City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments, #6) City of Heavenly Fire question

What will happen? Theories? Anyone?
Malecshipper Malecshipper Feb 04, 2014 10:25AM
I have my own theories, but I would like to hear some other opinions outside of my own. If you have not read all of Cassandra Clare's books, go away. *Spoilers*

I also read that six people we know by name will die. And I am sooo worried it's going to be either Magnus or Alec, or both, or Luke or Jocelyn or both (Though I don't think I would mind if Jocelyn died really...) Or Simon..omg. I do hope Magnus and Alec get back together !! I wonder if Sebastian is going to die and how Jace will control the heavenly fire. Clary will become a badass shadowhunter. Simon and Isabelle SHOULD GET TOGETHER ALREADY. I also read 2 weddings, so that could be Luke and Jocelyn, and maybe hopefully Alec and Magnus? Or Clary and Jace since I also read on Cassie's twitter that Jace and Clary would get 'sort off' married? I don't know..

I think Magnus and Alec will die while they are trying to protect each other. I don't think that Cassandra Clare will kill Sebastian. Jace will be able to do a lot more than a ordinary shadow hunter by the heavenly fire, and it will help them to win the war, but also I think it they will loose control at first. I read somewhere that six people will die at this book. I hope it is not right!

Malecshipper I hope its not true! I heard that as well! :( I heard there is going to be two weddings as well DX
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