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Faizah Roslaini | 825 comments Mod
Salam dan Selamat Sejahtera,

Ketua perbincangan: Faizah Roslaini

Tidak tertakluk kepada ketua perbincangan sahaja, para peserta juga diharap agar dapat melontarkan soalan2 menarik supaya proses pembacaan dan perbincangan menjadi hangat dan lebih rancak.

Selamat membaca Devil's Place!

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Faizah Roslaini | 825 comments Mod
Okay. I just got my copy just now from the nearest MPH and only started reading it in minutes. I think Devil's Place is all about plot. Well-weaved plot but fast-paced enough to keep you glued. I could not put it down.

Before we know how 'Malaysian' this fiction really is (which would be towards the end, more likely), let's just answer some questions to warm up this space.

For the first 10 Chapter:

1 - Who do you think Terry was accused of murdering?
2 - Does the character Pak Jam really exist in real-life Malaysia? Do you know of any living example?
3 - How do you think the mind of people like Ibrahim bin Ahmed works?

Okay. Tiga dulu cukuplah. Bagi warm-up dulu. I'll post more as I progress.

Happy reading!

Faizah Roslaini | 825 comments Mod
4 - Why does Julio Chavez hated his posting in Malaysia so much?
5 - Who do you think is the bigger coward? Bush or Osama?
6 - Muffy the Vampire Layer is a DVD about what? (warning: soalan ini nakal)
7 - What do you think of the state of Malaysian police force in this story?
8 - What is the CIA/American really interested in obtaining from Malaysia? In your opinion, is there any solution that could benefit the interest of both Malaysia and American?
9 - In real life, do you think we have politicians working together without our knowing, with external superpower(s) for purposes such as economical control for instance?

Okay. Itu sahaja. Selamat menjawab.

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