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Which is your fav. place on Middle Earth?
Milu Das Milu Feb 05, 2014 08:30AM
I want to live in The Valley of Imladris forever...


Geoffrey It`s not Shree but Bree, I believe, and yes, that and Fanghorn`s forest are my favorites. The Shire is my favorite as Jackson pictured it. Upon readin ...more
Jun 11, 2014 07:13PM · flag
Dalia Pimentel I took "Shree" as a mix of Shire and Bree actually. Both are nice. ...more
Jul 03, 2014 04:13PM · flag

Anywhere the elves live...

I want to hang out with the Ents in their forest.


The Shire and Lothlorien :)

Nothing like kicking back and relaxing in the Shire for me.

Either Fangorn's Forest or the Shire. Ents/Entwives and hobbits are my favorite Middle Earth races.

Either the Shire, because it's green and pastoral and lovely or Beorn's place... Yeah, it's at the edge of the creepy forest to end all creepy forests, but it just sounded so nice. And withing reach of some elves if I find it in me to go adventuring.

Helm's Deep is a really cool place. I'd also like to see the Lonely Mountain.


Somewhere with hot, running water for the bath tub and a functional indoor toilet!! ;)

Mirkwood definitely in the halls of Thranduil. Mmm yep.

I'd love to spend my time in Rivendell or the Shire...someplace nice and quiet, where I could meet my favorite characters, hear about the adventures of "the nine-fingered hobbit" Frodo, and maybe go on a few adventures myself! Such beautiful places! :)

obviously Rivendell

I want to tear across Rohan on a horse like Shadowfax.

Rivendell! Bring on the elves!

It's not part of Middle-Earth - but what about Numenor ?

That has none of the problems of Middle-Earth, people live hundreds of years and enjoy good health their whole lives, the weather is always good.

If only places in Middle-Earth are allowed: Isengard will do nicely. (Before Saruman comes.)

Milu wrote: "I want to live in The Valley of Imladris forever..."

The Shire...:)

I'd spend most of the year in Minas Tirith and vacation in Rivendell.

Laketown, post-Smaug of course.

Lothlorien! I am an elf at heart.

Rohan. I love cavalry combat!

rivendale or lothlorien

Rivendell or Lorien....
No doubt about it!



Depends on many things. What kind of "like" do you mean?
1. The One I Want To Live In: Rivendell / Imladris. It's so beautiful, and the beds look so soft and all.
2. The One I Personally Favor: The Shire. It's where the Hobbits live! Peaceful and quiet, who wouldn't like it? (except they probably don't have a clean toilet)
3. The Most Majestic: Minas Tirith. All white buildings, towers, flags, roads, guards .... yep.

Mirkwood-- with a close second of Rivendell.

Lorien! But I really like Gondor too...

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