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Does Katniss like Peeta or is it a act?

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Helen Chandler In certain ways she does like Peeta more than a friend but she patrays it as a act.What do you guys think?

Sammy Young I think she only fell in love with him and had his children because she felt she had to

Molly She loved him. I think that she made it look like an act because she didn't want to love him because of the fact that they were in the games together and she didn't want anything to happen to him. She was trying to trick herself into thinking she doesn't like him so that she wouldn't like him.

it's a messed up thing I'm trying to explain but it's very common in these sort of books.

Sammy Young They barely even knew each other in the first book which is even stated in the second book. They used one another and their love story for sponsors, perhaps she grows to love him in the second/third book but as for the first one no she does not love him.

Jane I think in the first book/movie it was an act but as the series went on she did grow to truly love him.

Michelle I think she always loved him, but she never wanted to admit it to herself.

Giselle She has struggled so much against herself but then she realized that he would always be her only love, her only friend and her only man.

Neha In the Hunger Games, i.e, the first book, katniss uses him as an ally. I think she liked him a lot, but she didn't know it herself.

Tina J It was an act in the first book, but by the end of the 2nd book you can tell she truly loves him.

Sammy Young I think she felt more obligated to him than in love with him

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