breaking news: she's moving.
This is devastating. She's the new girl. the new fat girl. Despite the fact that tumblr accepted fat people, society deemed her healthy body not okay. She's trying to deal with this and attempts to save her friendship.
And then she meets the popular guy. Of course he's a douchebag.
Of course.
But he was so handsome.

. . .So, I'd like to play the fat girl! And I'd like you to play the popular male.

-3 paragraphs or more

I hate being demanding so I want there to be a female or male character involved that you would like the best friend to be involved with. I can be the best friend or the other character. It doesn't matter to mee!

I just want detail and this can be VERY EMOTIONAL AND TRIGGER.

Be warned.

It's supposed to be.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Can her best friend be a boy?

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments Yes he can (: Do you want me to play him?

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments Maybe he has to deal with his best friend moving away and than he meets your character? Or maybe they've always been friends?

ALSO: I was thinking they be juniors and the pop. boy be a senior?

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments NO! I want to be him. His name is Jesse.
But I'd like you to get so know him as we go along. I think character bios are a bit boring.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments Oh o.o So, do you want to be both males?
And that works o.o I'd like to at least introduce mine if that's okay! Like looks and what not!

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Yeah, you can post first. I actually have great plans for this girl. :) I'm going to give her a friend if you don't mind. Not Jesse, but one at the new school.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments I don't mind at all xD But are you sure you want all those characters? I mean? I can play more than one :D I'm totally willing!

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments Btw: i've never been one to go ((all out)) on character bios but I'm going to make this one a little exceptional since I'm so excited.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Well, why don't I leave the teacher's up to you? I can get the popular guy (I'm thinking the name Seth), and Jesse. Oh, and the other person who I'll keep secret for now ;)

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments Well! I could play all the miscellainious/random characters if needed! And a friend of Jesse's!

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Lets just start before too much leaks out and it becomes spoiled. I'll handle Jesse and his friend.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments Stellaluna wrote: "Lets just start before too much leaks out and it becomes spoiled. I'll handle Jesse and his friend."

Blehh, I want to at least do his friend! I mean! I'm just really used to having something mutual o.o But alright! my character is being posted now.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments Name: Isabella Handerson
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual ((preference for males or ftm)

Description: Isabella loves girly things. She's shy and ultimately conserved with her opinions, unless it's something she's truly passionate about. She's intelligent and loves her best friend more than anything.
Loves: Reading, singing, writing, and her small band with her best friend, photography, cute things
Outfits: She loves wearing cute things, despite the nasty looks she can get sometimes
History: Her parents are divorced and she lives with her abusive mother who constantly reminds her of her weight and has even attempted slipping diet pills into her food or drinks.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments 030 Would you like me to start?

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments If you'd like (:

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Mkay, one moment.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Jesse grumbled walking into his loft. He glanced at the picture that hung on the wall. It was of him and his little sister. When he was quite young his parents had abandoned them. He and his little sister hopped from one orphanage to another till he turned 17. The day of his birthday, he emancipated himself and adopted his little sister. They now lived in a two floor loft. The top floor consisted of two bedrooms and a bathroom. The bottom floor contained what was mainly a huge living room with a corner tiled for the dining area and kitchen. In the middle of the loft was a spiral staircase. He flopped his book bag down on the sofa, then went into the kitchen to start on dinner. Billie wasn't home yet, and counting on Isabella to come over for diner. He grumbled, pulling back his incredibly long blonde hair. He had a nice jaw line and looked a bit older than a typical 17 and a half year old.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments ((He looks a bit serious in that picture. But I suppose he'd be a little younger looking and a lot more goofy. This is just the best picture I could find with some guy who had long hair. :) ))

