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message 1: by Timothy (new)

Timothy Ward (timothycward) | 49 comments Mod
Please post your review requests as a reply to this thread. Include a brief synopsis, a link to your book on Goodreads or another website (preferably both), what formats you have available (including print), and a max of one blurb.

message 2: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Welch Hello. I would like to submit my fantasy novel THE SEA BETWEEN THE WORLDS for your consideration. It is listed on my Goodreads page, as well as Smashwords and Amazon. It is available in EPUB, MOBI, Kindle, and trade paperback formats.

The island nations of the Archipelago build warships with scarce wood and forbid the use of magic as cheating. But when a threat comes from the south and the desert land of Gbahn, they must unite forces - and people from very different worlds will be brought together to face secret struggles as terrible as any battle.

Thank you for your consideration,
Michelle M. Welch

message 3: by William (new)

William Carson | 1 comments Hi there AiSFP
I'd like to request review consideration for my novel Few Far Fallen, a dark epic fantasy.

It's listed here on Goodreads, and is available on Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Kobo, and my publishers website - all links can be found via this link: Available formats are pdf, epub, mobi, and kindle. Should there be interest in a review, please feel free to contact me for a review copy free of charge.

The Dalin clan are indeed far fallen; the towers in their northern home are deserted of all but memories. The ritualistic murder of one of their own leads to revelations of old feuds re-awoken, while rival city-states attempt to wrest away what’s left of the Dalin’s failing might. Warlord Gor Dalin is torn between ingrained loyalty to a people who see him as an outsider, and the core humanity he possesses.

Gor, and the few that stand with him, come to realize that even as World’s End draws near, there are some things that cannot be borne. The few and far fallen are all that stand against the imminent threats from the realm Outside.

I appreciate any consideration you are able to provide, and all the best with AiSFP.

William Carson

message 4: by Heather (new)

Heather Rigney (heatherrigney) | 2 comments Dear kind AiSFP review team members,

I would like to offer my dark historical fantasy, Waking the Merrow for your review consideration. My release date is June 9, 2014.
I would be happy to provide ARCs in your preferred format.

In 1772, angry Rhode Island colonists set fire to a British ship, sparking the American Revolution. Taxation without representation was a motivator. So was the vengeful, man-eating mermaid who had it out for the commanding officer.

That was then. This is now.

Mermaids, or merrow, still hunt in Narragansett Bay, but these days they keep a lower profile.

At night, centuries-old Nomia seduces smutty frat boys, lures them into icy waters, and feeds them to her voracious kin. By day, she and her half-breed daughter attempt to blend at the coastal Village Playground.

But Nomia slips up. She makes a friend. Then she makes that friend disappear, and someone notices.

Thirty-something Evie McFagan just wants to make it through working motherhood. But she’s a blistering stew of issues—snarky alcoholic and a friendless funeral director who just witnessed Nomia dismembering a guy at the nearby yacht club.

When Evie believes a mermaid stole her baby, who will help? The Merrow of Ireland? Or maybe anti-hero Evie will surprise everyone, including herself, and will summon the strength to save her own family.

Intertwining the stories of two primordial families with the colonial history of Narragansett Bay, Waking the Merrow is a dark historical fantasy.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Heather Rigney

message 5: by Patrice (new)

Patrice Sikora | 1 comments Hey, all-
I am requesting a review of my contemporary fantasy "The Dream King's Courier: Payback." It's available on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and for Kindle...which includes the usual formats.

If you prefer a hard copy, I can provide that. And as I work in Radio I am open to any podcast ideas. Thanks much for your time. I hope you enjoy the read.....

Animal control officer Gwen Revmore has no use for the gods. They’ve never answered any of her prayers—even after a tragic accident leaves her husband dead, and her young son gravely injured.

But after her estranged grandfather shows up at the hospital to urge her to try one more time to save the boy, Gwen decides there’s nothing left to lose. She asks Nathao, the powerful King of Dreams, for help, and he agrees to save Sam—but like most favors, the help will come at a price.

