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What is this book? It's similar to this one
Rachel Feldman Rachel (last edited Feb 04, 2014 08:23AM ) Feb 04, 2014 08:20AM
Hi there,
I saw this book on a "customers also bought" list on Amazon after looking up, forgot to mark it, and am now racking my brain. Does anyone the title / author:

The plot: in a gated neighborhood community in Texas or another Southern State, there is one pretty wife who has tried to have kids but can't. She catches the eye of three other husbands in the community. And she gets pregnant and who is the dad?

It's women's [chic] lit/ southern fiction. Probably a year or two old. Amazon would probably list it in a "customers also bought" list with Devil in the Junior League [shown] or Playdate. Anyone?

Ugh- I just did a search for you on Novelist but it didn't return any results that have that story line. I feel bad for you because I know how frustrating that is. good luck!

I read it and it was a great read. It was funny and a great read. I really liked it.

Rachel Feldman So, what was the book's NAME? Not asking about Devil int he Junior League, it's a book similar. ...more
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