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message 1: by Lyra (new)

Lyra Everheart (aurelialilliem) | 201 comments Finally! You arrived back at your home planet. You are relieved to see that not much has changed. Though some people have the misconception of there not being any darkness in the realm of Light, you were actually relieved to see that there was still a night. For, you see, without darkness, what would we have to call light?

message 2: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments "I have returned." Emery said to an empty home. He sighed glancing at a picture of him and Alice as kids. "What am I doing..." He said softly, placing the picture faced backwards.

message 3: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments Emery looked around, staring at his empty home when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"It is high tide you return, my friend. You have been here too many days."

Emery jumped, startled to hear anyone behind him. He saw his friend, Skye behind him.

"Indeed I have." Emery shook his head. "I can't simply return, can I?"

"Of course you could." Skye shook his head. "Look, that girlfriend of yours is being hospitalized as we speak."

"Stupid father..." Emery muttered. "It was good seeing you, Skye, but looks like I've gotta go."

"Godspeed, Emery." Skye waved as he saw Emery step through the otherworld portal.

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