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Samantha Well technically this is book related. You are asking for fictional character role models; most of those come from books.

Cookie Monster In my opinion some celebrities can be as good role models as fictional characters...

Take Beyonce for example, if you check her biography, she had to fight her way into fame. And she helps charity and kids all over the world. Same with Angelina Jolie, and some others. J.K Rowling, for example, donates A LOT money to charity... They are real people, with real problems and real strength to deal with day-basis problems.

And also, sometimes, they are easier to relate too. (It's really about personal taste here.) It's not like we have to deal with some bad wizard, or a big basilisk, or something like that... Some of this celebrities face real problems, such as abuse, drugs, etc. That's some real good example for young kids.

Of course there are those, such as Justin Bieber, Miley, Rihanna, that are problematic examples. But i believe its the parents duty to clarify why their behavior is not correct and not a good example.

Well, as for the fictional characters, that is a complicated statement to make.... It actually depends of the category in which the book is placed.

If you take Young Adult books, the characters normally face a challenge. And they never quit or give up. They do what they have to do, even though sometimes it means putting their life at risk. (And in 99.9% of the books, they do something good for the world lol) HP for example, several times faces dangerous situations in order to protect his friends and what he believes is right, but it all ends up ok in the end.

But for kids sometimes its easier to understand what is good and what is not by those books...

If i were you, in the essay i would consider the statement that "fictional characters are better role models then celebrities" with some wariness... After all, HP, for example, breaks SEVERAL rules and it's never grounded lol...


Sparrowlicious In my opinion you should write your essay yourself instead of letting other people think things through for you. Goodreads forums are no research center. I don't see why other people should invest their time in doing your work for you.

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