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Which series is your favorite?

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Gamer I love everything by David and Leigh Eddings. I first read the Belgariad when I got given a few books for my birthday years ago. I've since read most everything he's written, and it would be very hard to decide which series I like the best. Sparhawk is definitely one of my all time favorite characters.

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Belgariad for sure. I've liked everything from Eddings except the Elder Gods series. Thought that was boring.

LaTrica The Tamuli is my favorite series. I found it funnier and more interesting.

Donna The Belgariad for me. Though I enjoyed the Mallorean as well even though they were very similar.

David The Mallorean is my favorite, though I love all of them.

Sarah Can't choose as I love them all and re-read on a regular basis. I do agree about The Elder Gods - really struggled with that one, and wasn't wowed with Althalus

Donna Belgariad for me as well. (Though I did enjoy Zakath's character in the Mallorean.)

Never bothered with Elder Gods.

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The Belgariad for sure but the Mallorean is good as well. Everything else was really forgettable.

Carl I have read the Belgariad and the Mallorean several times and I prefer the Mallorean.

I'd forgotten about Sparhawk - maybe it's time to go back and find him.

I must confess I haven't read the Elder Gods.

Roger Definitely like the Mallorean, I thought the Elder Gods was just terrible, the final confrontation was such a cop out and made me regret all the time I spent on the series.

Felix "Althalus & Elder Gods," were terrible! I loved all of his other fantasy. Silk & Sparhawk were great characters. Belgareth's solo novel made me laugh so hard I was in tears! Polgara's novel was good, but she glossed over when she was a slave..... Eddings was a master at characterization. I need to re-read these!

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