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Allen T This is just my thoughts on the book and how I felt about the characters... I absolutely fell in love with this book and almost every aspect, so please excuse my biased opinions, haha =]
***May Contain Spoilers, I advise you to finish the book first! Also the book, "Perfect," although I won't mention too much of it!***
First of all: Tony Ceccarelli.
Tony, at first, is believed to be gay. And as Connor stated, he really believes so himself. However, I do NOT think he's gay. Yes, he slept with a lot of men in juvie. But when you are behind bars, people, (men especially,) must give in to their "needs". Having said that, Tony had no other options. Men can 'force' themselves into sexual activities without actually meaning anything. Connor continuously stated that he never had a gay vibe from Tony, and how he doesn't believe Tony is gay. He even notes how Tony makes a point to turn the other way when they shower. Perhaps this is just being polite, but Connor is very insightful, and he does not feel nearly as uncomfortable as he did when with Stanley.
Also, during the scene where Tony mentioned Connor's "firewood," Tony did not make a big point out of it. Tony simply commented and gave him a once-over.
Towards the end, he and Vanessa become a clear and apparent pair. Tony mentions how he never had the chance to be with a girl. Being a teenager with a dark back story, this is understandable.
Tony is the definition of more than he appears.
Tony had the most appealing back story, and he drew the most sympathy from me. Compared to the other two, Tony really has been through hell and shook hands with the devil.
In fact, Tony is my favorite and I can relate to him so much, the connection I made actually started scaring me towards the middle-end when he mentioned Philip during the wilderness challenge.
Towards the end, many agree that if Tony would stop thinking about Vanessa for a second, he could have saved Connor... I agree, but only to an extent. Tony DID try to help. Remember the scene where Connor blew up? Tony kept noticing Connor, and he was worried. He and Connor spoke, saying that this is a challenge to himself; to prove that Connor does not need medication to go through daily life. This mindset is probably due to the expectations of his family... However, how can anyone expect to save anyone when they don't make the effort to save themselves...? The main difference between Tony and Connor is that Tony wanted to move on and better his life. Connor did not have a clear grip of what he wanted anymore...
Vanessa O'Reilly:
Vanessa... personally was my least favorite, (along with many others, from what I've read.) However, I have noticed people stating things about Vanessa's 'child' being pulled out of Hopkins' butt! This is untrue. Throughout the novel, Vanessa continuously mentions how she cringes at the sound of babies crying, how she envisions a child's laughter. Read through her chapters carefully, you will notice the foreshadow Hopkins used to lead up to the incident with her and Trevor.
Also, I hear many people agreeing that Connor and Vanessa should have been a pair, instead of Tony and Vanessa. I will mention this later, but keep that in mind. The issue I see with Vanessa is that she does not have that bad of a life, especially when compared to Tony and Connor. However, I understand that this can easily be explained due to her Bi-Polar Disorder.
She just seemed to me like a hopeless romantic with a slightly unfortunate family. I can see where her breakdowns happen, with her caring for her brother and a schizophrenic-abusive mother. But then again, she states how her best memories are the ones she has yet to create.
Connor Sykes:
Connor, also having more of a back story due to Hopkins' "Perfect," is my second favorite. I'm safe to say everyone dislikes Connor's mother. No need to explain that.
Personally, I do not feel that Connor and Vanessa would have worked out. Connor mentions how he does not know how to love. Sure, he could have learned. But he, himself, feels he only knows sex, not love. He even admits that someone as sweet as Vanessa deserves better. In fact, he even encourages Tony to pursue Vanessa. Connor's death had nothing to do with seeing Vanessa with Tony. Although he admits jealousy strikes him when he saw the two kissing, I believe deep down he was okay with it...
To be honest... I'm happy for Connor. Despite what happened at the end, he turned towards the group, smiled and waved "Good-Bye!" Tony last saw him on the boulder smiling. His arm was extended, this must have meant there was some shed of happiness. He finally got to escape the clutches of his ever-controlling mother. What I don't understand is why he couldn't just move away. He was turning 18 very shortly. He could have moved out and tried to get in touch with Emily Sanders again...
Another thing, I sort of wanted to know more about Dahlia, Lori, Justin and the others. Lori was considered depressed, but I suppose she recovered greatly. Dahlia was said to sleep with just about anyone, but does that qualify a trip to Aspen Springs? Same goes for "Jesus-Save-Us Justin," he is very religious... but not so much psychiatric home quality. I also wanted to know more about Kendra and Connor... did Connor really love Kendra? Why did they break up? And why didn't Cara attempt to talk to Connor more? Yes, she was going through her own troubles, but... Family comes first, right?
This book made me very sad, haha! They both did.
Please reply with comments, questions, or concerns, I DO want a discussion on this... ;D

