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message 1: by Amy (last edited Feb 04, 2014 02:18PM) (new)

Amy Huff | 11 comments I hope I posted my query properly. I read this book within the last 5 or 10 years, I think. (So many books, so little time!). Heroine was considered a bad woman, though not sure if society knew of divorce. Her exhusband was sexually abusive...held orgies, I think... That is where the statue came in? He wanted her to do things with the statue?
The hero is connected with h's brother. Wanted revenge and decided to take it out on h? Hero realizes h has been living in shame due to circumstances.

message 2: by Nathalia (last edited Feb 04, 2014 02:21PM) (new)

Nathalia | 64 comments Though it is older than 10 years and I don't' remember a statue: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall?

message 3: by Amy (new)

Amy Huff | 11 comments I checked and that is not it. Thank you, though! I appreciate the quick response.

message 4: by Amy (new)

Amy Huff | 11 comments Bump!

message 5: by Serendi (new)

Serendi I Googled some relevant terms and turned up this page: http://www.jobev.com/reghist.html
which has a whole bunch of Jo Beverley novels described. One has a statue, another a sexually abusive dead husband, several orgies, revenge, various brothers... any chance there's a book that combines them all?

message 6: by Amy (new)

Amy Huff | 11 comments I don't think it was Jo Beverly, but I will check it out and get back. Thanks! Fingers crossed!

message 7: by Amy (new)

Amy Huff | 11 comments The bad news: not it.
The good news: found some books. :)

message 8: by Amy (new)

Amy Huff | 11 comments Bump

message 9: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Brien | 151 comments Have you checked out books by Amanda Quick? Some of her books feature artifacts.

message 10: by Amy (new)

Amy Huff | 11 comments Will check, though I didn't think it was her. If I don't get back, it is not her, but I'm reading reading reading!

message 11: by Ruzza (last edited Jul 03, 2015 03:12AM) (new)

Ruzza | 302 comments The first thing that came into mind was Jo Beverley's Forbidden.

Ahh just saw that you said it's probably not one of her books. Sorry.
I don't know....It sounds really familiar. I just can't place it.

message 12: by Amy (new)

Amy Huff | 11 comments Thank you anyway. Still drives me crazy, trying to remember because the H had some very good dialogue.

message 13: by Holly (new)

Holly | 3 comments I think I'm looking for the same book! Interested in any updates.

message 14: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 37833 comments Mod
Giving this a bump since Amy posted recently.

message 15: by Cassandra (new)

Cassandra | 43 comments Amy, could your book be Impulse by Candace Camp?

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