King Nathao needs to replace an employee killed in an attack on his lands, and he promises to save Gwen’s son if she agrees to take on that very important job of Courier. Gwen will work closely with Nathao’s other staff, including her grandfather, and serve as the King’s public face for his congregations around the world. She will also be his official emissary to other gods.

Gwen soon finds herself caught in a dangerous conflict as Nathao and rival god Bayel struggle for followers and power. In a world where gods are created and shaped by human belief, these beings will stop at nothing to gain more worshippers—regardless of who is caught in the crossfire.

Patrice Sikora

message 6: by Erin (new)

Erin (underwords) | 2 comments Futuredaze 2 Reprise by Erin Underwood
Hello Everyone,

I am requesting a review for Futuredaze 2: Reprise--a reprint anthology of science fiction for young adults. Futuredaze 2: Reprise features stories from Paolo Bacigalupi, Libba Bray, Cassandra Clare, Neil Gaiman, Kat Howard, Hugh Howey, N. K. Jemisin, James Patrick Kelly, Ken Liu, Malinda Lo, Beth Revis, Will Shetterly, Scott Westerfeld, Connie Willis, and Jane Yolen.

Futuredaze2: Reprise includes fifteen of the best and most brilliant young adult science fiction stories, written by the hottest SF and YA authors, are gathered for the first time in one anthology. Wild-west steampunk, true love with the alien next door, a confab with Mr. Darcy's avatar, musical fluted girls, and Dorothy in alt-China—this is not your mom and dad's science fiction. Grab a friend and go for launch to worlds of wonder that reveal who we are and what we want to become through our decisions, relationships, and the chances we take on our futures—across all universes!

Underwords Press is a small press whose mission it is to publish short science fiction for young adults and unconventional literary projects within the science fiction and fantasy fields.

Erin Underwood is the co-editor of Futuredaze: An Anthology of YA Science Fiction. Her fiction, non-fiction and interviews can be found online and in print.

Nancy Holder is an award-winning, New York Times bestselling YA author (the Wicked saga, the Wolf Springs Chronicles.) She also edits anthologies, comic books and graphic novels.

Thank you so much. For a PDF or printed ARC, please contact me at



message 7: by Jad (last edited May 22, 2014 01:02PM) (new)

Jad Ziade (jadziade) | 1 comments Damascus

Hello there!

I'd like to add my book to the review queue.

A brief description:

Ghazi al-Khalid, thief and shadow-sorcerer, intercepts a legendary artifact headed for the palace of Damascus. He leaves behind destruction and chaos, framing a young girl for murder and forcing her to flee the city to the snowy mountains west. Meanwhile, diplomats from a powerful empire across the sea arrive to help quell a rebellion that would see the king deposed and the monarchy broken, and the rebels themselves strike fearlessly at the king’s agents in the city. Rich with adventure and intrigue, DAMASCUS is the first book of The Syrian Revolution.

Amazon link:

Damascus by Jad Ziade

The book is available in MOBI and EPUB formats. If you're interested, please message me.

Thank you for your time,
Jad Ziade

message 8: by Timothy (new)

Timothy Ward (timothycward) | 49 comments Mod
Heather wrote: "Dear kind AiSFP review team members,

I would like to offer my dark historical fantasy, Waking the Merrow for your review consideration. My release date is June 9, 2014.
I would be happy to provid..."

Heather, thank you for the review copy. We posted a review today: http://www.adventuresinscifipublishin...

message 9: by Heather (new)

Heather Rigney (heatherrigney) | 2 comments Timothy wrote: "Heather wrote: "Dear kind AiSFP review team members,

I would like to offer my dark historical fantasy, Waking the Merrow for your review consideration. My release date is June 9, 2014.
I would be..."

Thank you so much for letting me know about the posting, Timothy! I enjoyed the review. It was refreshing to read an entirely different viewpoint regarding my work. :)

Thanks again,

message 10: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Chastain | 1 comments Hi AiSFP,

I would love for you to review my urban-fantasy novel, A FISTFUL OF EVIL.