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments Isabella pulled into the driveway, sighing lightly and rolling her eyes as she grabbed her purse and swung it over her shoulder so she could easily carry her flowered backpack into the small suburban house her and her mom shared. Well, her, her mom, and her mom's frequent boyfriends. It was a constant same old-same old at the Handerson home. Isabella assumed her mother would be drunk, passed out on the couch, and easily covered in her own vomit by the time she reached the door.
"Here we go." And with a soft output of breath, Isabella opened the door, but unlike any other day, an abrupt clean smell tickled her nostrils instead of the disgusting, bombarding odor of vomit and beer.
"Hello?" Isabella raised an eyebrow, but decided to ignore it and moved up the stairs one at a time, the flowery ends of her dress sishshaying from side to side as her flats hit the wooden creeks. Her mother's family had plenty of money, what her mother did with said money was a mystery, that's why she had her grandparent's link up her account to theirs so she could provide for the house.
She reached her room and pushed open the door, the mess bulging from corners, but it was a clean, organized mess, unlike the rest of the house. Considering she almost always was over at Jesse's, she didn't have much time to clean her room. She grabbed her dirty clothes pile and decided to go ahead and start them, then packed a small bag for her stay at Jesse's, not necessarily having to be asked or ask if she could stay the night. It was always an assumption.
And like that, she was gone, her mother didn't seem to be home and that was okay by her. SHe didn't want to clean up the daily vomit and had wanted to stop by the store before she went to Jesse's anyways. She knew her best friend struggled to keep his little family tight, and tried to help out as much as possible.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Jesse began to scavenge through the old fashioned fridge. He'd heard his little sister, Billie, talking about a good she'd read in school about a boy going out to his grandmother's house for diner then defeated a monsoon of ninjas and saved his ugly fly princess. He was pretty sure she'd made up the parts of the story about the ninjas and the fly princess. But going to grandmother's for diner got him craving. He took the potatoes out of the top of water he'd let that morning, and began to peal them one by one, preparing for a whole 'soul food' diner. He then proceeded to wash some broccoli and defrost the chicken with the water on o some sweet spice tea. Jesse was a culinary master when he was in he mood to cook whatever he craved. He also knew Isabella was likely to enjoy it as well.
Jesse was relatively fit. They didn't have a car, so he ran to school, and he had apart time job as a pool cleaner, which also kept him moving.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments Isabella finished her shopping relatively quickly and brought the bags out to her tiny car.
"I wonder how she fits into that tiny car." Is all she heard as she passed two loud males, laughing loudly and horrendously.
She tried to ignore them, but tears pricked her eyes as she shoved the bags into her car and slid into the front seat, glancing down at her stomach as the skirt of her dress bunched into some of her fat. Immediately, she glanced away, a feeling of disgust waving through her as she attempted to shove them to the back of her mind and conceal her tears.
"Fat isn't bad. YOu are beautiful." She glanced into the rearview mirror but couldn't look for long. Today she hadn't tried too hard on her make up, just a little bit of eyeshadow,eye liner, and mascara. Unfortunately, she'd forgotten her lipstick.
She pulled out of the parking lot and left the taunting men behind along with her tears and headed forward to Jesse's house.
She had gotten a small surprise for Billie and a few things for dessert, knowing Jesse was planning on dinner, but she wanted to contribute in some way.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Within a few minutes, Jesse had the counter packed with fresh goods. He took the potato skins and stuffed them, laying them out carefully on a pan, then put them in the oven. He had a pot almost to the rim with potatoes innards, ready to be mashed. He took out the chicken breasts and set the packages in the sink. He'd given Isabella a key to his house, in case she ever needed a place to stay, or for when she was watching Billie when he'd be out late at work. He scooted around the kitchen in his socks, his shoes left by the door. Jesse had his hair pulled back, it went almost all the way to his waist and would sometimes get him weird looks from people. He didn't think much of it though besides when he'd notice split ends, then he'd let Isabella trim it. His crystal blue eyes sparkled with delight as the smell began to waft from the oven.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments Music wrapped around Isabella as she continued down the roads leading to Jesse's loft. It was one of her favorites, Marianas Trench, and she easily sang along with the beautiful harmonies. Often, Isabella looked up to Josh Ramsay, the lead singer of the band, and hoped she could be as famous as he, but knew such a dream was far fetched and probably wouldn't happen. ESPECIALLy because of her weight. She sighed lightly and bit down on her bottom, plump lip, chewing silently as to stop herself from bursting into the song and listened to the pitch and just perfection.
