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message 1: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Sup xD

message 2: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments :)

message 3: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) (:

message 4: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments So... Which one is this gonna be?

message 5: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Uh... how about the Prince thingy?

message 6: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments Ugh. Can't keep up.
That's fine.

message 7: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Okay!

message 8: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments Okay. Charries?

message 9: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Yup yup! So mine is not royal?

message 10: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments Um... Yes?

message 11: by Ladybooksalott (last edited Feb 06, 2014 11:03PM) (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Okay!

Name: Evelyn Jane Creek
Age: 17
Personality: TO BE RP'D (but probably sassy)

message 12: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments Lol. Your female charries are always sassy. Sassy and stubborn.

Name: Liam Vance Declan
Age: 21

message 13: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Hehe. Not always! But I thought it would fit this story better! ^^ I like yours!

message 14: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments Thank you. This is the one where the king's first wife has left, right?

message 15: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Wait lol, can you post the plot again maybe? That would be helpful.

message 16: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments 4. Kings and Queens: A King's wife has left him so he picks a new wife from the women in his village. At first she doesn't like him but eventually falls for him.

message 17: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Ah yes! Lol. Where do we start?

message 18: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments Um... The guards are escorting her into the castle.

message 19: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Sure! Could you start pwetty please?

message 20: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments Yeah.

Liam sat leisurely in his throne as two guards escorted Evelyn into the Throne Room.

message 21: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Evelyn had a bored look on her face. This was obviously not what she wanted, but her father had forced her into this marriage.

message 22: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments Liam stood, walking towards her. "Evelyn. How are you?" he asked, discouraged slightly by the look on her face.

message 23: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Evelyn rolled her eyes, even though she knew he was the King and she should respect him. She was not going to be his submissive wife. "How am I? You ask? Well, let's just put it into one word: forced."

message 24: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments ((I have decided he's going to be sweet and not cocky like Phoenix.))

Liam frowned. "I'm sorry if you feel that way. Would you have rather stay with you family 'til the wedding?" he asked.

message 25: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) ((Awh!))

Evelyn almost facepalmed. "No," she sighed. "It's okay, staying here. I will have to get used to it... I'm not used to ... luxury," she admitted, looking down at her scrawny clothes.

message 26: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments ((Was that disappointment?))

Liam sighed inwardly with relief. "Oh. Well, it is easy to get used to. Would you like to see your quarters?" he asked Evelyn, waving off the guards.

message 27: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) ((No, I think it's cute!))

Evelyn watched him carefully, shock evident on her face. "I have quarters?" She blinked rapidly. She had barely had a room at home.

message 28: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments ((Okay. 'Cause I could fix that right now. X)))

Liam nodded. "Yes, you do. You may use them until you feel comfortable sleeping with me." he answers, a little confused at her expression.

message 29: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) "Oh," she just said, feeling stupid. She was just a millers daughter. "Sleeping with you?" She blushed. "That is after the marriage, right?"

((Maybe he is both? But kmostly sweet. Like sweet with a fiery side))

message 30: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments ((I can do that.))

Liam chuckled lightly. "Yes, after the wedding. Anyhow, would you like to see them?" he asked again.

message 31: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Evelyn blushed furiously and bit her lip. "Yes, that's alright," she said gently.

message 32: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments Liam held out his hand, offering it to her.

message 33: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) She slowly and hesitantly took his hand in hers.

message 34: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments Liam smiled softly. "Your quarters are this way." he said, leading her down a long corridor.

message 35: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Evelyn nodded and followed him, smiling lightly.

message 36: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments Liam soon stopped and opened a ornate door, revealing a large bedroom. In the middle a four-post bed covered in pale pink linens. Light greens, yellows, and white accented the room.

message 37: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) "It's beautiful," she admitted. "But that still doesn't chsngr a thing," she sighed, letting go off his hand.

message 38: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments "I wasn't expecting it to, Evelyn." Liam said softly as she went inside.

message 39: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Evelyn sighed at his tone and looked around. 'Did you design this?"

message 40: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments Liam nodded. "I hope you like it." he said.

message 41: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) "I like it. I'll have to get used to it though," she admitted, looking at him.

message 42: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments "I'm glad you like it." Liam smiled softly at her.

message 43: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) She gave him a brief smile. "Green is my favorite color," she muttered.

message 44: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments "I guess I picked the right colours then." Liam said.

message 45: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) "I guess you did," she laughed softly.

message 46: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments Liam sighed. "Well, I will leave you to settle. Your things will arrive this evening." he said and bowed slightly at the waist b

message 47: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) "Alright, thank you... Liam," she said, slighlty hesitant. She turned away from him for a moment to take the room in again.

message 48: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments Liam left the room and went yo his study.

message 49: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) She sighed and went to sit on her bed. She felt lonely. Her family was miles away, as were her friends. Here, she had no one.

message 50: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1571 comments Liam poured over a map of the surrounding kingdoms, looking up as a servant told him that dinner was being served. He got up and walked to Evelyn's quarters. Liam knocked softly on the door.

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