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message 1: by Nathan "N.R." (new)

Nathan "N.R." Gaddis (nathannrgaddis) | 414 comments Mostly just that ; bookmarked for you Schmidt-heads. But I'd like to quote for the joyce of it just a bit more ::

"The abnihilisation of the etym by the grisning of the grosning of the grinder of the grunder of the first lord of Hurtreford expolodotonates through Parsuralia with an ivanmorinthorrorumble fragorombaossity amidwhiches generaluttermosts confussion are perceirable moletons skaping with mulicules while coventry plumpkins fairlygosmotherthemselves in the Landaunelegants of Pinkadidndy."

And so thère. [ever notice that thing about spelling=schecking yer Finny=quotes?]

Nice sentence. Mostly though interested in that opening gambit about the etym ;; because some of uFinnegans are also Schmidtheads.

"Arnotations: Arno Schmidt Annotates Finnegans Wake" by Friedhelm Rathjen :: ...."after all, every reader deserves a chance to be a bit like Arno Schmidt."

Arno Schmidts Arbeitsexemplar von Finnegans Wake by James Joyce

On Arno's creative misreadings of Finn :: which is google=books for a book not in the gr/database(?).

At anyrate ; Schmidt was already Schmidt when he found the Wake.....

message 2: by Geoff (new)

Geoff | 166 comments "In reaction to this, Schmidt started to say rather silly things about Joyce, denouncing him, for example, not only for his egocentrism but for his alcoholism and love of garlic."

Ha... anyway, these are great finds, fascinating stuff I'll read through throughout today... merci...

message 3: by Gregsamsa (new)

Gregsamsa | 50 comments Nathan wrote: "ever notice that thing about spelling=schecking yer Finny=quotes?"

I find it very helpful in finding typos. You know you have made a mistake if part of the passage is not underlined in that damned wavy red.

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