"Oh Josh!" She sighed longingly as she pulled into the parking lot, choosing her normal one and casually getting out of the car, waving to a couple who she recognized to be Jesse's neighbors.
She grabbed the bags from the backseat and her purse, slinging it to it's normal position and sliding the plastic bags to the middle of her wrist as to not irritate her fingers.
Hastily, because she didn't enjoy the parking garage, Isabella reached the front door to Jesse's and wiggled the door knob, pushing it open with her hip and bursting into a smile as the delicious smell danced into her nose.
"Ooooohhh, Jesse it smells so good!" Isabella giggled, bumping the door shut behind her with her butt and sitting the bags down on the only free edge of the counter.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Jesse was chopping broccoli in the kitchen when she walked in. He returned her a big, happy, goofy smile. "Hey Bells'. Took you long enough? For a moment I didn't think you were gonna show up." He gestured his head to the pot of tea on the stove. Is smelled richly of lemon and spices, "You mind stirring a cup of sugar in that?" He smiled at her graciously.
Billie would be home soon, she road the bus, while Jesse usually got home early, his last period being his off period.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments Isabella chuckled and shrugged, "Hey now, I got some desserts! And how on earth could I miss this," She winked and nudged him on her way to the pot where she grabbed the sugar from the cabinet and scooped a cup into the tea, stirring it diligently.
"You don't work tonight do you?" Isabella asked, her eyebrows pressing together as she attempted to recall, but continued to stir and focus on the tea, glancing over only for a second so she could tug his hair lightly.
She absolutely adored his long hair. It was beautiful! Probably even prettier than her hair, and she kept her hair in damn good shape.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Jesse dumped the chopped broccoli in a bowl. He couldn't help but chuckle, listening to her seemingly silly question, "Nah. I gave the Country Club boss guy some of my lunch. He said I could have today off if I shared again." He took the chicken and began to cut it up into perfect cubes. He motioned his head to the stereo on the bar, "Wanna put on some music." He stuck out his tongue a little biting it, then remember suddenly. A grin popped to his lips, "Oh! And how was your day?" He bumped his hip against hers are he turned around and got then cheese out of the fridge, the chicken now cut up perfectly.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments A laugh slipped from Isabella's mouth, seeming to have almost forgotten the encounter at the store, but shrugged it off and attempted to keep the good mood.
"Of course, I'm like the Goddess of Djs MUwahhaa." She salsaed toward the stereo and hooked her phone up to it, playing one of her "upbeat" songs and bouncing back to the tea to stir it a little more.
"I'm sure if you just gave him a feast and maybe your butt, he'd pay you just to be his personal maid." She winked and laughed at her own joke, "He has a thing for you and it's pathetic. He's a bit of a pervy ol done." She dodged his question all together, and she realized that was her mistake. Because let's face it, if anyone knew her almost better than herself, it was Jesse.
Jesse could see everything, especially her facial expressions.
"My day was okay, by the way!" Isabella tried to catch herself and shrugged, pulling the T-spoon to her lips and sipped on the hot, spicy tea, the liquid sliding down her throat as a chill shivered down her spine, "this tea is lovely! But hot!" She licked her lips and breathed in the cool air to freshen her scathed throat.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Jesse washed his hands off little, then grabbed her butt firmly. He gave her mischievous smirk, then pushed her faintly to the side. He then crouched down, bending hi knees and rummaged through the covert. "Mhm, and what do you think he'd say when he saw your fin fanny?" He pulled out a glass pitcher, setting it down on the counter. He then filled it with the spice tea and mixed it with some cool water. "I don't care what that pervert likes. As long as he keeps paying me at he wage he does, that man can have all the food he wants, butt glances aside." He laughed happily.
Jesse wasn't one to push. If Isabella didn't an to talk about her day, then he'd turn on some TV and break out the pretzel sticks, then eventually she'd tell him all about it.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments Isabella couldn't help the squeal that left her mouth, "Yes, I do have quite the rump." She laughed a little, and flipped the switch on the stove to turn it off when he grabbed the pot of tea, fishing around for three glasses and looked around to the set of dishes in the sink, "Looks like someones done a little slacking," She teased and found two glasses and set them aside, then moved over to the sink, washing a glass and drying it promptly to set it next to the other glasses, than went back tot he dishes to finish them, "So the weirdest thing happened today. I came home, and first, Mom wasn't home. That was okay and whatever, but secondly, the house smelled CLEAN." She stretched out the word with filled in impossibility and widened her eyes, the sink filling with hot, soapy water.
When Isabella did the dishes, she used so much soap it almost always ended up to her elbows, but she just felt like soapy water meant cleaner dishes.
And hey.
Soap was fun.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments ((I should be on for a good while longer. How am I doing?))

