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A Wizard of Earthsea (Earthsea Cycle, #1)
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2014 Reads > WoE: Finished it, loved it, more Earthsea please!

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Bill | 19 comments Nothing like a massive snow/ice storm to give one time to finish a great book. I loved the book for its well-paced journey, the glimpse into the cultures of the lands on Ged's voyage and the satisfying ending. If your edition has LeGuin's afterword, do yourself a favor and read it as well. It helps to deepen the understanding of her process and leaves you wanting I go to find the next Earthsea book. Thanks, S&L, for introducing me to an author I'd heard about but never truly discovered until now.

Loren (androidsheep) I finished this book rather quickly as well. I will be reading more LeGuin!

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Dharmakirti | 942 comments I'm not done with the book yet, should finish it today or tomorrow. I'm very much enjoyng the book so far and kicking myself for not reading it previously. I will be reading more Earthsea books but I think the next Leguin novel I read will be Lavinia.

Paul  Perry (pezski) | 490 comments I've got the original trilogy, along with Tehanu and Tales from Earthsea, and I'll definitely be continuing. I've only actually read the trilogy, and long enough ago that my memory is clouded and vague.

Mark Catalfano (cattfish) I'm not interested in Earthsea after this, but I want to go and read The Left Hand of Darkness

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Ben Rowe (benwickens) One small word of warning. The second book in the series does not have Ged as its main protagonist. It is a superb book but it is a bit of a surprise.

Much as I love the earthsea books I do think The Dispossessed and Left Hand of Darkness are my favorites of hers.

Bawa Loved it as well!
I remember watching the Tales of the Earthsea from Gihbli Studios a while ago and absolutely loved it. I might go finish the whole Earthsea Quartet now!

Michal (michaltheassistantpigkeeper) | 294 comments So...did anyone else here read The Other Wind, turns out the Kargs were right all along? It's the book that made Le Guin regret calling Tehanu "the last book of Earthsea."

The Chronicles of the Western Shore (also by Le Guin) is Earthsea-ish and worth reading for Earthsea fans, but I think the last book is even better than any of the Earthsea ones.

Julian Arce | 71 comments As a fan of early sci-fi and fantasy, I can't believe I haven't read any of LeGuin's work till now. Will make sure to read more.

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Adelaide Blair I have not read these books in many years. I like this one fine, although the series as a whole is much richer and more interesting. I will probably go on to reread them all.

Allan Morrison (allanmor) | 12 comments I loved it and liked the world. I know it was written for a YA audience but it didn't feel that way to me at all. It was kind of short, brisk paced and made me want to know more about Earthsea. Since we have a few weeks till the next book I'm going to pick up the next one in the series and read more.

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Will (longklaw) | 261 comments I wouldn't say that I loved it, but I did really enjoy it. I probably will read more some day.

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Panamajack | 39 comments I cannot stress enough how wonderful a short story writer Le Guin is, and how well it showcases the variety of speculative fiction so much of us S&L members enjoy. They've recently republished two-omnibus collections of her short works, The Unreal and the Real: Selected Stories Volume One: Where on Earth and The Unreal and the Real: Selected Stories Volume Two: Outer Space, Inner Lands.

Many of these stories exist in either her Earthsea world of Eä or in the Hainish Cycle universe, but all showcase her wonderful, thought provoking writing. She truly is the quitessential sword & laser writer.

Andrew Knighton | 158 comments I'm really glad I re-read this - it's got such an interesting style, and I got more out of it than I did reading it as a kid. But I enjoyed it as an interesting taste of a different style rather than something I want lots of. I probably won't carry on with the series, given all the other books I could be reading instead.

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