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This is the barn, it's a magnificent wooden structure with fifty spacious loose boxes equiped with automatic water dispensers. It's always kept neat and tidy in the barn, and the doors are locked from eleven pm to six am. Only people who work at the barn are allowed to stay later and come in sooner.

This is the tack and feed room, tack is kept in neat, labelled rows and the feed is well stocked in labelled feed bins. Make sure you keep the place tidy and remember to clean your tack every now and then!

This is the office, where the manager does most of the paperwork and sorts out lessons and such. If you're looking for something - perhaps to start riding, loaning a horse, boarding a horse, looking for a job or perhaps you want to put an advert up..then come here and someone'll be here to help!

The indoor arena is slightly larger than the outdoor, with more space and plenty of soft lighting for the darker hours. It's well sheltered so the wind and rain hardly get in at all, which is great for winter.

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graham cracker Kyle woke up to the annoying sound of his sister running around the house screaming. He groaned, lifting up his pillow and pulled it down over his ears. "Every morning!" He said to himself.
"MOM!? where are my shoes! His sister yelled.
" I don't know why don't you look in your closet, where there suppose to be!?" His mother yelled back.
"Dont you think I've looked?!!!!" His sister yelled back at his mother.
Even though Kyle's door was closed, it was fairly easy for him to hear every word, every door slam, every foot steps.
He pulled his pillow off his head, throwing it to the ground. His eyes opened, looking at the door.
"3...2.....1..." Right as he said one his sister came barging in his room.
"Did you take my shoes!?" She yelled at him.
Kyle moaned, annoyed by her yelling voice.
"No, I haven't," He said and pulled his warm blankets off his body. He shivered a bit, as his shirtless body was exposed to the cold house.

Kyle gave his sister an evil look, she instantly ran out of his room.
"haha," Kyle said. Like he was pleased with himself for making his sister leave. He turned around and fell back down in his bed for a few seconds, before he got back up again and walked out of his room and into the bathroom. He lazily grabbed his toothbrush and turned on the sink. He then reached his hand over to grab the the toothpaste, squeezing the toothpaste on his toothbrush, he placed his toothbrush in his mouth and slowly went back and forth, and forth... His younger sister Grace, running down the hallway as he brushed his teeth. It didn't seem to phase him because this kind of stuff happened every morning.

Kyle tilted his head, peaking out the door watching his eight year old sister run around in a shirt and her underwear. His eyebrow raised slightly. Grace threw her arms in the air and screamed. She tripped over herself and fell on the hard wood floor. Kyle sighed and walked out with his toothbrush hanging from his mouth. "are you okay," He asked with his hand on his sisters back.
Grace started to cry, her knee was bleeding. Kyle took out his toothbrush and walked back in the bathroom, grabbed some Neosporin and a bandaid and walked back out in the hallway where is sister was. He unwrapped the bandaid and screwed the cap off the ointment and squeezed it out on the bandaid. "here," he said and put it on her knee. "Now, don't run around in the house like that, its dangerous" he said and stood back up.
After he was done getting ready he walked in the kitchen for a quick breakfast.
"I'm going to the stables mom," He told her. His mom nodded her head as she was preparing eggs for her other children.

"Can I come?" Grace asked with her fork raised high in the air and a piece of bacon in her mouth.
"No, you need to stay here and help mommy around the house," he said and walked over to the counter and grabbed his keys. He reached over and gave Grace a kiss on the forehead and did the same with his mother.
"see you guys around nine tonight," He said walked walked over to the door and grabbed his coat off the coatrack and slipped if around his body. He walked out the door and over to his car and opened the door, he put his keys in the ignition, waiting a bit for the car to warm up and started driving down to the stables.

Kyle had one arm on the wheel and the other resting on his head. He drove down the road for a while, until he pulled into the driveway of the stables. He parked his car right next to the managers. He turned his car off and placed his keys in his jacket. He opened the door and got up and shut the door, making an echo of the car door shutting, due to the elevation. He sighed running his hands through his hair. He walked into the barn. The misty smell of hay and horse fur ran through his nose.
The horses banging on the stall doors and neighing.
"I hear you. I hear you," He said and walked down in aisle way and down to the grain room where he saw Chelsea.

graham cracker Kyle grinned as he swung of his nice jacket and hung it up on the coat rack and put on his barn jacket. "How's it going Chelsea?" He asked when he was slipping off his shoes and putting on his barn boots. "Yeah, I was about to go and feed the horses, would you like to help me?" He asked and started to grab some grain buckets and up them in the wheelbarrow; knowing that there would be to many buckets for him to carry.