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments ((You're doing great. :D I love this plot and this girls attitude. Now give me a moment to type!))

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Jesse went to setting up that casserole. He looked back at her with a raised eyebrow, "Clean you say? How well did you inspect that place?" He turned on the oven for a preheat. He snickered, "Maybe there was a dead body and it forced her to use the good air freshener. He twittled his fingers at her spookily then smiled going back to making the dish. At the moment, the entire bottom of the loft smelled like home cooking. Typically it'd have a faint smell of chalk and amp dust. Like the smell of a library.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments "Eh," Isabella shrugged and rolled her eyes, and dug her hands into the soapy water, feeling the steaming water crash against her arms and the soap tickle her arm hairs, "I just grabbed my stuff and left, just weird not to have to clean up vomit, dont ya know?" She wiggled her hips to the song and began to sing along, poking one of her arms from the water, suds clinging up hre forearm, and poked his nose, laughing and returning back to her work as the song continued and her hips never stopped, "I just don't know what's up. Maybe she hides her victims in the walls. Like that one story. That would make sense, "She stopped and looked up with fake consideration, "She does come home with a lot of men that seem to never leave." She shrugged and laughed lightly, chewing on her bottom lip out of habit and bopping to the beat, her long, red curls swinging down to her waist and almost missing the soap. But just almost.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Jesse chuckled, "Don't be silly," he said, continuing with his cooking. "No women could ever take down a wall then plaster it back so perfectly." He snickered, picking on her. "She gets him to do it. Then, once he's out, she hides him in the wall. Then calls another guy, who comes along and puts it back."
The front door suddenly flew open. Billie walked in excitable, her long, light brown hair bounced on her back as she hopped over and flung her school back on the couch. "Issy!" She squealed once she spotted her. Like a bolt, she hugged Isabella's leg tight, totally smoothing against her.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments "Aahh, that's a good point," Isabella squinted her eyes and than released one of her small, weird laughs and finished up the dishes, right before the door sprung open.
"Oh look who it is! My favorite person in the world!" Isabella laughed loudly and happily as Billie clung to her leg. She held up her arms as to not get soap on her but then dramamtically put them down, "Better not get too close, I'll getcha with the soap, and you know what they say about soap!" Her eyes widdened and she tilted her head close to Billie's, "It's," Isabella looked both ways and then whispered loudly, "CLEAN!" And wrapped her arms tightly around Billie twisting her up quickly and then placing her back down. "And also. . .summons the tickle monster!!" Isabella flung her fingers to Billie's secret, not so secret, ticklish spot and tickled wildly as the giggling erupted throughout the loft and bounced off of the walls.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Billie squealed happily and giggled. She was turning eight soon

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments (Oops, sorry, not done.)

