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My niece's thought on Caleo

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Jesse I honestly thought Caleo is an innocent and adorable pair until I see my 10 years old niece's reaction, "Ewwww... She's like super old compare to him. I thought older people aren't supposed to kiss kids on their mouth!"

I was genuinely surprised at her reaction! I have never even considered this as an underage pairing! Calypso is as old as any Titans! Leo is definitely underage! We know that Calypso is young and beautiful looking, but how young looking is she really?!! She might look like she is in her twenties!

Neha I agree with Carthya here. Calypso is technically immortal, so she has the ability, like all the immortals, to change her age. When Percy came a few years ago she was his age (i.e. 15) and when Leo came she was still 15. Plus she also said that time is hard to tell in the island, so if perhaps Calypso doesn't have the ability to change her age, then the time on the island must be really slow. Or she might be frozen in this age.

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