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Eric Thomasma (ericbt) | 15 comments

When an adult reads to a child, it is more than just a simple activity. A bond forms between the reader and child, a bond of shared learning, shared exploration, and shared adventure.The kind of bond that lasts a lifetime. It is that bond that I hope to encourage with my children's books. Currently four in the collection, all beautifully illustrated by my brother Lanin.

Sam and the Dragon by Eric B. Thomasma Sam is a skeptical boy who doesn't believe in dragons or that it gets cold in the winter. So when the rest of the village moves south, he stays behind and learns the truth about both. Recipient of the 2011/2012 KART Kids Books List Award - Sam and the Dragon, you'll never see your furnace the same way again.

Billy's Family by Eric B. Thomasma Billy, an only child, wishes for a big family. A visit to a family reunion reveals that "family" means far more than just Mommy and Daddy. This is a story to introduce some of the terms and concepts of modern genealogy. Billy's Family - It's bigger than he thinks.

The Wizards of the Body Shop by Eric B. Thomasma Repairing a damaged fender is pure magic. So when Cindy’s Daddy’s car gets damaged, she goes along as Daddy takes it to The Wizards of the Body Shop. Recipient of the 2013 KART Kids Book List Award.

Yeti In The Freezer by Eric B. Thomasma Ever wonder about the noises coming from your freezer? Well, it's more than just noise when Brady and Dot discover the Yeti In The Freezer

Read To Your Children Awaken Their Imagination is the guiding aphorism for all of my children's books, as well as the theme for my website. You'll find samples of the books as well as some activities for the kids to download and enjoy, including line drawings for coloring, Wordsearch puzzles, mazes, and more. - http:\\

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Eric Thomasma (ericbt) | 15 comments Just Released!

Everyday Wonders by Eric B. Thomasma Dedicated to everyone who got glasses as a child, or has a child who needs glasses. A youngster getting his first pair of glasses suddenly sees things he's never seen before! Through verse and detailed illustrations, Everyday Wonders is designed to help explain what it's like to friends and siblings who don't need corrective lenses.

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