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Billie squealed happily and giggled. She was turning eight soon, meaning it was time for her to turn a new leaf. She was going to be eight! That's like being four, but doubled! Or two, but quadrupled! Billie had always call Isabella her best friend, and often said she wanted to be just like her when she grew up. Billie had always been a bit of a talker with plenty to say. Though no nonsense. Billie spoke strictly, always trying to be sophisticated. She did not like asking questions, mostly because it made her feel stupid. But for a third grader, she sure did seem to be a feisty one. With a low tolerance for bullies, and spitting words, Billie got in trouble a lot. It was at least one a month that they sent her to the principle for getting into a fight, or making some kid cry because they were treating some other kid wrong. Jesse never really punished her though. She wasn't really a bad kid, and he had a hard time arguing that what she did was invalid, though, that words were usually less penetrable, so she wouldn't get sent down the principals office so redundantly.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments Isabella promptly smiled down at Billie and pulled away her hands, grabbing acouple wash clothes and wiping away the soap she had dispensed onto Billie and than worke don her arms, "So, little-yoda, how was your day today?" She raised her eyebrow and flung the wash cloth on the counter and moved over toward the bag of purchased items on the counter, "I want to know all about it!" She continued, displaying the multitude of desserts she had purchased consisting of oreas, a small cake, a thing of ice cream, "Shit!" She rolled her eyes and shoved the ice cream quickly into the freezer, "I didn't just do that." She muttered and crept back to the bag, making an exagerrated face at Billie and smiling, pulling out a few more chocolates and a canister of strawberrys and whip cream. Then stopped at the bag of Billie's surprise, waiting for Billie to answer Isabella's question before presenting her little gift.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Billie flopped down sitting on the floor, "Well," she began.
Jesse shot Isabella a look, asking Billie how her day, was like asking an eight year old to read aloud a personal novel. Which was pretty much what was about to happen. He spun back and continued working in the dish.
"This morning, Timothy was on the bus, BRAGGING about his new Pokemon cards. Ugh, he wouldn't shut up. And when Johnny asked to show his cards, Timothy starting teasing on him like, "You don't have any REAL cards! You just got them from a happy meal!" And no one said anything! So in class today, after I got done with the math worksheet, I asked Johnny to show me his cards. Some of then were even rainbow-y and shiny! They were really pretty. And Johnny was really sweet. He's the kinda quiet though, but he said he'd bring more tomorrow. He even gave me one!" She got up then ran into the living room. She went over to her bag, then dumped the entire thing out onto the couch.
Jesse now had the casserole done and in the oven, now working on the gravy.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments Isabella returned a knowing look to Jesse and smiled lightly, then returned her attention to Billie and her heart burst. Billie was far more than just her best friend's little sister, she was practically her own little sister. In fact, she'd do anything for Billie and her heart of gold. So much potential shot from the seven year old, Isabella didn't understand how she was so selfless. In fact, she learned from Billie every day and often found herself craving Billie's stories when she didn't see her every day.
"Oh! I MUST see it!" Isabella drags, smiling brightly and thumbing over the slick cover of the leather bound surprise, "And, Billie, that was a great way to handle that situation." She wanted to just coddle Billie, but Isabella knew Billie wouldn't stand for too much of that, of course, before she fell asleep, she found herself cuddled up against Isabella's soft, large side, but didn't deem it mature for other terms.
Often, she would find herself attached to this little family, in fact, she was apart of the family. It was her small family.
Isabella shook her head and turned her attention back to reality as a crash sounded in the living room, "Oh lord, " She said softly, holding in her laughter as Billie fished through her things.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Billie soon trotted back into the kitchen and held up the Pokemon card. It was a purple blob with a little smiley face, being quite un-extraordinary. She didn't hold it in Isabella's face, but close enough where she could see it and if she wanted to, could reach out and take a closer look. Billie unlike other children, didn't like getting things to close into adults personal space, where other kids would have the totally opposite problem. She grinned widely, "I though this one was really cute, so he gave it to me. Tomorrow, he's gonna show me how to play. In lunch, Cora sat with us. She smells kinda funny, like old people. But she's funny, and told good stories. She lives with her grandparents, and lives in a loft not to far from us. Garret said she smelled funny. But I just told him that he should keep it to himself." She scrunched up her face, "Garret smells kinda grubby. His brothers are always rubbing their sweaty cloths on him when they get off of gym class."