The Pitch:
Madison Fox just learned that her ability to see souls is more than a sight: It’s a weapon for fighting evil, and she’s in charge of protecting the ordinary people living in her suburban area from invisible-to-them evil creatures. The only problem is she doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing. When a powerful evil settles in at a local video game convention to take advantage of Madison’s incompetence, Madison scrambles to become an expert enforcer overnight to save her region and her life.

Available: as an eBook only


Thank you for your time.

Rebecca Chastain

message 11: by Alex Berg (new)

Alex Berg Dear AiSFP,

I'd like to offer my new mystery/fantasy hybrid, Red Hot Steele, for you to review. It's available in MOBI, EPUB, PDF, and print formats. You can see it on Goodreads here: and on Amazon here:

I'd be happy to provide a review copy in your preferred format if you are interested. Blurb is posted below. Thanks for your time.

Alex P. Berg


Detective Jake Daggers likes his murder investigations the way he likes his women—straightforward, easy, and with a killer body.

So when his older-than-dust partner throws his back out on a goblin raid, his captain assigns him a new running mate—a sexy young half-elf by the name of Shay Steele.

It seems like a match made in Daggers' imagination, but Steele's no pushover. She's a powerful forensic psychic, and she's got sass oozing out of her boots.

In a debut case teeming with fire mages, foundries, and a dead guy who's crispier than bacon, it's pretty clear Daggers isn't the only one getting a heaping helping of RED HOT STEELE.

message 12: by Razvan (new)

Razvan Mihai | 2 comments My books are set in a universe where magic, instead of technology is used to ctame the stars.

The series si about a war between three Galactic Super powers.

Think Red China vs the Commonwealth vs the Confederacy IN SPACE!

The series, they are port of is called:

BALADA:A Symphony of Eternity.

Here are the books:

BALADA: When my eyes are weighed with sleep I quench the evening candle's glow
"When the universe is at war, which side are you on?"


On Caliupus 27th, Imperial year 1898, Federal year 3941, and Republican year 953 on the small home world of the Tolstoy sector, a Federal fleet clashed for less than 3 hours with an Imperial one. This small battle which was the first shot in The Great War was situated above a place called Graperust Manor, owned by a Novo Albetan lawyer called William Murasaki Kuckluck.
After the Battle of Graperust, mister Murasaki said that he had enough of the whole affair and decided to move his family 560.000 light-years to a town called New Hope within the Tremera system, to a house called Woodgrom Courthouse with the intention of avoiding the war in its entirety.
Years later the commanders of the belligerent forces came to that very same courthouse to sign the ending of all hostilities. So when it was over Mr Murasaki could boast that the war began on his front lawn porch and ended in his backyard gazebo.
The Great War raged across millions of star systems, billions of planets and trillions of light years, within it farm workers from Nova Bronze City of the Towar System, clashed with fisherman from Seshrim 9, lawyers and schoolteachers from the Brumbaki Plains of Bulla 8 with doctors and accountants from The Tjigu asteroid cluster.
Whole nations and ways of life would disappear only to be replaced by new ones and within this age of chaos great heroes and villains would emerge, several sentients would join the war, each from the three superpowers, they would be at the most crucial and most bloody of the battles and somehow survive them all, and give testimony of just how unrealistic reality could become.
A smuggler would save a country , a shadow warrior would emerge from the darkness, a rebel would reshape the galaxy, a sentient would change the way things were forever, and a potions brewer who did not go a single day to military school would become the greatest commander the known universe had ever seen or perhaps would ever see. So the sands of time flowed and with their passing the universe changed forevermore.

Grand Scholar and Great War Expert Djanus Todomari
Imperium Archives



BALADA: And leave the ticking clock alone, on the path of time to go.

"The first spark of war is lit, but even that tiny spark is a fire that incinerates all!"