Dana OMG! Hun, I think you just wrote a novel! xD But, you make some very good points. Although, I kind of really like Vanessa, mainly because I've always like the name Vanessa, so... Lil bit biased there.

Tony and Vanessa would make a cute couple, and towards the end they did seem like a couple. Also, in Perfect, don't they go to Connor's funeral together too? Almost couple like...? Oh well. Maybe that's just me.
I would have loved to hear more back ground story with all three of them. Also, with Cara.

I think the reason Connor felt jealousy when he saw the two (Tony and Vanessa) kissing, was because he felt that they had love between them, not lust. He was jealous of the love, not whom the love was between.

Tony at the beginning though, didn't really strike me at gay... When Vanessa first arrived, he turned to look at her... Or maybe I'm thinking of Connor... Been a while since I read it. Might be a bit fuzzy. But I didn't really feel like he was gay. Maybe with one or two aspects, but... Not really gay.

I think for Connor, for doing what he did at the end of Impulse was necessary. I would not recommend doing that... But I feel as if he felt trapped. Like, even if he was to move away, somehow, he would always feel as if he was being controlled by his mother. Maybe that's just me though. It was a great ending to a great novel.

The thing I love most about Ellen Hopkin's novels, is how they all end. Never with a cliff hanger. She finishes the story. It's nice and refreshing.

Joshua I really hated that she made him suddenly not gay. It felt like she only did that to make Vanessa a love interest without making him the boring straight guy.

message 4: by Mariella (new)

Mariella Santagata can someone please remind me what happened to tony and the abuse/jail? I'm wrecking my brain trying to remember

Allen T Dana wrote: "OMG! Hun, I think you just wrote a novel! xD But, you make some very good points. Although, I kind of really like Vanessa, mainly because I've always like the name Vanessa, so... Lil bit biased the..."

Hey! sorry for the age-long reply. I completely forgot about this. I'm thinking about picking these up again and reading it xD Yes, they both appeared during Connor's funeral. They were very close-knit, but some could argue that it was because they were nervous around people they didn't know? They're defeinitely a couple though, haha.

I love that you brought this second point up, honestly. I hadn't thought of it before, but now that you mention it, my heart dropped at how real that sounded.

I agree with the rest of your comment, too. However..... I suppose you could say it DID end in a cliff? (I'm so sorry... lol)

Allen T Joshua wrote: "I really hated that she made him suddenly not gay. It felt like she only did that to make Vanessa a love interest without making him the boring straight guy."

Idk, it didn't feel very "sudden" to me. It felt like it was leading towards it since the beginning. He was doing what he needed to do to survive, and because he was young, he probably assumed that doing all those gay things meant he was gay. He never really had the chance to figure himself out, in a way.

Allen T Mariella wrote: "can someone please remind me what happened to tony and the abuse/jail? I'm wrecking my brain trying to remember"

It's been a while for me, too, but Tony was in juvie because he was caught using a lot of drugs and alcohol. He passed out somewhere where the police were able to find him and put him there. His father was there to admit him in but Tony felt that his father had neglected him, because they had not seen each other until that very moment, and did not say a word to each other until they saw each other at Aspen Springs (the psych ward.) The abuse part was just all around his mother's side: his mother would physically abuse him and would bring in strange men who would take advantage of Tony (and his mother, I believe.) She had eventually died, leaving Tony seemingly orphaned.

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