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Katalyna turns her head slightly as she reads the small mailbox outside the enter acne of a gate. Checking her phone briefly, she then turns into the parking lot and looks for a place to park. Slipping her phone into her back pocket, Katalyna pulls her keys out of the ignition before swinging her door open and hopping out. Deciding to keep her saddle and stuff inside her car she turns towards one of the larger barns. Rolling her keys around her index finger, she spots two people to be what looked like filling out cans of feed. Walking up to them, Katalyna smiles slightly and gives a sort of salute. "Hey, can you guys help me?" She asks kindly while scanning the barn around her. It was nice. She's give it that. Everything was clean and looked to be well kept. Switching back her attention to the people she tilted her head slightly as way of waiting for an answer.

graham cracker Kyle nods his head. He glanced at the chart just to double checked with the feeding chart. "Boom! We got it!" He said and started wheeling the wheelbarrow that was filled with grain buckets. When the horses heard them coming down the aisle they were all neighing, and kicking at their stall doors.
Kyle noticed some girl walked down the aisle, she was walking right towards them. When she stopped and asked a question he put down the grain bucket that he picked up. "What do you need help with?" He asked.

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"I'm looking for the main office," Katalyna says before pulling out a small sheet of paper from her pocket. "I'm supposed to be having a tour of the barn for tomorrow." Looking up from the sheet, she looks around again before looking back at both the people. "I'm Katalyna by the way. I'm having my horse shipped in tomorrow to begin boarding here. " She says as way of explanation. "I just moved here about a week ago so I'm still trying to find out where everything is." Shrugging slightly she reaches out and rubs one of the horses noses who had come to see what was going on.

graham cracker Kyle pointed at the end of the aisle. "Just go all the way down, take a left and it's right next to the feed room, Cole's not hear yet he's normally the one who runs the place when the manager is on vacation," Kyle explained. "It's nice to meet you, Katalyna, I'm Kyle.

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ash Beep beep beep beep
The sound of Coles alarm woke him up he stretched out his arms and let out a loud yawn. He moved his head and looked over at the alarm clock.
"shit! It's eight I'm late!" He said and pulled the covers off of him and jumped out of bed. When he jumped out of bed he stepped on a dog bone. "Owwww!!!" He screamed and looked down and saw the dog bone just laying there. "Rascal!!" He yelled. Rascal came running up the stairs with his tail wagging. Cole shook his head and walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. When he got out of the shower he grabbed a pair of dark jeans and then a grey shirt. He ran down the stairs and grabbed a piece of bread . He quickly feed Rascal and grabbed his keys that where on the counter. When Rascal was finished eating they went outside to his truck. Rascal jumped in as soon as he opened the door. Cole started his car and be gain driving down the road a ways until he pulled into the driveway of the stables. He opened the door and got out if his truck. Rascal jumped out and ran into the barn.

graham cracker Kyle watched as Rascal ran down the aisle of the barn. "Well... Here comes Rascal.." Kyle sighed. He took the grain bucket out of the wheelbarrow and poured it in the horses feed bucket.

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Smiling, she nods before heading down only to hear an engine coming. Turning back around she sees a dog running down the aisle and her smile brightens a little more. Deciding to wait at the office so as not to give the impression she was being rude, Katalyna continued down the barn aisle looking at all the name plates and horses. Some of them she could tell were nice. Really nice. Stopping outside the barn office, she turns and rubs a horses nose who flicks his ears forwards in response, curiously blowing on her hand. Seeing Chelsea out of the corner of her eye heading down the aisle to feed she angles her body slightly towards her. "So how long have you been riding here?" Katalayna asks with interest lacing her voice.

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Katalyna leaned against the small space in between the two stalls and stuck her hands into her pockets. "Well, I've moved around all my life. This will be my fourth barn in four years but I've been riding since I was seven. I moved here about a week ago and I don't really know. I'm actually choosing today between either Foxridge or here. I haven't gone over to the other barn yet and I'm supposed to do that later today if I want. My horse, Wes is coming in tomorrow from our last barn." She explained and paused for a moment. "What kind of horse do you have?" An inquisitive look on her face. "I've heard that Foxridge has a more advanced riding program and somewhat better horses but that's just what I've heard."