Excerpt from the diary of Private Raz V’a van,
“We were the legionaries of Malus, The World Breaker”

To the west side of our position, we gazed at the source of the light and saw that it was a column of chariots charging the rear of the enemy. Above it, a massive multiheaded dragon formed entirely of hellfire flew as the great body of our allies charged the Federal’s rear.
The sight was greeted with a resounding cheer from our side and the breaking of ranks and desertion from the enemy, since the Hellfire Dragon was one of the most powerful fire attacks used in battle. On top of that, since our chariots where now sweeping the enemy from behind it meant that the Federal and Volunian chariots had been defeated and if that wasn’t enough, the cherry on top soon followed. For right in the speartip of that formation, riding a topless spider-wolf-jeep was none other than our new fleet commander. Oh yes, The Fox of Marengo himself was leading the charge. That sight of destruction was one of the most beautiful things I saw that whole month.

Private Raz V’a van, Imperial Logistic and Engineer Corps.

Extract from the book “Confessions, an Admirals tale volume I”

............‘Scuze me, but could we please turn this massive fleet around so I can pulverize some boots, a water bottle, a ration pack and compass so as to not insult the raging killer coming at us, since I realized the enemies true number, for I was too stupid to turn the report page and saw that he has 35.000 ships instead of 350, and I don’t want to make him mad!’

Metternich per Pelasgiamus, Freelance Potions Maker

................“Come on! What does heaven have against peaches!” the young commodore mentally lamented as he gazed at the magic field map on the spider-wolf-jeep’s backseat dashboard to see what was going on.

........................"“By the Glory Hole of Saint Epusculatus, it’s our comm’ander himself, bless ye sir, we din’ think you’d be the ‘one ta save us!” ...........................................

................"This made my stomach ache even worse, since I was now isolated from our main army and going back there while a battalion of elite shock troopers, old but still very deadly, where left unchecked in the woodland just to the right of me, was not a very delightful way to spent a lovely thunderstorm riddled morning such as this. ".......................

.............“Tardiness, sloppy pursuit!? Compared to what, a bolt of lightning?” ....................

...............“Transmit the following: ‘Spare no expense and blast them to Oblivion!’ Also Werner, get your Berets down there, it’s been almost five minutes since your soldiers decimated the enemy and that’s just bad business for us!” Metternich said to Butz and Von Braun........................

........................Metternich also ordered Butz to join the main army so he could bravely lead his soldiers. Preferably from behind as many bodies between him and the enemy as they are available of course, preferably a few light years away, but then, we all do things that we don’t like from time to time..................

...........“Sir, I think you might have hit your head in the fight, since what you just suggested is insane!” Dalius spoke up.


Both books are only 0.99 cents each.

message 13: by Liz (new)

Liz Donatelli (lizdonatelli) Hi Timothy,

Adventures in SciFi Publishing might consider reviewing
Devil's Daughter: Lucinda's Pawnshop, Book One, an epic urban fantasy with a supernatural anti-hero and romance elements. Devil's Daughter is written by debut authors Hope Schenk-de Michele and Paul Marquez with New York Times best-selling science fiction and fantasy author Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff.

Devil's Daughter is available in limited release via (paperback) on June 16, 2015 and nationwide via booksellers (paperback and e-book) on July 14, 2015. Bird Street Books requests a review between June 16th and July 24th.

Lucinda is as old as humanity itself, yet perpetually young and endowed with supernatural powers. Born out of a betrayal between the first woman, Eve, and Lucifer, Lucinda has worked covertly for millennia to be true to her mother’s love by subverting her father’s schemes. In her human guise, she manages Lucinda’s Pawnshop & Antiquary, the doors of which can open to any street anywhere in the world at any time. Mortals who have arrived at a moral or spiritual crossroads are drawn into the mysterious shop. If they acquire one of its cursed artifacts, they may find themselves drafted into Lucifer’s service. When Lucinda falls in love with a mortal man, her clandestine mission to foil Lucifer’s plans for Armageddon is threatened. Where do Lucinda’s true loyalties lie? Is she her mother’s child, or her father’s ally?

