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Chloe (thebluediamond) | 175 comments Mod
Just inside the castle gates the courtyard is always flowing of people now. Once a week for a few hours it is turned into an ice skating ring by the queen.

♛ α﹩нтїᾔ ẕωїηк⑂ ♚ (albinoMonkey) | 10 comments Flynn walked through Arendelle, hands behind his back. He was just strolling along, not exactly looking for anything in particular. It was always nice to visit Rapunzel's family for a while, and Arendelle was particularly beautiful. He watched as people walked along, hurrying to their destination or just simply taking a breath of fresh air.

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Arwen (om sorry))

Anna hurried across the courtyard, her hands in her pockets she didn't see the young man ahead of her until it was to late

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Arwen (hello?)

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