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The Parallel World

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There might be a parallel world, right? I mean, when I watched the TV show Fringe, I guess I kinda believe it. What about you?

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Anne-Rae Vasquez (annerae) | 7 comments Mod
I love the idea of a Parallel world. If you think of it on a spiritual level, we live on the earth world but there are those who have passed on and are in the spiritual world.

So yes, I do believe in parallel worlds in a spiritual sense. My latest book trilogy reflects my interest in opening up this topic. :)

Fringe is an amazing show and I loved how J.J. Abrams interpreted what a Parallel World could look like. It brings so many ideas and thoughts to my mind thinking the different kinds of possibilities out there.

How do you picture what a parallel world looks like?

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I think it's like us, but different somehow. We go at the same choices. We're same but all the while different.
Watching Season 2 of Fringe and it's so freaking addictive! Love it! I am almost to the end, and I am in love with Peter! So freakin' cute!

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