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments Isabella put on her intrigued face, which honestly wasn't that hard to do, as she leaned in closer and plucked the card from her hands, "OOooohh, it's really cute. And quite the coolness. So he's going to show you?" But her questions barely kept up with Billie's rambles and so she leaned back against the counter and observed the Pokemon card, recognizing it immediately because she was quite into the game, especially when she was younger, but secretly it had always kept with her.
She was quite the child.
"Hmm, she probably smells like old people because of her grandparents." Isabella smiled and shrugged, handing back the card and waiting for bIllie to finish, "Now! Before you continue," She reached intot he bag, "I Was at the store and got you a little something!" She pulled herself away from the counter and into the middle of the kitchen.
"I was thinking, maybe you could write all of those wonderful stories in here?" She pulled out the sleek, leather bound full of yellow, thick, blank paper. "I got some calligraphy pens as well," Isabella pulled them out of the bag and handed them over to Billie, "I know it's not quite your birthday but consider it one of your early gifts." She smiled and bit down on her lip, "YOu can do all kinds of cool things with the pens and you can do anything with the book!"

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Billie looked at the grifts with huge eyes. Her hands scrunched up into excited fists. She then threw her arms around Isabella, in a tight, loving hug. "Thank you! Thank you! Oh, Issy! You're the best." She exclaimed, though just thankful sound enough that it didn't come across as being fake or over dramatic. She blinked then looked at the card, now crushed in her hand. As though she'd been smacked by the hand if god, a frown plastered on her face in a perfect little upside down U. "Oh..." She murmured looking down at it.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments A flicker of happiness sparked within her chest as she saw the excitement in Billie's eyes, than it slowly swept away, "Oh, sweetie, don't worry, come on, we can fix it!" Isabella sounded chirpy, maybe a little too chirpy, but she felt it be enough as she moved toward her own back pack, "Alright, we'll have to perform some surgery, lets see, tape, and books, get your biggest, fattest book, Nurse Billie!" Isabella stated, sounding urgent as she cleared the table and laid the card over dramatically and delicately on the table.
She picked up her own Calculus book and put it on the table next to the card, fishing around in the cabinets and drawers for some tape and scissors and dispensing them on the table next to her supplies.
Isabella moved her backpack to the side and determination flickered in her heart, she couldn't allow such tragedy.
She felt bad, it was her fault that this happened, but she knew it was okay, and she needed Billie to know that.
When things get messed up, and they do in life, that it was okay and that there were ways to minipulate those situations.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Billie's eyes widened. She bolted over taking one of Jesse's text books off the bookshelf next to the TV. Coming back over quickly, she held the heavy book out to Isabella. She stud up strait, slumping the book into one arm bogging her down for a moment. She straitened up quickly though and saluted Isabella, "Doctor Isabella." She's seen people saluting to the American flag. The teacher said it was to show respect. So of course to show Billie's respect for Isabella, she saluted her.
Jesse looked over the bar and at the two girls. He wouldn't help but give a soft smile and weird sort of purring hum, feeling a bit goopy inside.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments Isabella struggled to maintain her serious face, "Alright, Billie, this is super important." Isabella smoothed out the card and taped the tiny tear on it's edge and carefully slid it into the middle of the book, "I need you to put your book on top of this one!" She instructed stepping back and allowing Billie to do her job as she looked over at Jesse and smiled lightly, but immediately snapping back into character after flicking his backside lightly.
She looked at the serious young girl and couldn't help but see such potential, so much power and concern held within one wielding body. And Isabella couldn't help but feel the smile tugging on her serious expressionless face.
She thought about what she would tell Billie after the scenario, and wondered what would be the best approach.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments ((i'm like so giddy xD I don't want to go to bed ))

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