Bird Street Books's Devil's Daughter page:
Book trailer:
Twitter: @LucindaPawnShop

About the Authors:
Hope Schenk-de Michele and Paul Marquez have been best friends and television producing partners for more than four decades. They both grew up in Los Angeles, California and share a passion for mystery and science fiction. This passion lead them to create the forever young and beautiful daughter of darkness, Lucinda. To assist in bringing Lucinda's story into the literary world, they enlisted the help of New York Times best-selling science fiction and fantasy author Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff. Maya is the author of more than a dozen novels, and the co-author of The Last Jedi: Star Wars (Star Wars: Coruscant Nights - Legends). All three reside in California.

If interested in receiving a review copy of Devil's Daughter, then I'd be glad to either ship a paperback copy, or email the e-book as an EPUB or a MOBI file.

Thank you for your consideration.

Liz Donatelli
Liz D Publicity & Promotions

message 14: by Wade (new)

Wade Garret | 3 comments Genesis
Back Blurb:
After a year of laborious solitude and a conflict brought to the doorstep of his father's house, Jak, a Southlander of meek circumstance, will come to accept the future isn't set. With abilities unnerving to any Areht, against forgotten enemies rising in every corner of the planet, he’ll be forced to resolve his destiny as One of Five that can change the world. 
Such selfless transcendence isn’t easy, nor simply the heroic result of dark revelations shielded from him since childhood now exposed; rather, it's because of what’s undeniable, even to him. Like all great forces collected at the tip of the spear, the truth of his purpose and the price of his existence has a cost and there's no getting around paying it in blood.

Publisher's pitch:
The true test for Man, is if he can stand naked before himself without blinking.
The same trial of existence for a God, however, even one created, is if when he blinks, will he change or the world? 

Adventurous readers seeking a vast, yet strangely familiar world of intense action and strange magic woven between waring global powers and ancient spiritual corruption will be drawn to this epic blend of gritty Steam/Diesel-punk and realistic sword-wielding Dark Fantasy. And once caught in its exciting pages, they'll quickly learn what really separates Man from what is Evolved.

To learn more, you can read my reviews on Amazon, B&, Goodreads and my blog Thanks so much for your time,


message 15: by Graeme (new)

Graeme Davis | 3 comments Hello,

I hope you will consider reviewing my book "Knights Templar: A Secret History" ( from Osprey Publishing's Dark Osprey line.

Written in a nonfiction voice, it is a mix of deeply researched history and conspiracy theory overlaid upon original fiction to create a new Templar conspiracy theory which can be used as a systemless setting for a roleplaying game campaign - or just enjoyed as an entertaining read.

More information on this and my other work currently in print can be found at

Many thanks,

Graeme Davis

message 16: by Gregory (new)

Gregory | 1 comments Hello. I'd like to submit my YA Fantasy book UNWILLING SOULS for review consideration. It's available in print, MOBI, EPUB and PDF editions. I'd be happy to send you a review copy. Here are a few links:



Ses Lucani has never known her parents. Powerful leaders in the cold war left over after the gods' imprisonment, Ses's mother and father are now bitter rivals, each pretending their secret daughter doesn't exist. Raised by her grandfather, Ses now lives in the hollowed-out center of the planet and learns to forge wrightings, tools imbued with soul energy and used to maintain the prison of the gods.

When terrorists attack the prison on her sixteenth birthday, Ses is forced to flee after the ensuing investigation reveals the secret of her parentage. Suddenly, the very parents who abandoned her may be the only people she can trust. Running from government operatives and fanatic cultists, Ses meets Murien, a boy with fingers in a shadowy network that can lead her to her father.

But some secrets are darker than parentage. On her way to find her father, Ses will uncover truths about her family and herself that will shatter her understanding of the world and risk the return of the gods themselves.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

Gregory D. Little

message 17: by Alan (new)

Alan Joshua (alanjoshua) | 2 comments I would like to submit my sci-fi/paranormal thriller, The SHIVA Syndrome.
Reader Views writes, "The SHIVA Syndrome by Alan Joshua opens inside a secret mind research laboratory in Podol’sk, Russia. When a key experiment suddenly goes awry, the lab explodes, obliterating everything in a one-mile radius, consuming thousands of lives and everything else in its wake in mere seconds; an enormous black crater of total darkness, the only remnants of the disaster.