((Bring on the rivalry between the two barns >.<))

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Katalyna tilts her head to the side before she smirks. "Not a fan I take it," she muses before nodding. "Well Kella's really pretty, I have an Andalusian stallion who I use in level 4 dressage. He's six and his names Wes." She says grinning. "I've had him for around three years so he was pretty young we we started together." Katalyna shifts to look back towards two guys talking. One was the Kyle guy and the other she was assuming was Cole. "I'm also looking for a new horse but I decided to wait since I move so much anyways. I should be staying here for a while though so I might start up my search again." Katalyna pulls out her phone checking the time before looking back up at Chelsea. "We should go riding sometime. I'd love to see you guys in action."

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"Thanks, I can't wait to see him. We drove down here which took forever. Yeah, I love dressage. While not as popular as jumping or western I find it's a lot more graceful." Shrugging, she runs a hand through her hair before nodding. "Yeah definitely. I need to know how to get around here anyways. Preferably before school starts too." Everyone seemed nice here, maybe she wouldn't go to the other barn today. On the other hand, it wasn't like she knew a lot of people anywhere so she might as well go just to see what it was like. No harm in diversity. "Do you need any help? I have some time I think before I need to go to the other barn."

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ash After talking to Kyle about the work that needs to be done today he called to Rascal as he realized he was sniffing at Chelsea's pants. "Hey! Rascal! No!" Cole yelled to him. Rascal tucked his tail between his legs and walked back over to Coles side. Cole walked down the aisle way, going towards the new girl and Chelsea. "You must be Katalyna?" He asked. "I'm sorry I'm late for your tore around the stables," He said and looked at Chelsea. "Sniper needs to be exercised today if you get around to it," He told her.

graham cracker Kyle looked back watched Cole. He shook his head and rolled his eyes. "Cole shouldn't even work here.." He thought to himself, when he was done thinking, he turned his attention back to feeing the rest of the horses and put the bucket go grain into the horse stalls.

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Nodding to Chelsea she then turned as Cole walked up to them. Watching the dog, she smiled slightly before flicking her eyes up to Cole. "Yes, that's me. It's not a problem, it gave me some time to look around the barn anyways." She replied before nodding to Rascal. "Your dog is gorgeous," Katalyna added before rubbing his head and then looked back at Chelsea. "I'll find you about that ride." Straightening she raised an eyebrow slightly at what looked like Kyle rolling his eyes before shaking it off. No need creating drama on the first day.

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ash Cole patted Rascal on the head. "Ehh he's alright," he joked. "It's nice to meet you, Katalyna, I'm Cole, the manager is on vacation so if you need anything you can ask anyone around the barn and they will assist you," he said and put his hands in his pocket. "Let's go to the office so we can talk about how you might wanted to board here," he told her.

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Nodding, she waved goodbye to Chelsea and slipped her hands into her pockets before following Cole into the barn office. "So is the manager usually on Vacation or is it a more uncommon kind of thing?" Katalyna asks as she follows him into a smaller room with papers everywhere.

((Sorry it's so bad! At school >.<))

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ash Cole opened the door to the office and sighed he hating going into this office because the mamanger has all girly stuff in here. He looked over at Katalyna and smirked. "No, she's not always on vocataion she just whent to the CHS vocataion house for a few days, " he explained.

(Sorry mine in party bad as well at school))

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Katalyna watched Cole before a smirk crossed her face. "It is quite girly isn't it?" She commented before scanning the room and then nodded towards the desk. "Well at least it's more organized." Walking around, Katalyna turned back to face him before sitting on one of the chairs in front of the desk. "You guys have a vacation house?" She asked curiously before quirking an eyebrow. "That's nice," she says before crossing one leg over the other. "So shall we start?"

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ash Cole walked behind the desk so he could sit down in the chair. When he sat down the front arms on the chair tilted upward. He fapped his arms like a bird to try and maintain his balance. The chair then came back to its original possision. Cole had a small smirk quiver up on his lips. "Well... That was intesting..." He said and sighed feeling embarrassed. "Anways... Yes, we have a vocation house. The people who are currently working at the barn are allowed to go there. Boarders can't. But, if you get a job here you can go if your interested." Cole explained to her. He then picked up a health wavers and some other papers and put them in a pile together. "After I give you the tour of the barn you need to fill out your horses Coggins (sp?). So if your interested in this barn please let me know so I can give you the papers." He told her.

