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message 1: by May (new)

May (maysoon-h) | 132 comments Hello everyone;
I have a great game... here how it goes:
you need to name the nearest thing on your right, the nearest thing on your left and what's behind you (even if it was a wall :P )
you can put as many as you want, but just to keep it simple one is enough!

try to play it several times at different times and locations to make it more interesting...

Have fun :)

message 2: by May (new)

May (maysoon-h) | 132 comments So.. shall I start!
RIGHT: a paper, a note book and apen
LEFT: my mobile phone, and my head phones.
BEHIND: nothing really... space :P

message 3: by Bonny Bon Bon (new)

Bonny Bon Bon (bonnybonbon) | 8 comments RIGHT: Printer
LEFT: Can of lemonade
BEHIND: Cupboard

message 4: by May (new)

May (maysoon-h) | 132 comments RIGHT: my brother's bed
BEHIND: book shelves

message 5: by Natshane, H.F.G.Stealer (new)

Natshane | 5296 comments Mod
Right : my computer
Left : mobile phone and my bottle
Behind : a really big table with a stranger (haha! I'm in school :P)

message 6: by Gloria (new)

Gloria (perksofbeingafreak) | 12 comments Right: A cup on a wooden stool.
Left: My bag on the couch.
Behind: A matress

message 7: by May (new)

May (maysoon-h) | 132 comments Right: a chair
Left: a flash light and my headphones
Behind: a pillow and the wall

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