Dr. Beau Walker, a parapsychologist turned college professor, is pressured into joining the research team that will investigate the event. There’s trouble from the start when Walker finds out the coercion is coming from Dr. Burt Grimes, a former colleague personally responsible for ending Walker’s career and credibility as a research scientist. Not everything is as it seems, as Dr. Walker and the rest of the SHIVA team must push past individual intellectual and spiritual biases, political and military resistance, and other obstacles in the search for answers."

SHIVA has received good reviews from a number of editorial reviewers including the following:
The Midwest Book Review: 5 stars
"At first glance one would think this to be either a sci-fi saga or perhaps a thriller: technically, that’s correct; but it’s so much more. Its focus on untapped human potential gone awry in a deadly experiment also lends to its enjoyment by new age readers or any interested in the paranormal – and let’s not forget the reader who enjoys political intrigue and a bit of spiritual reflection in their reading. Lots of action, intriguing concepts, and examinations of belief systems and the greatest opportunity in human history to reshape the world: that’s the essence of a powerful saga in The SHIVA Syndrome, which is not only highly recommended ‘as is’, but would translate well to the screen. Lots of action, intriguing concepts, and examinations of belief systems and the greatest opportunity in human history to reshape the world: that’s the essence of a powerful saga in The SHIVA Syndrome…Highly recommended."

It is available in all e-formats and paper.
See it on Goodreads at
The SHIVA Syndrome

message 18: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Noble | 1 comments I'd like to submit a review request for Code Name Jack Rabbit, an urban fantasy/scifi thriller.


Meet the newest members of the Vampire Guard, where legend and myth meet science and technology.

Jonas Forge, vampire. Once a spy and soldier, now a cop, Forge enjoys the life he’s built with his friends in Flint, Ohio.

Blair Turner, PhD. Blair, a vampire and computer hacker with exceptional skills, shares a powerful empathic bond with Forge, his soulmate.

Declan, vampire, ex-pirate, ex-fur trapper, thief, and con man. Declan is Forge’s former lover and soulmate to Lucas Coate.

Lucas Coate, MD, Flint’s medical examiner. A werewolf living amongst vampires, Lucas is also one of Forge’s best friends.

Their lives become complicated when an impending presidential visit throws them headlong into a world of high tech vampire spies and espionage. Recruited into the Vampire Guard by the secret society of the Akhkharu Nasaru, they uncover a werewolf terrorist organization known as the Qiguan.

Together they must thwart a murder attempt on the open waters of Lake Superior while tracking a previously unknown biological weapon controlled by the Qiquan—a weapon that may very well mean death for one of them.

My website is: http://elizabeth-noble-thevampireguar...

GoodReads Link:
DSP Publications:

Thank you,

Elizabeth Noble

message 19: by Mike (new)

Mike Hillcoat | 1 comments Hi Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing,

I am an avid fan of R. Scott Bakker and with the forthcoming release of The Great Ordeal - and the absolute void of promotional efforts by his publishers - a small subset of the fandom is reaching out to SFF reviewers who have or have not reviewed The Darkness That Comes Before, The Prince of Nothing Series, or The Aspect-Emperor series to see if they will repost reviews or review for the first time R. Scott Bakker's The Darkness That Comes Before over the next couple months before the slated July 5th release date of the sixth volume in the hopes of attracting a new generation of fandom to the series.

Thanks very much,


message 20: by Valentina (new)

Valentina Caba | 1 comments I promote an original movie subject !A fascinating story whose grandeur is stunning and which greatly surpasses the common limits! A story in which people find everything they like: adventure, mystery, suspense, action,love.Please just take a look to my website:

message 21: by J. (new)

J. Madison (jrutgermadison) | 1 comments Hello. I would like to submit my fantasy novel, A Curse upon the Saints for review. It is available on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and ITunes. I can provide a copy in any electronic format or in paperback.

