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Exciting! Possible movie

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C. J. Scurria According to Patrick Lee's page on Facebook, he announced that plans are on the way to make "The Breach" into a movie.

David Goyer is attached as director.

What do you think about that?

Jamie I hope they do it justice.

Alan Sheriff I will be first in line if they make this movie. What does anyone think of Chris Pratt playing the lead male part?

C. J. Scurria I could see that. You inspired me to come up with a list now of who they would probably put in the lead of Travis Chase (whether I think they should or not, lol, but I am just going by who they might think is bankable or young enough to grab the type of audience they want!)

-Ryan Reynolds
-Mark Wahlberg
-Michael Fassbender
-Johnny Depp
-Kellan Lutz
-James McAvoy

But if they decide to make it PG-13 I wouldn't be surprised if they threw the role at someone a lot younger not because he would do a good job but just because they know he's young and would get that audience of people who would want to see him for his face, lol.

Jamie I imagined Travis Chase as someone a little rougher looking.

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C. J. Scurria Jamie wrote: "I imagined Travis Chase as someone a little rougher looking."

Yeah I could imagine that. I don't remember when I read the books whether I pictured his face much at all. I just saw him as an everyman so in my eyes he was just an average looking person thrust into an unusual circumstance.

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