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Elishia & Jennifer C. - The Fault in Our Stars

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments I finally started this last night. I'm not very far. I'm only in the middle of chapter 2. I really like Gus so far. I laughed so hard when she first met him and they had the whole conversation about being literally in Jesus' heart. LOL And now they are at his house and she is looking at all the "Encouragements" and his mom said "The Lord puts the best people in your life" and he was like "Quick! Give me a pillow and some thread because that needs to be an "Encouragement".

I know that this book is going to be horribly sad, but I'm glad that there will be some light moments to make me laugh too.

Elishia Haha those encouragements made me laugh, I wonder why she had so many of them in her house.

I really did like this book and i've been putting it off for ages because I thought it would be to sad.
I think all the funny moments made it not so bad.

Elishia Ok i'm remembering things I wanted to say.
Can't remember the chapter (you'll know when you get there) for this one but its about the friends girlfriend (I can't remember their names)
(view spoiler)

Don't know what chapter this one was either but its when they visit someone just before chapter 13
(view spoiler)

Chapter 13
(view spoiler)

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Jennifer C. | 1722 comments I just finished Chapter 7. God it's depressing now. When she looked up Caroline and started to read the comments about her, my heart just broke. And then when she sent Augustus the text saying that she couldn't kiss him because she doesn't want to hurt him. She's definitely going to hurt him either way. Just because he can't kiss her does not mean that he isn't falling for her. And then when she flipped out on her parents at dinner about her being a grenade and she wanted to hurt as few people as possible. That she just wanted to spend her time with them because she couldn't help hurting them. It's inevitable. It's just so sad. Then Augustus came to the hospital and gave her the letter from Peter Van Houten and at the end of the letter Peter is trying to explain to Augustus that he should respect her wishes because she didn't come to this decision irrationally. This book is going to break my heart.

Is your first spoiler in Post 4 about Monica breaking up with Isaac? When Isaac is in Augustus' room and breaks all the trophies? Or is it about something else? Just wondering if I am far enough in that I can read it.

Elishia Aah that whole bit was so sad.

Yes it was about that, I don't know why I couldn't think of their names.

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments I just read your spoiler and I totally agree. She made me kinda mad. It makes me wonder if she really cared about him at all. It's the same thing as what Hazel is doing to Augustus in a way though. She's pushing him away to avoid hurting more later. Don't you think both of them will regret their decisions and the loss of the time together? Everyone is going to be hurt no matter what. Wouldn't it be better to have as many good memories as possible to make it all worth it?

Elishia Exactly. I get how they're thinking but they don't know how things will turn out they could be perfectly happy together.
There's something funny that happens but I don't remember the chapter but i'll know when you get there its not till later in the book, it involves a car.

Wow i'm really having trouble with the English language today, you'd think it wasn't my first language.

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments Hahaha. That made me laugh. I'll let you know when I get to it. I probably won't read any more today. I'm going do dinner with some friends and then we're going to the casino for the night.

The only thing that has happened so far involving a car is Augustus' awful driving. And I get what you're saying about not knowing how things will turn out. I don't have very high hopes for her, but I just don't think that should stop you from living while you're still living. I just thought she was more than that. She doesn't seem to let cancer affect any other aspect of her life. I mean, no one ever knows what is going to happen from one day to the next. You could get hit by a bus tomorrow. There are about a million bad things that could happen to an otherwise perfectly healthy person. Life is not fair. That doesn't mean that you should put yourself in a bubble and only let your parents love you.

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Elishia You really made me think when you wrote that because since i've not been well I don't talk to half of my friends but that's because I just get fed up of keep trying to explain to them and now i've just got used to not talking to them regularly.

Anyway no I wasn't talking about Gus driving, which was making me laugh but I was worrying for Hazels health.

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments Oh, I'm really sorry to hear that Elishia. I do hope that you are OK. I totally understand that you would distance yourself from people who only want to talk about your health. It would get exhausting and super annoying.

I'll let you know when I get to the part with the car.

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments From Chapter 8. Oh my god. This made me laugh so hard...

Lonely, Vaguely Pedophilic Swing Set Seeks the Butts of Children

I'm so glad I'm home reading this. I go from tears to laughing out loud so often it's like if I wasn't home, the only other likely place this would happen is a psych ward. LOL

Elishia Lmao I forgot about that part but it cracked me up. You'd have to worry about the dodgy person that responded to an advert like that.

Have you seen the trailer? think it came out the dat after I finished reading

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments I did know that the trailer was out, but I'm waiting until I'm finished to watch it. I should be done soon. Probably tomorrow.

Elishia Yes wait till the end. I wasn't that interested in watching the film till I finished the book and saw the trailer then I was excited. There's another reason but you haven't mentioned it yet so i'm not going to.

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments OK. I just read your comments. I finished last night. Van Houten was THE WORST. I couldn't even believe that he had the nerve to show up at Gus' funeral. And then Gus sent him Hazel's eulogy and asked him to put it together and speak at her funeral, but I can't even picture him doing that. I was completely shocked that Gus died first. What shitty luck, right??? He had an 85% survival rate. When she leaned into him and he winced was when I started to get nervous. I just kept thinking, please no, please no, please no. I loved Gus. And the end for him was horrible. Cancer really is a bitch. It just takes every last shred of dignity you have before you die. Your body just completely betrays you and there is nothing you can do about it. I felt so bad when she walked in and he had pissed the bed and then when she got the call in the middle of the night because he went to get a pack of cigarettes?!? Why would his parents have thrown them away? I didn't understand that. At that point, even if he wanted to light the damn thing, just do it. What's it going to hurt at that point? But then he was just sitting in his car covered in vomit. This is definitely an ugly cry book. Ugh.

I'm so glad that the story was about him and Hazel though, because I don't think I could have handled the story of Gus and Caroline. She sounds awful. Almost like she wasn't really that nice of a person before the tumor took over and then after that she was just a complete monster.

I do feel really bad for Isaac too. He is so alone and is trying to figure out how to be blind. I'm glad that Hazel kept in touch with him and went to visit and play video games after the funeral. I thought it was kinda shitty that Monica didn't even go to Gus' funeral. I thought that she was going to show up and regret breaking up with Isaac, but no. She really is just a cold hearted bitch. I'm glad they egged her car. LOL

I'm going to go watch the trailer now. BTW John Green has a bunch of books. Wanna read another one next month? You can pick the book. I want to read everything he has ever written now. :)

Elishia Yay I was hoping you'd say that, I added them all to my wish list when I finished. I think I already have Will Grayson, Will Grayson but it seems to have mixed reviews.

I feel sick so will come back later and comment on the rest, think the screens making my head worst.

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Jennifer C. | 1722 comments You know what is so weird??? I'm reading Heartless for the SS Challenge and they mentioned Magritte's "Ceci n'est pas une pipe", and they were also watching America's Next Top Model. It's so strange.

Elishia I've never watched it so all of that went over my head when they were talking about it.

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