The reviews have thus far been positive; on Goodreads it has a 4.47 average on 20 ratings and 9 text reviews.

Thank you for your consideration.

As one war ends, an ancient enemy returns with a vengeance.

The Nasirians are one battle away from winning an eight-year holy war. As they lay siege to the pagan city of Silverwic, the deadly Sarbarah emerge with fire in their eyes. The "goat-men" once enslaved the human race for thousands of years, and they aren't interested in Silverwic alone. They want to reconquer everything they've lost and retake humanity.

Cynical soldier Nurik suspects his mentor Cardinal Renwick has forged an alliance with the goat-men. He must join forces with Marisol, his sister, and Frederich, a devoted pagan father, to stop the alliance, retrieve a relic stolen for a demonic cult, and confront the new threat to mankind. Failure to unite humanity against the slavers could rid the world of freedom for good.

A Curse Upon the Saints is an epic flintlock fantasy novel that features religious conflict, demons, magic, and a battle for freedom over slavery. If you like captivating worlds, religious undertones, compelling creatures, and muskets and magic then you'll love J. Rutger Madison's debut fantasy epic.

message 22: by Mike (last edited May 31, 2016 03:36PM) (new)

Mike (mikerm) | 2 comments Auckland Allies 2: Ghost Bridge (just launched, hence no reviews yet).

The Auckland Allies discover a mysterious threat in the city's oldest cemetery, and their first attempt to intervene leaves one of them in hospital - the same hospital the necromancer calling himself "Mr. Smith" is about to attack with four thousand angry Victorian ghosts.

Hundreds of the city's most vulnerable people are in danger. Will a magical manuscript by Sir Isaac Newton provide the knowledge they need to take Smith down? Or can Steampunk Sally use her deep connection with Auckland to defend its citizens?

Contemporary urban fantasy, with a touch of technothriller.

Ebook only. Amazon-exclusive:

message 23: by A.J. (new)

A.J. Vega (ajvega) | 1 comments Title: Soul Census

After surviving the horrors of World War I, Willem Maddock thought he would be returning to a better life. Instead, the streets of New York greeted him with only the promise of poverty.

Penniless and without purpose, his life seemed to be headed nowhere until he met a mysterious man in a dark alley who wanted to recruit him to be an agent of Census—a secret organization charged with controlling the reincarnation process of all souls.

Guaranteed some coffee, a meal, and a job description that included dealing with haunted houses, battling demons, and occasionally cracking some heads—it sounded a lot better than what the slums of New York had to offer him.

As he embarked on a mission to round up “lost souls”, a conspiracy begins to unfold involving soulmates, forces from the Spirit Realm, and a Nazi agenda poised to take over the world.

Maddock would have to let go of what truths he clung to and throw himself into a war waged on Earth, heaven, and even hell itself.

Ebook only. Amazon:

Soul Census
A.J. Vega

message 24: by Mike (new)

Mike (mikerm) | 2 comments Hand of the Trickster


Leverage meets Lankhmar in this sword-and-sorcery novella, as a thief who serves the Trickster God pulls daring heists in other gods' temples.

Since the War of Gods, the high gods have grown silent and distant. The Trickster, though, is still at large in the world, humbling the exalted and exalting the humble. And the Hand of the Trickster is the thief called Now You Don't.

He and his new crew are up for any challenge, whether it's stealing a book from Wisdom's library, dealing with a dark remnant from the War of Gods, or slipping the Grim Spear of the Inexorable Hand of Justice back into the heavily-guarded Justice Temple before it can be missed.

But can they truly rely on each other? Or will a tragic secret cause their most dangerous heist to fall apart?

Includes two bonus short stories, "Lock and Key" and "Wearing the Hat," previously published in The Sockdolager. Total word count: 41,000.

(Amazon-exclusive. Ebook only.)

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