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Thoughts on Nico?
Emma Belle Emma Belle Feb 05, 2014 12:40PM
I thought if was crazy what they did with Nico but I would love to hear your opinions.
p.s. Dont get all psycho on me. Just because I dont agree with a homesexual lifestyle doesn`t mean that I`m going to be all rude to homosexuals.

I was surprised but I didn't react to it as much as some other people. I just read that and was like, well then. Didn't exactly see that one coming, and then I just went on with the story which is great. I am having trouble understanding why so many people are causing a controversy over this. I mean I understand that some people don't like gays and are homophobic or whatever but I still can't understand why you couldn't just acknowledge that the author wrote that in to make us understand the character better and just move on. I personally love the character and wasn't as surprised or offended as some other readers appear to be.

Robyn202 (last edited Feb 14, 2014 11:02AM ) Feb 14, 2014 11:02AM   0 votes
To be honest, there wasn't any indication of his sexuality before this, in my opinion. The only things I'm regretting about this whole thing is that Nico is acting weird around Percy now, and he never was before. I simply find that a bit strange, like how it's only mentioned now and never before. He talked to Percy just fine before.

And the 2nd is that I can't go on fanfiction and read about Nico without him being gay as the center plot. That really bugs me. What happened to the days of awesome adventures in the fanfic world about Nico? Thaose were the ones I enjoyed. But now it seems like no one can write about Nico without romance as the plot. It's annoying, I have to admit.

But yeah, I'm okay with it, as long as he's not mentioned being awkward around Percy every few pages. Really, that just ruins the book. I mean, yes, we know now, but it doesn't need to be a painfully obvious reminder. Come on, RR. I love you and all, but if it's like 'He didn't meet his eyes. Percy felt a bit hurt, and wondered what was up with the guy. Did he do something?' If it doesn't interfere every time Nico is mentioned, and it doesn't affect his all-around dark, mysterious, awesomesauce image, then I'm good. Cause everyone loves Nico because he's dark, mysterious and SO awesome.

I'm just adding this, I don't think Nico is internally super jealous of Annabeth. Nico's rational and smart, he's knows it's a waste of thinking space. Yes, Hades' kids' fatal flaw is holding a grudge, but before HoH, he and Annabeth seemed totally cool.

All in all, I love Nico and that's not going to change just because he's gay. he's cool an awesome, and if someone doesn't agree, whatever. He's got way more fans and fangirls than haters and meanies. :)

At first I was like "PLOT TWIST!!", then I kind of saw where he got that from. Now, a couple of months afterward, I'm just like cool with it. It was surprising, but I think Rick Riordan was trying to keep it realistic, by adding something like that. Also he's just evil like that, and he loves throwing us off like that. *cough* Mark of Athena *cough*
So that's my opinion. I'm okay with it, but I get why people are freaking out. I was like that at first. I swear, I almost threw my book across the room(it would have landed on my sister's bed). I just think it took a while to adjust too. But after that, it was like something normal.

Cela, I couldn't have said it better myself. I think everyone is completely blowing it out of proportion. I kind of did see it coming, so I wasn't all that shocked when it actually happened.
I understand that being gay is a very controversial topic, but I mean come on. Stop hating on Nico, and stop hating on Rick for writing his book his way.
I love Nico, and I don't think I'll ever stop liking him just because he's gay. That doesn't make him better or worse, it just makes him... well, him. Disowning Nico because of his sexuality would be like hating on Leo for trying to blow up New Rome while he was being possessed by a demon. Its the same thing. Neither of them could help it. So just accept it for what it is, and move on.

deleted user this piece of the book has been taken completely over the edge. it does not need to have that much of a deal made over it.
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Well, as I said in the other, more homophobic thread, it was a surprise. I was shocked and thrilled at the same time. I saw it coming when Flavonius mentioned to Nico about the one he cares for most. I re-read the series to see if it really did come out of nowhere, and it pretty much mirrors how thiese revelations occur in real life. I hadn't seen it before, and now can't believe I didn't see it coming!

I'm in love with him, even if he's gay

Veronica ditto
Feb 15, 2014 10:47PM · flag

i don't care about his sexuality. i want him to be happy. i hope rick gets him another guy.

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