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Sephardic Women

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Laurel Corona | 3 comments My fourth novel, The Mapmaker's Daughter (Sourcebooks March 4, 2014)is set in Portugal and Spain in the decades leading up to the expulsion in 1492. This place and time is not often the subject of historical fiction to begin with, but what makes my novel unique is that it focuses on several generations of women. On the eve of the expulsion, an elderly Jewish matriarch looks back at her long, tumultuous life. There's a lot about Sephardi culture here in addition to the history. Enjoy, and please post a review!

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Lewis Weinstein (lewweinstein) | 41 comments Congratulations ... I'll add this to my list ... LEW ...

message 3: by Revital (new)

Revital Shiri-Horowitz (revital-sh) | 19 comments This is fantastic! I would love to read your book! I also wrote a Historical Fiction about the Jewish women of Iraq. It is called "Daughters of Iraq". I wish you all the best, maybe we can chat sometime..

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Nicole (reluctantwriter) | 1 comments My historical novel, The Debt of Tamar, was a two-time finalist in the Cinnamon Press Novel Award Competition, and has been selected to receive an Honorable award in the category of Mainstream Fiction from Writer's Digest (To be announced in the March print edition.) "When a book haunts a reader, you know you've done an excellent job," says one Writers Digest judge.

An Amazon bestseller, The Debt of Tamar tells the tale of a family's escape from the clutches of the Inquisition to the safe haven of the Ottoman Empire. A multi-generational family saga, this novel weaves back and forth from 16th century Lisbon and Istanbul to modern-day Manhattan.

Wishing you many enchanted reads ahead...

Nicole Dweck

The Debt of Tamar by Nicole Dweck
The Debt of Tamar

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