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Jenni Frencham (jennifrencham) I am glad this book won an award this year. There are very few young adult books featuring female-to-male transgender people (this one and Parrotfish are the only two which come to mind), and I liked that a lot of this book focused on Gabe's music interests instead of just his being trans. I would pair this book with Sister Mischief or The Lucy Variations for its discussion of music and for featuring characters who want to break out of the mold.

Alison Edwards (alisonedwards) | 2 comments I loved that this was a realistic coming of age story that just happened to have a trans character. So happy to see this one on the list!

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Adrienne | 6 comments This book was a great read. I missed it when it first came out and I'm glad it was on the list, otherwise I'd never have found it.

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I liked it A LOT and I'm a big fan of seeing more trans* characters in YA, but I was a little bothered by how Gabe objectified the girls around him. Like saying that Paige was "a brainless hoochie Mamma when we club." Not that she acted like one, that WAS was one. And how we don't know anything about Heather other than she's super hot. I guess its probably realistic for a teenage boy, but I would have liked to see Gabe think a little more with the brain in his head.

Devera Chandler (developyourya) | 32 comments I live in a pretty rural area, so not being around any trans teenagers, this book offered great insight. I have met many trans adults over the years, but I guess I never really grasped the concept of how difficult it must be in the teen years (I know - duh). I am a music lover too, so this book interested me greatly and made me look up some songs that I hadn't heard. Pretty well rounded book, laughter, tears, drama, scary, and of course the normal teenage angst. Great book - 4 stars.

Debbie | 14 comments I also enjoyed this one quite a bit. One of the gems from the challenge so far.

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