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Okay, this might not be referring to writing but it is still a bit helpful for in this topic you tell us what book you are reading and the people who have read that book can discuss telling us if they like it or not..what it is that other people will be tempted to read that book

((That explanation was so baaaaaaaaadd))

message 2: by [deleted user] (last edited Jul 06, 2009 07:09AM) (new)

i just finished the house of night series! i recommend it if ur a fan of the vampire academy series or somthin

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ok...what is the house of night series about????is it good???

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its awesome!!! its about this girl,zoey redbird, and she got marked and now she's in the process of changing into a vampire but her mark is filled in when it should b just an outline. so it shows that zoey is no average fledging (flegding is sort of the begginer of changing into a vamp.). she also can control all the FIVE elements which has never happened in vampire history and also theres this bitch named aphrodite (but she turns her own way) which i dont feel like getting into. and if you ever read ok well thats about all of what my fingers can type lol

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I LOVE THAT SERIES!!! It's one of my favorites!

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mine 2!! and brb

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ok im back, i had to go somewhere

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♫Krista♫ (kristabobista) ill have to read them!!!

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ur darn right u have 2

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Sassy Lou (sassylou) I'm reading a few right now. One is the Warrior Heir. I'm working on the Mediator series, and I'm reading Trickster's Choice. All good books. Well, the last two are. I haven't gotten very far in the first one. And I haven't finished all of the Mediator books, but all the ones I've read so far are amazing.

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Warrior Heir was good! I am reading so many it's hard to count.

message 14: by Sassy (new)

Sassy Lou (sassylou) Is it? Have you read the Wizard Heir? It's the companion book to Warrior Heir, but when I read it, it sort of talked about some of the stuff that apparently happens in Warrior. So I know a little bit, and I'm only on like the first page. I just checked it out from my library this morning.

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Their are 3 books in that series. It's Warrior Heir, then Wizard Heir, and then Dragon Heir.

message 16: by Sassy (new)

Sassy Lou (sassylou) So is the Dragon Heir after the Wizard Heir!

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

1. Warrior Heir
2. Wizard Heir
3. Dragon Heir

message 18: by Sassy (new)

Sassy Lou (sassylou) Sweet! I'll have to look for it. I liked the Wizard Heir, a lot.

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

I loved that whole series!

message 20: by Sassy (new)

Sassy Lou (sassylou) Cool!

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message 22: by Musical♥Writer, Writing: If your in this group, I shouldn't have to go on (new)

Musical♥Writer (musicalwriter) | 323 comments Mod
I just finished the newest House of Night book Hunted, and now i'm reading the Once and Future King

message 23: by ♫Krista♫ (new)

♫Krista♫ (kristabobista) Im re-reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn for my summer book report. . . *sigh* I really want to read all of those books you guys have mentioned! I heard they were really good!

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Yeah so have I, I REALLY want to read Warrior Heir!!!!

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you need to! lol! I am switching between books alot, but I NEED to read Anthem by Ayn Rand for summer reading testing. ugh... It looks boring. I already read Flowers for Algernon, but I didn't like it that much. It was too sad.

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Musical♥Writer (musicalwriter) | 323 comments Mod
The Once and Future King is my summer book report, and I totally hate it!! I haven't really started the book...but I had a plan for all the books I was going to read this summer, and now I have to read this, stupid stupid stupid *mumbles angrily*

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I hate my summer reading too!

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I want to read both of those, but I'm stuck with summer reading. Anthem by Ayn Rand

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message 31: by Musical♥Writer, Writing: If your in this group, I shouldn't have to go on (new)

Musical♥Writer (musicalwriter) | 323 comments Mod
I just read Shadow Kiss, I'm supposed to be reading that king book, but I wanted to read this, sooo I did!

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♫Huneeya♥ | 67 comments i finished uglies a while ago and now i have nothing to read so im reading HP7 again =]

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