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๖ۣۜƧilverlight Need somebody to roleplay with? Find a rp partner here! Please do skip one person in favor of another, you might just pass up the best rper yet! Also, regardless of species, anyone or anything can come to together in the neutral area.

Character Name:
Currently At:

message 2: by sucre'd fiend (new)

sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 8 comments [ Kenya Blood ]
Species: Lycanthrope
Currently At: nowhere

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 58 comments Name: Phrixus Blackfoot
Species: Centaur
Currently At: Mirror Lake under Angel

message 4: by Niran (new)

Niran Name- Alana
Species- Vampire
Currently at- Crimson Tavern

message 5: by RedAxel (new)

RedAxel Name: Zephyr Gates
Species: Demon
Currently At: I suppose my character could go to any place accessible to a demon..

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