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Katalyna raised an eyebrow slightly a smirk flitting across her face before nodding. "Well that sounds nice," she replied before reaching for the papers and looked over them for a moment. Thinking, she flipped through them quickly scanning all the regular things like spacial care and feeding patterns. After going through them, she sets them back on the desk before smiling. "Yes, I think I'm seriously considering this barn. From what I've seen so far at least, it looks well kept and I think it's a good environment for my horse." She said and then shrugged. "I was going to go look at the barn a little ways down, Foxridge so after this tour would it be ok if I went there before deciding?" She asked before setting the papers back on the desk and leaned back.

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((Pssttt where did Ashley go?))

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ash Sʏᴅɴᴇʏ wrote: "Katalyna raised an eyebrow slightly a smirk flitting across her face before nodding. "Well that sounds nice," she replied before reaching for the papers and looked over them for a moment. Thinking,..."

Cole itched the bottom of his roughly chin. "Foxridge eh?" He asked he have a light smirk and nodded. "Well that seems perfectly fine, just give the barn a call when you make up your mind so we know were to go from there," he said and stood up and got out of the chair. "Would you like me to show you around the barn?" He asked and put the papers he gave her back into the blue folder.

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Katalyna rose an eyebrow again at the slight amused tone when he commented on Foxridge. "You guys really don't like them do you?" She asked her curiosity piquing before deciding it didn't matter anyways. "Yes, I'd love a tour of the barn." She answered and stood up as well before stuffing her hands into her pockets and walked out of the office watching Chelsea take a horse out of it's stall. Nodding slightly in acknowledgment she then turned to wait for Cole. Starting down the aisle at a slow walk she rubbed the muzzle of the horse that stuck its nose out and smiled slightly. It was a big bay and looked to be in well condition. Turning around, she gave the horse one last rub before leaving against the wall waiting for Cole.

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ash Cole sighed slightly. "It's not that we don't like them... It's more of just a rivalry; because there are two stables next to each other. We're just always competing to see who the better stables is. The people at Foxridge are fairly nice," he grinned. He walked out of the office and closed the door behind him. "Follow me, Katalyna," he said and started to walked down the barn aisle.

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Nodding, Katalyna turned towards Cole as he headed down the aisle towards the other end of the barn where she hadn't been yet. "Well that's fun I guess," she replied watching him for a minute before looking away. Shielding her eyes slightly from the afternoon sun, Katalyna felt a smile cross her face. "It's gorgeous here." She said in slight awe. Of course she had leased at nice barns before. In fact some much more than nice but the past few months hadn't been the best conditions considering where she had been living. She was actually surprised she was able to find a barn at all. Turning towards Cole she nodded. "This is really nice."

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ash Cole looked back at her and smirked a bit. "It is nice here, isn't it?" He said back to her. He leaned his body up against the a barn stall. "Would you like to see the outdoor arenas and such? If you have any We cant saddle up a few horses and I can show you some trails, those are the best here," He said.

graham cracker After Kyle was finished with being the horses he brought the buckets back into the feeing rood and got the grain ready for the morning. When he was finished he walked back out in the barn and started letting the horses out into the pastures.

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Rolling her eyes, Katalyna shot a look at Cole. "Wow proud much?" She counteracted before nodding. "Yeah that would be nice," she said as she watched Kyle lead horses out. "How many horses do you keep on this property anyways?" Katalyna started after Kyle to where she assumed where the pastures and spotted Chelsea working one of the horses. Katalyna was beginning to thing she might actually like this place. Especially if it was also this empty. So far she had only seen herself, Cole, and Kyle in the barn along with one or two passer-bys. For the most part, this place seemed empty. The environment was pretty well considering the emptiness and she liked that. Checking her phone, she guessed it was still early but then again, who would even want to come ride in the direct heat?

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ash "We can hold up to one hundred and fifteen horses, not including the breeding barn," He said and watched as Kyle led out the horses, two by two. He looked back at Katalyna. "Alright well we cant saddle up G, He loves going on trails. I can show you where he is at," He told her and moved himself away from the stall door and started heading down the aisle to go and see G.

graham cracker When Kyle finished letting out all the horses he watched Cole go over to G's Stall. He walked over to Katalyna and Cole and smiled. "Hows the tour going so far?" He asked.

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She nodded, before following Cole towards G's stall. Checking the time, she decided she might not as well go over to Foxridge anyways considering their tour would probably be as nice. Or that's what she assumed when she passed by their very nice outer pastures and such. Stopping at a stall with a shiny gold plate reading G, she smiled at the Quarter horse. "He's nice," she commented absently before reaching out and rubbing his nose. "Let me just go get my stuff and then we can go." She said before turning to Kyle, "It's going well, thanks." She smiled at him and then flicked her eyes over at Cole. "This is a really nice barn."

