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message 1: by Francis, The British Lad (new)

Francis | 528 comments Mod
Do you guys keep writing journals? What do you write in them?

message 2: by Francis, The British Lad (last edited Feb 04, 2014 11:46AM) (new)

Francis | 528 comments Mod
I keep a writing journal. I carry it around with me where ever I go because I could suddenly have some ideas and things.
In mine I write ideas, random words, stream of consciousness, things I draw inspiration from (i.e lyrics, quotes, coversations, dreams, describing things etc.) Basically just anything about writing. If anyone were to read it, touch wood, it wouldn't make sense but it all literally is streams of consciousness and ideas and thoughts that pop out of my mind.

message 3: by Tricia (new)

Tricia | 64 comments I had a creative writing class which required we keep a journal, my prof assured us he'd never read it he'd just flip through quickly to make sure we were actually writing in it. I wrote story ideas, story concepts, random thoughts and things I wanted to look up later... I also drew a picture of an acropolis type building on the inside of the back cover which I am still rather proud of. I wish I kept doing it, I use my ipod's notes app on occasion for this sort of thing, but I honestly forget about it at points.

message 4: by Red (new)

Red (littleredreader) Not exactly. Good ideas I usually remember, the bad ones I forget. Occasionally, I will make notes on my computer if I come up with interesting details that could go into one of those story ideas. I am bound to remember the good ideas (bad ideas aren't worth remembering); however, I can forget the finer details sometimes and those are the things I'll usually write up somewhere.

message 5: by Josiah (new)

Josiah (kenjenningsjeopardy74) I remember once hearing Gail Carson Levine say it was an absolute essential for a writer to keep some kind of notebook with them at all times. Not just for plot ideas, but all the little thoughts that make a multidimensional story live and breathe with the essence of authentic humanity. Those are the tidbits that will slip through your fingers and be lost forever if you don't write them down when they occur to you. Gail Carson Levine said she'd had enough of losing those little thoughts, and she never regretted starting to record them in a notebook. I should probably do the same.

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