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ash Cole has a small grin on his face. "He is a nice horse isn't he?" He said and grabbed his halter that was hanging on the door. "I'll put him on the cross ties when you get your stuff, I'm going to go and grab my horse that is out in the pasture. G should be fine just standing there for a couple minutes," He said and opened the stall door. G walked right up to Cole and put his head down, waiting for his halter to go over his head. Cole slipped on G's halter and walked him out in the aisle way and tied him up to the cross ties.

graham cracker Kyle nodded his head and walked hast G and patted him on the neck. "good boy," He said and walked over to where the wheelbarrows are and started cleaning out the stalls.

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Katalyna walked out the barn aisle and covered her eyes with her hand for a split second to let her eyes adjust. She walked over to her car and opening the trunk; pulled out a baby blue saddle pad, a stark white half pad, along with a very clean saddle. She then closed the trunk and headed back inside with all the stuff. Placing it on the ground next to G's crossties, she grabbed a curry comb and began to make small rhythmic circles all along his neck and body.

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ash Cole walked out into the pasture and grabbed his house. He walked back into the barn and hook him up right next to G. He smiled a bit wen he walked Katalyna brush G and he looked so relaxed and happy. When cole finished booking up Trips he walked into the tack room and gabbed his navy blue saddle pad and his gel cushion along with his dark brown eventing saddle. Cole walked back out in the barn Isleway and put his brushes on the ground next to Trips and his saddle on the saddle rack. When he was brushing his house and looked over at Katalyna and G and noticed she was almost done. "So, what kind of house do you have," he asked.

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After tacking up G, she slipped her thumb into his mouth and after sliding the bit in, pulled his ear through the bridle making sure it was behind his poll. Watching Cole, she then pulled her stirrups down from their rolled up position and unhooked the cross ties. Turning towards him she snorted slightly. "What kind of house?" She asked a teasing lilt to her tone. "That's a nice conversation starter. I live on 203 West Rose Drive, I just moved there a few days ago." Katalyna slid the reins over the horses head and then turned towards him, "are you ready yo go?" She asked before leading G out of the aisle a little and then hopped up onto him. "Where do you live?" She asked after turning G around and slipping her feet into the stirrups.

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ash When Cole finished brushing down Trips he put his navy blue saddle pad on trips and his gel cushion. He then grabbed his saddle from the Saddle rack and placed it on Trips' back. Once Cole put the girth around his belly, trips pinned his ears back and opened his mouth and stared to bite at the air when cole tighened up his girth a little, but not to much. He then grabbed his matching dark brown bridle and unclipped him from the cross ties; and unhooked his halter, dropped it on the ground. Cole put his thumb in the black on Trips's mouth. When he opened it, Cole but the happy mouth bit in his mouth. He turned his horse around and faced Katalyna. "Hey... I'm not very good with starting conversation that was the first thing came to mind," he chuckled to himself. " ohh! I drived past that place a few times before. That's, a nice house! Where did you move from?" He asked. He then started to awnser her question. "Oh I live on 59 northern leaf oak street," he told her.

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((Oh my goodness, I totally forgot about this roleplay! Gah! So sorry...))

After hopping on, she quickly and easily adjusted her stirrups before straightening and looking over at Cole. Shrugging, she picked up the reins from the horses neck and bites her lip before glancing back at Cole. "I'm originally from Russia but I moved to Pairs when I was really little before moving to the states with my father. He's a traveling consultant kind of with various law firms so we tend to move a lot." Katalyna added as way of explanation. "Thanks, I have to say that I didn't think it would be as nice as it is. My dad tends to go with smaller but still nice houses since we move around a lot. This time however, we moved from Arizona. That's where I was keeping my horse who should be coming in either later today or tomorrow. I've never been to Leak Oak, is it nice?" Katalyna turned G and watched Cole as he hopped up and stood next to her. "I haven't been to a lot of places actually," She added grinning.

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ash Cole turned trips around , now facing Katalyna and G.
"When your ready you can go out the back door, there is a mounting block right outside the door," he explained. Trips arched his head down and nipped at Cole's shoulder. He was getting antsy and wanting to go out for a ride. "Wow, you move around a lot, what is that like? Is it frustrating? Well I hope your dad decides to stay a while, this is a nice place, and yes, to answer your question; Leaf Oak street is fairly new and I nice to neighborhood, but it does have it's pros and cons like most places," he told her. While patting Trip's chest to calm him down.

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